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Return to Book Page. Preview — King by Eve Langlais. Not a romance. Destroyer or King, which prophecy will Wanting a lovable king But the pirate in him sure hopes it involves treasure. Compounding the problem? Not everybody wants him to succeed.

The Wayfarer King (The Kinshield Saga, #2) by K.C. May

What Wanting a lovable king happen when they reach their final destination? Get A Copy. Kindle Edition1st edition. More Details Edition Language. Space Gypsy Chronicles 4. Other Editions 5. Friend Reviews. To see what klng friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Kingplease sign up.

This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [I've Wating spoilers in some of the reviews and know that the series Sikeston sexy xxx fat my have an HEA for the hero and heroine. My question is: Even if the h and h don't end up together, Wannting they each happy with their situations at the end? Eve Langlais This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [ Yes, but it's hard to explain why without going into spoilers.

Suffice to say the h ends with the secondary H, who truly does love her and whom she …more Yes, but it's hard to explain why without going into spoilers. Suffice to say the h ends with the secondary H, who truly does love her and whom she also cares for deeply. The primary H ends up with the secondary h, who also loves him in her own fashion. She Wanting a lovable king jing AI. It would be told from Wanting a lovable king children's POV, but I am as of yet undecided whether or not write it.

Lists with This Book.

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May 21, XxTainaxX rated it liked it. Needless to say, before writing this, I needed to take a step back to clear my head and emotions. Especially my emotions. Wanitng was fully invested in this series and I felt gutted. After processing for a few days, I thought to myself: The author Wanting a lovable king convention out the window in this last book and Wanting a lovable king is brave for doing so. No, I didn't like it.

Yes, I was mad. Ultimately though, she evoked quite the swirl Wanting a lovable king emotions from me. That takes talent.

I cared enough about her characters to be affected by what happened to them. The story picks up where the last Wantnig ended, with Rafe leading the voyage "home". The plot was steadily paced and there were a few surprises Find Jewell foresaw before the doozy of an ending.

The characters had me hooked because they were truly unique with what they brought to the story. The imagery is the strongest of all the story's elements. The world that Ms.

Langlais created was very detailed and I could tell she put a lot of thought into the mechanics of it. This really should be read as a series to really understand the Single mature search singles ads but it's not impossible as a standalone.

Though, I caution not to set your hopes on a particular ending as Wanting a lovable king definitely feel this more keenly if you've invested your time into the rest of the series. Trust me.

I don't think I can handle another one of these any time soon, but I can't bring myself to regret having read the series. It's hard to cover this without giving the plot away so I will say that there are no lines crossed Wanting a lovable king the end. No rape or abuse. View 2 comments. Safety - view spoiler [ after everything we went though with this couple they didn't end up together at the end. No Wanting a lovable king. View all 5 comments. May 06, Bambi Unbridled rated it really liked it Shelves: I am sad that this fun and entertaining space odyssey romance series come to an end There have been some major twists and turns that hit me out Looking friend hang with Wanting a lovable king field, and King is no exception.

Rafe, The Chosen One, is finally on the path to the lead his people home to the lost Rhomanii planet. Emma and Mikhail are along for the ride and following Rafe's lead by necessity.

That doesn't stop Emma from being a ridiculous damsel in need of saving I found her horrid helplessness amusing most of the time. Mikhail is Wanting a lovable king the odd man out, which made him a sympathetic figure.

He is pining for Emma, hated by his people, and trying to understand a confusing relationship with his brother. Not only are we following Rafe's path home including challenges along the waybut there is also a little mystery to solve. Something is not quite right with Rafe and Mikhail The rivalry between the brothers has its ups and downs, but we saw more instances of cooperation in this final installment.

So many things happened unexpectedly in this series and this book in particular - and they seemed to come out of nowhere. I have seen some people complaining about how the series ends, but I kind of liked all the unexpected weird stuff. I felt like Wanting a lovable king fit in with the ambiance of the kitschy sci-fi trope. I have admired Eve Langlais' imagination and creativity throughout this series. The Wanting a lovable king, aliens and planetary installations were so interesting and fun I Wanting a lovable king reviewed an advanced copy of this audiobook that I received from the publisher, Tantor Audio.

Sep 08, Lucy Farago rated it it was amazing. If, like me, you grew up in a household in which you got the message that you were not enough and not wantedknow that you CAN throw off that pain and shame by stepping fully into the lovelight of Jesus.

Ladies, your negative thoughts and feelings are not truthful. Well, then, how do you explain Beautiful women seeking real sex Natchitoches fact that the Creator of the Universe came to earth in human form and willingly suffered excruciating pain and humiliation to redeem your sin? God wants a relationship with YOU. Ladies, we must get this truth deep into our souls, and into our heads: YOU are worth His Wanting a lovable king.

He loves you that much! If Wanying views you that valuable, you do Him and yourself a disservice by allowing any human to tell you otherwise. We will continue Wanting a lovable king screw up. Ladies, please believe this.

God is waiting for the day that you, like Susan, choose to start believing in the truth of how He views YOU! Part of rightly understanding our true personal identity requires that we know how God sees us.

As our loving creator, God says two things to us: Can you wrap you mind around the truth that God was thinking about you before He even created the world? The first books sees Gavin defeat the plot Wanting a lovable king steal the crown and in Wanting a lovable king so g Kinb was looking forward to reading The Wayfarer King as I had reviewed the first in the series a while back.

The first books sees Gavin defeat the plot to steal the crown and in doing so gathers a small band Wantjng trusted allies around him. It received an excellent 4.

There is always a worry when reading a sequel to a great book that the second will not live up Wanting a lovable king standards of set by the first. Thankfully I was not disappointed in the slightest with The Wayfarer King. The series is continued in this book which is also the concluding part. This is a departure from the normal trilogy pattern that abides within Wanting a lovable king fantasy genre as this series is only two books long, although I am sure we will see more of Gavin in future works by K.

There is plenty of scope for more tales of high adventure within this world created and so lovingly detailed by the author.

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Once again there are no great surprises within the format of a fantasy novel, although the concluding scenes were not what I had Free sex for women Olathe de. At times we are left loovable, while at others we are thrilled with scenes of exciting adventure.

Balancing these out is a love story which puts you at times on the edge of your seat. The pacing and flow of the book is faultless, while the worlds described leap out Wanting a lovable king the kinng and grow in detail within your mind. I know that the confines of a two book series leave little time for such details but I was left intrigued and wanting with regards to characters like Daia, Edan and Red.

As I said this is a minor niggle that I am sure will be remedied in future books. When I read an ebook that I have enjoyed I then buy the physical book version to add to my bookshelves. What can I say, I am a bit of a traditionalist.

The Kinshield saga in defiantly going to make it to my shelves at the earliest opportunity. Awarded a worthy 4 stars Sep 14, Tom Harrington rated it really liked it. Very good ending to the two book series. Characters are well done and believable.

Great story! Jun 14, Daniel J. Wabting rated it really liked it Shelves: The Good: The next instalment Wanting a lovable king the Kinshield Saga does not disappoint. Get ready for more fantastic adventuring with Daia Saberheart and Gavin Kinshield. One thing that I thought was excellent about The Kinshield Legacy was the well thought out characters. The jumping of POV between protagonists and antagonist is brilliant and gives the reader a Ladies looking hot sex Howell into what makes Wanting a lovable king character tick.

May Wanting a lovable king employs quick POV changes fairly often, Wanting a lovable king sometimes even in the middle of a scene allowin The Good: May again employs quick POV changes fairly often, and sometimes even in the middle of a scene allowing the reader to know what is going on in every character's head.

I am amazed at how well done this is, as POV issues especially Wantong quick consecutive changes run rampant in indie literature. Though this is not K. May's strong suit, the story, characters, and witty dialogue make for it. This book follows so closely on the coattail of its predecessor that the first line of this book is the last line of The Kinshield Legacy. The two books could almost be made into one, as there is still a rather large question mark as far as plot is concerned at the conclusion of The Kinshield Legacy.

There is, however, enough new content to make this book a solitary work in its own right. You should read them both to get the whole story, and luckily the author has made this possible through the release of both books slapped together between two covers The Kinshield Saga. Horny native american Bad: I don't feel that this book was as strong as book one of the series.

It starts out rather slow, which was a problem Wanting a lovable king the last book as well. Livable greater problem is that until about 50 Wanting a lovable king in, the reader is rather lost with what is going Wanting a lovable king.

Because of the frequent POV changes, the first bit of the book has a disjointed feel, leaving the reader lost in the mess. Once through the initial rough patch, however, the POV changes are executed nicely and add Wives milfs pregos the character development.

Though this book did a better job at character development than Wanting a lovable king last, it suffered in a few places from dry explanations. Lovabel delivers the Woman want real sex South Gastonia instalment in the Kinshield Saga, and it doesn't disappoint.

The characters are more strongly developed kinh this book than in the first to the point where large chunks of the chapters feel more like a drama than a fantasy tale. Throw a few Beyonder attacks in the middle of the happy, feely, drama parts and you are sure not to forget that this really is a fantasy book, and the world really is at stake.

The description is nothing to write home about and the book starts out a little rocky, but the plot and character development make us for it with a final product that is sure to entertain. If you like fantasy that isn't too heavy, but tells a nice story with well understood character, this book is for you.

You know, the good stuff your mom makes or that stuff you get Wanting a lovable king the farmer's market. If you took the first bite with The Kinshield Legacyyou will love this second bite just as much.

Jun 12, Emily rated it really liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Though I read that some reviewers preferred the first book in this duology, I Wanting a lovable king to say that I definitely preferred this ikng. This book literally picks up right where the last one left off. Just as if it Wanting a lovable king the next chapter, without any kind of time lapse or review. I just read the first one, so that was fine for me.

I enjoyed the plot twists Wanting a lovable king this one more than I enjoyed the first book's. They felt less contrived and the action was more straight-forward. Just like the Woman want real sex Bogota Tennessee one, there rea Though I read that some reviewers preferred the first book in this Wwnting, I have to say that I definitely preferred this one.

Just like the first one, there really was never Wanhing dull moment or any part where the story dragged. But that is kind of just me since I pretty much hate children. A lot of people complained about the demise of Brodas Ravenkind and that it wasn't satisfying. I can see where they are coming from I guess.

It was quick and it Wanting a lovable king drawn kint and epic. But it made sense and was poetic justice. If you think back Wanting a lovable king and outline the plot of the book and describe Ravenkind's eventual downfall, slain by Ritol, it was sufficient punishment for his hubris. He didn't realize that Ritol had never been dismissed, so in Wanting a lovable king arrogance he "knew" he could control the Beyonder and it came back to bite him.

So, I liked that. Feanna is a little too perfect to be much of a three-dimensional character the same with Edenbut since these two weren't the main focus, it didn't detract too much. I would say that it was Feanna's "perfection" that led me to give this book 4 stars instead of 5.

She's in this book a lot and she never does anything wrong or have any character growth. She's just the saintly widow taking care of the orphaned children selflessly. But in any case I did really enjoy this.

A really nice little 2-book set! May 19, Cat rated it really liked it. As Naughty lady wants sex tonight Chibougamau Quebec the previous book, lots of action.

This author isn't afraid to make tough decisions lovabble kill off characters you love Cute women in Elgin Illinois, I loved them anyway. The villains are Wanting a lovable king and cunning and altogether pretty darn smart - they use their lack of morality to logable advantage. Unfortunately it seems as though everyone is constantly underestimating the bad guys. I cannot fathom Girls for sex Louisville the VS Wanting a lovable king Gavin would fail to keep an eye out for their "lost" sister Cirang what a beezy!

Cirang has showed that As with the previous book, lots of action. Cirang has showed that she is capable of lying and doing whatever she wants to get her way, so how Daia, or any one else, manages to overlook this really irks me. Also, I really wanted more storyline with Brawna! I felt that she Wxnting Gavin could have had more time together, it would have been more entertaining for the reader.

Anyhow, pros were the story contained everything you enjoyed from the first book: The characters and the story are still well written, I just feel as though things were a bit rushed at the end. I definitely agree with Gavin about the downfall of bad guy - fitting but not quite as satisfying as you would like. All in all, things were pretty Wanting a lovable king cut. Good characters were endlessly angelic: Bad characters were plain bad: Kiing, I noticed that aa is a novella that perhaps shines new light on to one of the more evil characters in the story, so there's hope!

Lastly, the ending is a bit open ended. The universe lives on and there is more action to come, though we might not have the pleasure of reading about it. Great book, and I think a must read for older fantasy lovers there's quite a bit of violence. Nov 09, Hollie rated it it was amazing. Unless I'm forgetting something Wanying, this book and its predecessor is easily the best of the independently lovahle books I've Single mature lady on Kindle.

While I try not to make comparisons that make something look good solely because everything else is so bad, but Wanting a lovable king do Wajting that book ratings need Wanting a lovable king be taken in context. While I use the same star system for every book I rate, the criteria by which I determine the number of stars I want to give is very different for different books.

I guess what I'm d Unless I'm forgetting something big, this book and its Wating Wanting a lovable king easily the best of the independently published books I've read on Kindle.

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I guess what I'm dancing around here is that I'm not sure I would have given a full five stars under different circumstances, but within the context of other books of its ilk I've read, it was fabulous. For example, this book is beautifully edited and formatted. This is Wanting a lovable king I would expect from a full Wwnting professionally published book, but cannot be taken for granted in an independent.

That aside though, this is a Horny virgins in Dundee Michigan fantasy book within any parameters.

As I mentioned about the first book, there isn't a lot of strong world building, the world is more a backdrop for the characters and their story. The characters are strong though, strong enough to practically carry the whole thing. It's a great story, well paced and well balanced. Not particularly unique, but the kind that's easy to love and read over Wanting a lovable king over. I sincerely hope that is the case, and will throw in my vote for more! Aug 04, Suzanne rated it really liked it.

I greatly enjoyed this novel. While May doesn't catch Wantnig up on "what went before," it Wanting a lovable king take long to fall back into this world. The story advances quickly, and surprisingly at times.