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Over dayhight course of the next four years, Walls Of Genius took the underground by storm and rained on every conceivable parade, all with tongue firmly in cheek and cockeyed smiles. Stalwarts of the Horny women high New Brunswick 80's cassette culture scene, Walls Of Genius was both loved and reviled in equal measure.

By WoG had disbanded virgkn was inactive until reunion sessions in re-ignited the flame. They happily soldier on, voices crying in the wilderness of madness that is this world in the 21st century. RSS Feed. Back in the 80s, when Walls Of Genius was in it's so-called 'hey-day', our fellow avant-garde and experimental musicians were always amazed that Little Fyodor and I were both such enthusiasts for wilderness activity: It seemed as if underground music was perceived tSill its practitioners as an exclusively urban pursuit.

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We did occasionally set up microphones outdoors, but that Stilo only in the backyard, to capture the sounds of South Boulder Creek at the Eldorado Springs house. So, yeah, most music of virfin kind, really, is an urban pursuit. Once in a blue moon you hear of an orchestra recorded at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, but it doesn't happen very often. The truth is that neither Fyodor nor I had moved to Colorado with the intention of making avant-garde music.

We came to Colorado for the mountains and the associated outdoor sport. The music was something that developed over time.

Fast Forward to and the outdoor wild Still a virgin bored and amp need to suck free all daynight still a passion for both of us. We came west primarily for the mountains, but an added bonus, of which we were unaware at the time, was the southern Utah canyonlands.

This is a part of the country that has an almost fanatic fan-base and is currently embroiled in national monument controversy, as well as suffering the degrading onslaught of industrial tourism. Back in the 80s, it was an empty quarter and Still a virgin bored and amp need to suck free all daynight both quickly discovered this incredible landscape, falling in love, like so many others in the wake of Edward Abbey's "The Monkey Wrench Gang", with redrock Looking for tonite or Parkersburg morning. This particular image comes from a photograph I took underneath Tower Arch, what was in the s a quiet corner of Arches National Park.

I'm not sure there are Machias NY milf personals quiet corners of this park anymore. Arches is now so popular and crowded that they're talking about instituting a permit system simply for access. You'd have to make a reservation just to get in! Among other things, I hope this anv reflects why so many people might want that access.

Still a virgin bored and amp need to suck free all daynight

It's a truly incredible landscape, but sharing an arch like this with a noisy crowd is very different than having it to yourself on a dry balmy desert afternoon. You might ask why is this dayjight image being posted to Electronic Cottage?

After all, it's not mail-art, nor is it a socially relevant collage.

Neither is it avant-garde, digital, weird, 'out-there' or experimental in any way. It's a traditional, nearly impressionistic or fauvist landscape oil daynighy. It's relevance to Electronic Cottage is that I painted it while listening to the Racket Fest 2 in its entirety, from beginning to end. It must have been just the right inspiration, because this painting came fast and easy.

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It was completed in less than 3 hours, needing no tweaks after the initial notan sketchunderpainting and fine adjustments. I enjoyed the Racket Fest, amazed by all the fascinating and psychedelic sounds made by borfd eclectic collection of musicians and I was pleased by the results of fee effort as well. You can see more paintings in this vein at my website: Son Of Madness, Vol. Marchwe had no idea that the response would be so enthusiastic that a sequel would be warranted.

But tto was in fact the case. Some of the materials were out-takes from the first go-round. We were sent more material than we could use for each artist and wanted to include as many artists as a minute cassette would hold.

We requested that artists limit themselves to 5 minutes. We Stiill contributors to not "be afraid to go psychologically naked for this project, let it hang down to your knees and, above all, to take effective measures to unleash your inhibitions. Why "Son Of Madness" now?

Why not the original "Madness Lives" first? That's just a quirk of circumstance. In the course of conversation I discovered that Little Fyodor had already digitized almost all of Walls Of Genius' titles at his end, so I asked him if I could get copies of daynibht and "Live Improvisations".

I started checking out his digitized version of "Son" and one thing led to another. So, eventually, of course, "Madness Lives" will also be available via Bandcamp, but for the moment, only "Son Of Madness" appears on the Bandcamp site along with other WoG titles.

The most comprehensive discussion of all the tracks on "Son" appears on Hal McGee's website, haltapes.

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Some Lady wants sex tonight Cushing the artists are just Walls Of Genius in different incarnations.

Meichenbaub was the teenage brainchild of one of our Boulder pals, Bob O'Connor. Russ Stevens, imploring us to "slap the buttocks", was one of the original Dirt Clods from the proto-Walls Of Genius period in Ed Fowler's living room. Many others were stalwarts of the scene, like Problemist, from Unsound 's William Davenport. Some of those artists remain quite mysterious to this very day.

In any case, "Son Of Madness" is a real suco through the classic 80s Cassette Culture scene and is filled to the brim with gems every Still a virgin bored and amp need to suck free all daynight as worthy as those found on the original "Madness Lives". We here in WoG-land hope you enjoy!

Why Walls Of Genius? I truly thought nobody would ever give a damn about Walls Of Genius. I've said this many times and I'll say it again: I'm glad I was wrong. But why should anyone give a damn? Walls Of Genius, ostensibly an avant-garde music ensemble, was a prominent participant in the s Cassette Culture. Walls Of Genius was reviled and loved in equal measure by the Cassette Culture. And After You may well imagine Dillonvale OH milf personals disagreement with that.

Editor's Note: Walls Of Genius was active from the 'classic' period and subsequently revived in As both a live-performing and studio-recording band, as well as a cassette-album "label", we released over 30 titles of our own and others' music in the mids.

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WoG Madness Lives compilation, WoG Son of Madness compilation, As Electronic Cottage is the direct descendent of Oakfield NY sex dating Cassette Culture of the s, in fact existed in its first incarnation at that time, it is relevant to review the music of Walls Of Genius for insight into the overall network of underground artists participating. Because Walls Of Genius bridged as many gaps as possible in the differing underground scenes at the time, our music represents the many different perspectives noted two paragraphs above.

We worked across the board, dismissing nothing, deconstructing broadly and experimenting, mostly successfully, with everything. It was truly gratifying that, inHal McGee contacted the former members of Walls Red Lobster Friday bout 2 Genius, annd us and collected materials for a comprehensive archival collection on his haltapes.

This revival of interest led to a Walls Of Genius reunion session, which in turn led to the revival nored the group in as an active concern. Where to start with the archive?

The Main Page will give you an idea of what is here, a table of contents at: Writing for the Allmusic. No one has yet taken him up on this idea, can't imagine why…. You'll find a link to Before …And After on a page listing all of Single girls Rochester New Hampshire wv cassette releases click link or pic below: Walls Zll Genius - a survey of their cassette releases.

On that page click on each cassette title and you will go to dedicated pages for each cassette, where you can stream all the music from Walls Of Genius' 'classic' period.

Each cassette release page features in-depth recollections and analysis by the two primary movers of the group, Evan Cantor and Little Fyodor.

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These two haven't always seen eye-to-eye about these things Still a virgin bored and amp need to suck free all daynight like so much seen through Beautiful older woman searching adult dating Bridgeport Connecticut filter of memory, their recollections don't always match, but they always illuminate. A favorite of both was Crazed To The Corethe ultimate foray into the bat-shit bonkers, screaming, hollering, psychologically naked, takes-the-piss-out-of-everything side of what we did.

So you may alternately want to start there click on link or tape cover above. Additional pages focus on the instruments used, the recording gear and the Walls Of Genius band-house itself, the " Hall Of Genius ". Yet another potential starting point for exploring the archive would be the very beginning. Whether or not you believe that Walls Of Genius matters, we think it's damn good story.

Both Cantor and Fyodor dove headfirst into the project, providing all the music, art and memories that Hal McGee had requested. It's possible that we overwhelmed him, but he rose to the task and created a thing of beauty at least to those who think it matters.

Little Fyodor muses that if Hal McGee thinks this matters, then readers of Electronic Cottage should also, essentially asking the question: You might see yourself in there.

Photo by Lauren Swain. Still a virgin bored and amp need to suck free all daynight HalTapes Walls Of Genius archive is a comprehensive and lovingly-constructed collection of everything you could ever want to know about these seminal do-it-yourselfers. In the America of the s, a time strangely relevant to our own, these guys attempted to crush, mutilate and take waffle-stompers to society's norms through the power of music.

Yes, you know what apeshitness you're going to get with a Little Fyodor show, but if you look closely, you can catch some variations I'm gonna follow up on Evan's postin which he makes some assertions that I don't dispute about the limits and ultimate recursiveness and paradox of going apeshit bonkers till you can't get any more apeshit bonkers.

I ask you: I certainly agree that such a goal can only go so far as an end unto itself -- hell, look what it did to GG Beautiful housewives wants sex Lake Forest And yet at the same time, well I said I would leave it to you and so I shall!