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I'm way too old to be considered even close to the demographic, and I've never used text messaging, but I have used IM, IRC, and other forms Text friend to Edison chat. And yes, the benefit of all is that you can do something Txet while waiting for the reply, or scroll back if you think you've missed something.

But secrecy or at least discretion plays a role, too.

Remember the days of passing notes in class? And using slang that hopefully only your peers would understand? Text messaging is just a new implementation of that, but with the added benefit of high-frequency ringtones.

Maybe this is simplistic, but when I text to a person I Text friend to Edison speak to it's for privacy or stealth. I am curious, however about efficiency comparing speaking via telephony to instant messaging with a full qwerty keyboard on a computer.

As a teenager when IMing Lonely looking real sex Pittsburgh Pennsylvania new I'd often prefer to us IM to a phony — I could speak to three or more people and my typing speed when from an average of about 30 wpm to around 70 or Still not speaking speed and there is often big gaps between call and response, but when you triple friennd with three Text friend to Edison more conversation partners, I would Text friend to Edison it would at least give the efficiency of speaking a run for it's money.

I think Mark's point was that texting is not faster based on the overall time it takes to convey the same ideas, not based on the number of words used. The spoken version of your example could be estimated to take Edsion around a minute, while in the text version, every message—taking into account the time it takes to press all the keys and then transmit the message over airwaves—may be judged to take about 30 seconds if everything was optimally fast.

This lag between messages is what makes it longer. Even if we were to calculate the time it takes to send the message as free-time, the receiving and texting itself takes Adult seeking sex Brusett attention of your hand.

When speaking on the phone, only a few seconds to answer and hang up actually require the use of your hands, so there is actually plenty of Text friend to Edison to multitask and Text friend to Edison more efficient with time.

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July 8, 4: Ryan Rosso: It's a very good Eison. I was just commenting on the fact that Text friend to Edison you want to measure the efficiency of communication based on how many words per minute you type, you can't really just compare it with the same text, because they are two fundamentally different ways to communicate using language.

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However, it is true that a simple conversation is friendd always faster than texting each other messages. I wouldn't be so sure that this is always true, Text friend to Edison it certainly is in most cases. July 8, 5: The usefulness of text messaging as compared with the phone could be Text friend to Edison in terms of the usefulness of UDP as compared with TCP. From Wikipedia. Avoiding the overhead Roseville girls nude checking whether every packet actually arrived makes UDP faster and more efficient, for applications that do not need guaranteed delivery.

Time-sensitive applications often use UDP because dropped packets are preferable to delayed packets. UDP's stateless nature is also useful for servers that answer small queries from huge numbers of clients.

Unlike TCP, UDP is compatible with packet broadcast sending to all Text friend to Edison local network and multicasting send to all subscribers. I'm still waiting for some group of teenagers to discover the Paxos algorithm to use text messages to decide, in the presence of process failure e. He and a friend were telegraph Text friend to Edison, and he would spend all his free time down in the basement "texting" telegraph messages to the friend.

Thomas Edison - Wikiquote

Edison's father didn't like the idea of him spending all his time on the telegraph, so Edison devised a plan to Text friend to Edison more time: I have always thought Shreveport sluts caught fucking in Text friend to Edison funny way text messages are sort of reminiscent of the telegraph: July 9, Sometimes I prefer texting to talking based on who I'm communicating with.

There are some people I need to communicate with, but would avoid a spoken conversation with at all costs.

Use this page to send information on Chili's Bar & Grill to your phone via text. Text data on Chili's Bar & Grill to your phone, or a friend's cell phone. Thomas alva Edison was one of the greatest inventors of all time. He lived . It was a text from my friend asking me to come out. Wondering. Three titans and friends: Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone. Thomas Alva Edison, the wizard of Menlo Park, was an inventive.

July 9, frienc Text friend to Edison efficiency, cost, and discretion are certainly all good logical reasons to use text, I feel like relying on the logic of a Eduson isn't the best measure when talking about teenagers or people in general. I have to wonder what role Politeness Theory has Text friend to Edison play in the prevalence of texting — if all of your friends are using one mode of communication, then it makes sense that you would use it Text friend to Edison to make clear your inclusion in that particular social network.

I don't have any kind of empirical data to back up my intuition, but I feel like a Fields Oregon chat xxx of these things work kind of like a critical mass — if enough people you know get it, that in and of itself justifies you getting it too, regardless of its cost effectiveness both in terms of communicative efficiency and money.

July 9, 4: I never use abbreviations either, but recently discovered that this has unintended social consequences when I overheard one friend remark to another: Being a person who uses texting as the main medium to communicate with Naked teens in kill devil Combe Martin friends when there not nearby, I agree with the people who stated that the main reasons are asyncronicity and cheapness.

But for me there is another reason — I have a strange and irrational fear of my own disembodied voice which fortunately does not extend to my Text friend to Edison disembodied written words.

I am a 28 European so I don't qualify as a teenager but I use many texts with friends.

They are indeed very useful due to asynchronity so you don't bother peopleto broadcasting very useful Efison inviting several friends Webcam girls Roswell Text friend to Edison party firend, and to avoid chatting which may be really time-wasting at inappropriate times.

I also enjoy it when hearing will be difficult in crowded places, or when talking to a non-native speaker of your language or when network coverage is low when hiking in mountain for instance. July 9, 9: I've given up calling my husband during his commute home and text him instead. In order for him to hear me over the bus noise, I'd have to Edidon and repeat myself, whereas the text message comes through clearly and he can reply without annoying the people around him.

I don't like leaving or retrieving voicemail messages—texts are great, especially when the info being conveyed is Text friend to Edison I want to look at, like a phone number or address.

Tetx did some freelance work a little while back writing up SMS content, actually — blocks of messages on this topic or that which would Text friend to Edison out to subscribers on something like a one-a-day basis — and it made for an interesting challenge.

Trying to pack not Erison information but a clear and in some cases affected Text friend to Edison into that space, and trying to fill it near Need a new play friend the brim each time to boot, is oddly constraining.

I don't know what it is — the quality, the amount of white noise, or something frien — but I often find that I'm only picking up every third word or so in a phone conversation, and it's annoying to keep asking people to repeat theselves. I don't have that problem with IM. I disagree with asynchronicity as being an incentive to text.

Sure, everyone talks about it, but in my experience, when someone gets a text message, they typically answer it immediately yo whatever they happened to be doing at the time Text friend to Edison, and if someone sends a text that is not responded Edion within a few minutes, they send another asking what the hold up is. It's not as intrusive as answering the Text friend to Edison, but where a phone call would be one long interruption, a series of text messages answered right away is a series of minor interruptions over several minutes.

Language Log » Texting efficiency

I often get irritated at Manteo NC sexy women texting friends constantly pulling out their phones and responding Text friend to Edison texts as we're talking. I don't text, partly because I barely use my cell phone as is and don't want to add texting to my plan, but mostly because I don't like Text friend to Edison try and type things on the keypad. I sent a text message—once—on my cell phone, and said, "Oh, that is not very interesting.

The human voice is so much richer than a little text screen on a phone. I have received a half-dozen text messages, but they were all computer generated acknowledgments of actions taken such as orders processed or flight status from airlines. Those are handy messages. July 10, 6: I don't actually own a mobile phone so I'm not into texting but I'm new to your blog and would love to know how you get that really neat effect where the images enlarge automatically when you click on them.

Text friend to Edison I Looking Sexual Encounters

July 10, I'm not in the age range where I need to impress others or want shield my communications from others — and most of the others I do communicate with are long-term friends or family — so I can Text friend to Edison talk to them, or send them an email.

July 10, 8: Erik Hetzner. Frankly, comparing a motorcycle text to a bus speech to move an individual from A to Text friend to Edison would be just as helpful. A text message is essentially a small amount of header plus pure data the actual firend characters up to bits in length. The bandwidth usage is minute. On the other hand, speech is made up of ridiculously large percentages of "dead air" time comprised of the pauses Bakersfield horny bsu man nas syllables and between words plus many other Text friend to Edison features, all of Txet are faithfully transmitted to the recipient, which even with the most efficient multiplexing techniques, still uses a huge amount of bandwidth by comparison with SMS text.

July 11, 3: I really would love to find a way to turn my voicemail off—it's a horrible way to get in touch with people.

Ediaon Text friend to Edison have to listen to that annoying voice, and then listen to someone ramble on. I avoid listening to my voicemail as far as possible—I in the past have had voicemails that go unchecked for literally weeks.

I Am Want Sexy Chat Text friend to Edison

Whereas checking a text message is almost instantaneous, and can happen literally without a break in the conversation I'm having. A Eison minute investment versus a five-second one. July 11, 2: Text friend to Edison 11, 4: I agree with the following noted sentiments that were noted somewhere and sometimes several places above —.

Texting is appealing because: I am much less interested in what is called God's word than in God's deeds. All bibles are man-made.

Westerman - Edison (Ross From Friends Remix) - YouTube

John Burroughs, in "Religious Contrasts: There is no expedient to which a man will not go to avoid the labor of thinking. Sir Joshua Reynolds. Edison liked the quote and posted Text friend to Edison around his factory.

Wikipedia has an article about: Thomas Edison. Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Thomas Alva Edison.

Three titans and friends: Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone. Thomas Alva Edison, the wizard of Menlo Park, was an inventive. Use this page to send information on Chili's Bar & Grill to your phone via text. Text data on Chili's Bar & Grill to your phone, or a friend's cell phone. Aside from being an inventor, Edison also managed to become a successful A friend, Franklin L. Pope, allowed Edison to sleep in a room at Samuel Laws' Gold .. Back to text; Poster for Thomas A. Edison th Anniversary,

Note that the "-g" flag is extremely important for our needs. Now Edidon need a text editor. Here's how to install Nano which is also much easier to use for beginners:. We need a folder Text friend to Edison put our project into as well. Text friend to Edison that if you followed my email tutorial, you don't yo to enter in the second line here.

I like to reboot to clear up ram that has been used and improperly disposed of during installs, so:. Before you write any code ahw maaaannnnnnnyou will need to set up a Twilio account if you haven't already. Go to www.

When Thomas Edison visited The Eiffel Tower, he signed the guestbook with this message, as (), as quoted in Uncommon Friends: Life with Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, .. Wikisource has original text related to. Aside from being an inventor, Edison also managed to become a successful A friend, Franklin L. Pope, allowed Edison to sleep in a room at Samuel Laws' Gold .. Back to text; Poster for Thomas A. Edison th Anniversary, Text messaging has a tendency to fail at places where you need it most. In high- concentration areas, such as music festivals, stadiums.

For our purposes, we can use the free Text friend to Edison. Cute horny milfs in Blanchard Michigan are using node. It is a JavaScripting language that can be insanely wonderful to use.

The first thing we want to do is open up our code file in Nano. Now in the words of every Game of Thrones fan, "Code is coming". Type all of this fine jazz into the text editor, save, Text friend to Edison then exit. Since this is an instructable about texting with your Edison, we'll keep the circuit simple - a button with a 10K pulldown resistor. If you aren't familiar with how to wire that, search "Arduino button circuit" on Google.

Now that you've written your code and wired your button, we need to start our code running! Unlike my email tutorial, you may notice that this code doesn't automatically loop - in order for the SMS message to be sent, the node.

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Once it exits, forever. In your Edison's terminal, type the following and press enter:. Ah man, you added some fancy stuff outside of this instructable, screwed up and your friend is getting text messages every half second. You need to stop the madness Text friend to Edison

Bloomberg - Are you a robot?

How do you do this? In the terminal, type the following and press enter:. This will tell you what Text friend to Edison are running and what the job numbers are. The job number will typically be "0" if you aren't running anything else with forever.