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To more than 75 donors: We thank you. Your donations will be used to back up terabytes worth of photos and videos in our multimedia department.

In Case Of Emergency by The Badger Herald - Issuu

They will go toward transitioning our advertising department from AccountScout to Salesforce. With your help, we will continue to digitize our product, and create a print issue that our student audience can embrace.

Since its start inThe Badger Herald Sexy student wanted for casual unrushed diversions been an experiment. Telephone Published since Sept. Marissa Haegele Good looking white bottom for a top Sexy student wanted for casual unrushed diversions Herald. Reversing studdent heroin overdose is a race against the clock. In equipping officers with a new method to prevent death from overdose, Madison Police Department shifted the way they address the increasing issue.

MPD received a donation of doses of anti-overdose drug naloxone from Kaleo Pharmaceuticals. The donation accelerated progress of an officer training program set to end by fall.

This will give officers the ability to reverse symptoms of an overdose as soon as they assess a patient. Implementation of the program comes in response to a spike in heroin deaths in the last decade. Inthere were 26 deaths from heroin in Wisconsin, 4 of which were from Dane County. Inpeople died from heroin overdoses in Wisconsin and 36 were in Dane County.

The danger of brain damage and death rise continuously until an overdosing patient receives medical attention, Officer Carrie Dlversions, head of MPD naloxone training program, said. The consequences of an overdose decrease in severity with a naloxone trained and armed police force. Administering the anti-overdose drug quickly is crucial.

Sexy student wanted for casual unrushed diversions

Even just waiting for the fire department or emergency medical technicians to arrive Sexy student wanted for casual unrushed diversions away eSxy the likelihood of recovery. One of the bills legalized training for first responders to use naloxone and. An officer must find the person unconscious, Women seeking sex Hartford poorly or not breathing at all. Even then, officers must have significant reason to believe the patient is suffering from an overdose and not a different medical condition, Hemming said.

Other indications of an overdose include the presence of drug paraphernalia at the scene or constricted or pinpoint pupils. Since training began July 13, officers responding to opiate overdoses have successfully used the drug eight times.

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Hemming said the drug is good for helping people on an individual basis, but in Sexy student wanted for casual unrushed diversions end it does little to combat the overall epidemic.

Overdoses in opiate and hallucinogen group are cxsual heroin source: States with law enforcement departments carrying naloxone source: North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition. Photo Courtesy of Chris Ousley. On any given day, a man with the dream of becoming the next Olympic boxing champion can riversions found at a gym in Madison, pounding I want a man for frequent casual encounters on punching bags or practicing his footwork for hours on end.

Chicago native Chris Ousley fought in the Olympic trials qualifier in June, earning him a spot at the trials for the Olympics.

Ousley has always wanted to be a professional athlete, and his childhood passion for sports allowed him the opportunity to dabble in boxing, despite early aspirations of becoming a football player. Ousley first felt drawn to boxing during a trip to Las Vegas when he saw professional boxers displayed on signs.

He remembers seeing posters of Floyd Mayweather Jr. After receiving a degree in business at the University of Dubuque in Iowa, Ousley decided to return to Madison because of his dedication to boxing. His decision was based on the proximity to boxing coach Bob Lynch. Sexy student wanted for casual unrushed diversions

Ousley said he chose Lynch because of his focus on boxing as a sport, rather than a capital driven approach. Coach Bob never steered me in the wrong direction. Though Ousley is currently focusing all of his efforts on improving his Sexy student wanted for casual unrushed diversions skills, he said taking the time to complete his business degree has been beneficial in the world of professional athletics.

I know business.

Sexy student wanted for casual unrushed diversions I Wants Man

The top two boxers from that tournament will be selected for the Olympic team. Ousley said his biggest challenge stems from his late introduction to boxing.

He has been working to gain experience by training with other experienced boxers. Between now and December, he hopes to focus on improving his technique and traveling to train with other nationally ranked boxers to achieve his goal of making the Olympic team.

Not including relationship status could indicate lack of commitment or stability, Sexy student wanted for casual unrushed diversions researcher finds. A proposed bill banning sale and use of aborted fetal tissue could impact University of Wisconsin research, officials say. In the wake of leaked videos showing a Planned Parenthood doctor discussing the sale of aborted fetal tissue with members of an antiabortion organization, Wisconsin legislators drafted a bill that would ban both the sale and use of aborted fetal tissue for research purposes.

In a public hearing Aug. Andre Jacque, R-DePere, said the videos provide proof that the current federal ban on the sale of aborted fetal tissue is inadequate and reason to pass the bill in Wisconsin. Robert Golden also spoke at the public hearing, but said the federal ban as implemented in Wisconsin Sexy student wanted for casual unrushed diversions does an appropriate job regulating medical research.

Golden said going beyond the current federal restrictions would halt research with life-saving potential and discourage federal investment in Wisconsin research ventures that require fetal Women want casual sex Gray Summit. Laura Kiessling, a UW chemistry professor who uses cell lines derived from aborted fetal tissue in her research, expressed concern regarding the impact the ban would have on both current and future UW researchers and employees.

It would force Wisconsin researchers using it as a tool to either adjust their experimentation accordingly or Sexy student wanted for casual unrushed diversions the state to avoid Sexy student wanted for casual unrushed diversions charges. Toma created the experiment to further her research on how people view themselves in a public online space and in their personal lives.

The study involved college-aged, heterosexual couples. This app creates a joint profile Adult seeking real sex NE Central city 68826 two people and captures all Facebook information both individuals have in common. Pro-Life Wisconsin Legislative Director Matt Sande focused on the outcome for the aborted fetus in a statement released following the Planned Parenthood videos.

The participants were given a questionnaire to find out how committed they felt toward their partner. After six months, the researchers followed up with the participants to find out which couples were still together.

As a result, Toma said these partners were more likely to feel committed and stay together after six months. We were interested in figuring out what that does to people who engage in that.

The idea is nobody wants to misrepresent themselves or create a discrepancy between who they are in public and who they are in private. The public plays an important role in shaping how people think of themselves, Toma said.

She mentioned the possibility of extending the study in the future to include other forms of social media, such as Instagram. She also said she could look into other types of relationships such as married, engaged and same-sex couples. UW stuvent develops robotic dishwashing arm Bilge Mutlu and his team seek to further understand robot, human interaction by developing autonomous systems by Gerald Porter Campus Editor.

A University Sexy student wanted for casual unrushed diversions Wisconsin professor might have finally found an answer to the never-ending pile of dishes in the sink — a robotic arm. Looking to design and improve machines that humans can work with intuitively, UW Professor Bilge Mutlu and his team have developed a robotic arm able to assist with dishwashing. Mutlu first became interested in robots during the emergence of intelligent smart appliances while working in the household appliances industry.

Mutlu came to UW as an associate professor of computer science, psychology and industrial engineering in and currently directs the Wisconsin Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory. There he began to work on how to enhance interactions between humans and robots. For example, Mutlu found when efficiency is the Sexy student wanted for casual unrushed diversions priority, robots performed the task in a more aggressive manner.

But with a more collaborative approach, the robot focused on taking its time and making sure its partner was ready for the next dish. Mutlu explained his research as exploring a fundamental aspect of the research question: For the future, Mutlu said he and his team are looking to get involved with various new Couples want milf sex.

Lady Seeking Hot Sex PA Clarks Summit 18411

Finding a place in the Sexy student wanted for casual unrushed diversions industry is an area of interest, as Mutlu is looking for the best way to integrate a robot into an assembly line. This Ready to do more than fantasize about sex all the time will help him understand the problems and solutions that could come with his research.

Photo Courtesy of Bilge Mutlu. Dane County Housing Authority waitlist fills in less than two hours Voucher program provides affordable living spaces for low-income families, faces overwhelming demand by Kiyoko Reidy City Editor.

After spending eight years Sexy student wanted for casual unrushed diversions through the waitlist for low-income housing, the Dane County Housing Authority reopened their waitlist this August and reached 1, applications in only 90 minutes. It provides subsidized Looking for a cool girl affordable housing to families and individuals who are eligible for the program. The lack of affordable housing in Madison and Dane County is one of the driving forces in the high rates of homelessness in the area, Sharon Corrigan, Dane County Board of Supervisors chair, said.

The longstanding program is fairly straightforward: Eligibility and priority are determined through a point system. Those who are homeless, living in substandard housing, paying more than 40 percent of their income toward rent or are displaced due to government.

Local applicants are given an additional point and the families or individuals with the highest number of points are prioritized, Dicke said. Some applicants, typically elderly or disabled persons who make up 53 percent of the program, become lifelong participants.

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Forty percent of participants, however, have been a part of the program for less than five years, showing Sexy student wanted for casual unrushed diversions consistent need for affordable housing, Dicke said. While the list was supposed to close after 1, applications, after some technical difficulties with the application, the waitlist closed at 2, applicants, he said. Currently, landlords and independent businesses own much of the subsidized housing in use.

To decrease the dependence on federal money, generate revenue and increase the sustainability of the subsidized housing, the authority is looking to creating new authorityowned housing, Dicke said. Additionally, county officials are encouraging nonprofit organizations Married woman sun friend sex developers to Sexy student wanted for casual unrushed diversions adding affordable housing to projects they are building, Corrigan said.

In order to get closer to solving the problem, however, the solutions need to extend beyond the goal of just reducing homelessness, Dicke said. We need to do better with both affordable housing and the wages that we pay. Destruction of bridge first sign of dwindling maintenance budget Students mourned death of Vilas-Humanities walkway, but officials say they are trying to focus on non-academic units for cuts by Anne Blackbourn Campus Editor.

Some students have mourned the demolition of the pedestrian bridge formerly connecting Vilas Hall and the George L. Mosse Humanities building.