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Benjamin W. He is an expert in the application of advanced statistical methods to important questions within education research, demography, and social network analysis. His work in these i has appeared in PsychometrikaProceedings of the National Academy of Sciencesand Demography.

Jason D. Teen sex dating in Ongene is a social demographer who studies health determinants and health behaviors with an emphasis on gene-environment research. Social norms are a group-level phenomenon, but past quantitative Teen sex dating in Ongene has rarely measured them in the aggregate or considered their group-level properties.

We used the school-based Sex and Swingers Personals sexy fit fuck machine of the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health to measure normative climates regarding teen pregnancy across 75 U. We distinguished between the strength of a school's norm against teen pregnancy and the consensus around that norm.

Normative climate partially accounted for observed racial differences in school pregnancy prevalence, but norms were a stronger predictor than racial composition. As hypothesized, schools with both a stronger average norm against teen pregnancy and greater consensus around the norm had the lowest pregnancy prevalence. Results highlight the importance of group-level normative processes and of considering the local school environment when designing policies to reduce teen pregnancy.

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Ih persistence of a behavior that the bulk of society views as problematic has caused teen pregnancy to be framed as a cultural phenomenon related to the Teen sex dating in Ongene and reinforcement of atypical social norms. For example, opinion leaders write that teenagers today are getting the message that teen pregnancy is cool Morand Some researchers have reported weaker norms against teen pregnancy in low-income, predominantly African American or Hispanic communities compared to others e.

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While sociological theories identify norms as properties of social groups Durkheim []existing research on teen pregnancy has operationalized norms at the level of the individual e. Individual-level analyses alone cannot address this. The mismatch between the theoretical and empirical approaches to norm assessment is critical because policies designed to reduce teen pregnancy may need to focus on the social contexts in which shared understandings about sexual behaviors take shape and on the factors that structure these contexts, rather than on individuals' understandings of the risks or Teen sex dating in Ongene of parenthood.

Thus, a group-based approach to measuring norms is needed. Some recent theoretical developments in the study of norms have focused on the purposes they serve: While we agree that this discussion is important, Get laid tonight Absecon maintain that further theoretical and empirical development on the conceptualization of norms themselves is another important goal.

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Schools are an important site of influence on Romantic cute girl in Muskegon Michigan sexual behaviors, more so than neighborhoods Teitler and Weiss Norms about teen pregnancy capture unique aspects of school context and composition that may be otherwise difficult to assess.

To date, no existing study has described variation in school-level pregnancy norms across high schools in the United States. Our primary goal is to provide an exploratory picture of the range of school-based norms about pregnancy across U. We argue that multiple group-level characteristics of norms are crucial to capture. Both the strength of a group's norm against teen pregnancy and consensus in the group about the norm are likely to have important Teen sex dating in Ongene for regulating behavior.

Improving on past research, we measure both of these dimensions at the school level. We address four Onvene questions: The bulk of this work has focused on neighborhoods rather than schools. Similarly, neighborhood Teen sex dating in Ongene and socioeconomic status are related to teens' sexual behavior and datjng family formation Billy, Teen sex dating in Ongene, and Grady ; Brewster ab ; Harding ; South and Crowder Some of this research has inferred—but not documented—that neighborhood Naked girls in West Wyalong ga shapes teens' sexual attitudes and behaviors through group-level norms e.

Supporting this idea, collective efficacy at the neighborhood level has been linked to both neighborhood disadvantage and teens' behaviors Browning, Leventhal, and Brooks-Gunn ; Browning et al. Although it has not been linked directly to sexual behavior, a neighborhood's concentrated poverty predicts its Casual fuck Lukwipa tolerance of deviance among teens, Tefn should have implications for sexuality norms Sampson and Bartusch Despite the literature's emphasis on neighborhoods, Teitler and Weiss found that schools are the more important influence on teens' sexual behavior.

Although high schools are composed of smaller peer networks whose norms may either echo or conflict with the school's overarching normative context Eckert ; Pascoeand although schools are just one of many social contexts in adolescent's lives e.

Teitler and Weiss have advocated for greater attention to school-level normative environments for understanding teenagers' sexual behaviors, but little research has responded to this call. Norms about teen pregnancy belong to a special subset of social norms, called age norms, which are fundamental to the Teen sex dating in Ongene life course theoretical perspective Neugarten, Moore, and Lowe In this case, there is a shared societal expectation that teenagers should not get pregnant Mollborn Teen sex dating in Ongene a teen gets Horny women in Deer Park Wisconsin, she is vulnerable to negative interpersonal and institutional sanctions.

Life course researchers have called for more research documenting age norms Macmillan ; Marini ; Settersten Despite dzting acknowledgement that age norms are a group-level construct, past research has primarily focused on individual-level measures of norms e.

By neglecting group-level processes, this analytical decision rules out the possibility of Teen sex dating in Ongene inherently group-level aspects of norms, Ongeje as the group-level normative heterogeneity that Harding finds to be an important way in which contextual disadvantage can shape behavior.

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Datnig past research from across the social sciences and related fields Elster ; Goffman ; Keltner and Buswell ; Staller and Petta seex Wootenwe measure social norms by aggregating student respondents' sense of embarrassment regarding the possibility that they may become pregnant or impregnate someone. Embarrassment is a social emotion that is generated Beautiful wife looking sex tonight Yreka the actual or imagined presence of others Berthoz et al.

Therefore, it provides a convenient method to assess a person's perceptions that she may be violating behavioral expectations, and it is Ongeen line with traditional sociological definitions of norms Cooley As an informal social sanction, embarrassment regulates behavior Keltner and Buswell ; Staller and Petta Vasalou, Joinson, and Pitt found that feeling embarrassment, shame, and guilt increased adherence to a social norm, and Mollborn found that embarrassment at the prospect of a teenage pregnancy strongly decreased the likelihood of a teen subsequently getting pregnant.

Measuring norms a ib phenomenon as a quantitative Teen sex dating in Ongene is notoriously difficult because the bulk of quantitative social science data involve individual-level data collection instruments Marini ; Settersten However, we argue that when data are collected Teen sex dating in Ongene multiple respondents within known social clusters such as schoolsthe aggregation of responses regarding embarrassment is more than the sum of its parts.

This kind of data provides researchers with a unique opportunity to indirectly assess the strength of the norm the mean and consensus about the norm the variancewhich are distinct and meaningful group-level constructs Jessor et al. Accordingly, the average level of embarrassment reported by students at the prospect of a teen pregnancy indicates how strong Housewives seeking real sex Yoncalla norm against teen pregnancy typically is at a school.

There are likely to be palpable differences in terms of the negative sanctions experienced by pregnant students attending a school in which students report on average that they would be embarrassed if they got pregnant or got a girl pregnantcompared to a school in which students do not think a pregnancy would be embarrassing. This stronger norm should regulate its dting behavior by reducing pregnancy.

Therefore, we hypothesize that schools with stronger norms against teen pregnancy will be characterized by a lower prevalence of pregnancy. Teen sex dating in Ongene subsequent waves of the Add Health survey followed students and not schools, we relied on concurrent measures of school-level normative climates and pregnancy prevalence.

The causal relationship between the two is almost certainly bidirectional and mediated by Ongeje factors. For example, schools with weaker norms against teen pregnancy may be more likely to establish Teen sex dating in Ongene that help pregnant and parenting Find a date in State line Pennsylvania stay in school, such as in-school child care centers.

As those teen parents stay in school instead of dropping out, their Teen sex dating in Ongene weaker norms against teen pregnancy may further contribute to the school's more permissive normative climate. We explore this issue further in the discussion section.

We also contribute to the literature by characterizing the level of consensus about a school-level teen pregnancy norm. Jn around the norm is likely related to group cohesiveness at the school level, as well as cohesiveness in the larger community from which the school draws its students.

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Lack of consensus regarding normative behavior within a group is most closely aligned with Durkheim's [] notion of anomie, and Looking for Cornelius x have argued that social contexts with large variation around a norm are more likely to have adverse outcomes such as Ongens pregnancy because of the lower ability of such contexts to regulate behavior Jessor et al.

Therefore, we also calculate the variance in the embarrassment response to Teen sex dating in Ongene how broadly distributed students' responses are at a particular school. This approach to operationalizing cultural heterogeneity echoes Harding'swork about neighborhood effects on teens' Teen sex dating in Ongene and educational behaviors.

Studying college aspirations and enrollment, Harding measured neighborhood-level mean levels of and consensus around college aspirations. This latter measure is an operationalization Older lonely women seeking older men cultural heterogeneity in teenagers' social contexts. We hypothesize that there should be a negative relationship between norm strength and pregnancy prevalence in higher-consensus, but not lower-consensus, schools.

These ideas stem from the social psychological literature, which finds that individuals are more likely to align their behavior with Ongenw Teen sex dating in Ongene an existing norm when the norm is Teen sex dating in Ongene held and supported by a general consensus in the group Hechter ; Horne TTeen norms against teen pregnancy may regulate behavior particularly strictly, as evidenced by low teen pregnancy prevalence in the school, when there is high consensus about the norm.

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Consider two strong-norm high schools whose students, on average, agree that they are embarrassed by the prospect of experiencing a teen pregnancy. The first school has a eex variance, suggesting strong consensus among its students in this norm Teen sex dating in Ongene teen pregnancy.

A pregnant teen at this school is likely to face nearly unified negative Teen sex dating in Ongene. The second school has a high variance around A date in caledonia mi mean: Many students report a norm that is different than their school's average norm. In a school like this, there may be different subpopulations within the school that hold strongly divergent norms about teen pregnancy, or there may be general anomie among the students with widespread disagreement about the norm.

In either case, a pregnant teen in this school should find that many peers do not disapprove of her situation.

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Therefore, schools datijg both a strong norm against teen pregnancy and daing consensus about the norm should be the most effective at regulating the target behavior. Supporting this notion, Harding found that frames and scripts for teens' sexual behavior were less predictive of teens' actual behaviors in neighborhoods with lower consensus greater heterogeneity about these frames and scripts. Past research has made Teen sex dating in Ongene clear that norms about teen pregnancy vary in the U.

Based on previous literature, three factors appear to be particularly important in understanding this variation: We review each in turn. Echoing qualitative research on the topic Anderson ; Beautiful lady searching xxx dating Cheyenne Wyomingquantitative research has documented differences between African Americans and whites in adults' and teenagers' perceived norms about teen pregnancy Mollborn Explanations that scholars have proffered for these norm differences, such as Burton's qualitative analysis of a low-income Black community's welcoming of motherhood as an achievement of adult status, or Anderson's description of changing norms caused by shared experiences of social isolation in poor African Teen sex dating in Ongene neighborhoods, tend to incorporate cultural, structural, or hybrid explanations.

In support of structural explanations, initial differences by neighborhood racial composition were fully accounted for by neighborhood socioeconomic disadvantage Mollborn Teen sex dating in Ongene Stronger norms against nonmarital teen pregnancy have been documented among more highly educated Americans Mollborn and in higher-SES neighborhoods Mollbornbut research has not examined school-level socioeconomic status.

Students' and school staff members' shared evaluation of the costs and benefits of different options available to teens likely varies by schools' socioeconomic composition. When opportunities for socioeconomic advancement are plentiful, school norms may discourage teenagers from getting Teen sex dating in Ongene. In contrast, when future socioeconomic prospects are dim, teens may have little incentive to delay childbearing Wilson Harding found that disadvantaged neighborhoods had more heterogeneous scripts and frames for teen sexual behavior, suggesting that lower socioeconomic status may also be associated with weaker consensus about teen pregnancy norms.

We also consider socioeconomic inequality at the school level. As others have shown Boardman et al.

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These schools are also likely to have segregated friendship networks that may result in divergent Irvine girls online norms McPherson and Smith-Lovin For both of these reasons, there may be less consensus about the appropriateness of teenage pregnancy in schools with greater socioeconomic inequality.

Religious individuals tend to have stronger proscriptions regarding aspects of sexuality including pornography Sherkat and Ellisonfamily planning Ellison and Goodsonand specific gender roles Bartkowski and Hempel that may influence group norms regarding Teen sex dating in Ongene OOngene. Many private schools are run by religious organizations, and although laws Teen sex dating in Ongene their separation, public schools have varying levels of involvement with religious groups in their communities.

As such, school norms may be shaped by the religious composition of the Teeen and communities that daitng serve.

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Different constructs have been used to operationalize religion. Dahing we are interested in normative aspects related to religiosity, we gauge the religious context of the school by assessing the degree of belief in scriptural inerrancy, which is common within evangelical and fundamentalist religious organizations and is a critical cultural component of religious identity Hunter Efforts have been made to refine this measure, especially as it relates to differences Teen sex dating in Ongene evangelical and fundamentalist Christians Ammermanbut it remains a central measure of cultural aspects related to religiosity.