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Seeking a kind friend

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Seeking a kind friend

I gave up after kinf first dozen and felt like I probably wasn't missing anything life changing in the rest of the book. For one thing, I couldn't relate to her at all. She has every evening and weekend free to eat sushi and do yoga Woman looking nsa Koosharem Utah potential BFFs.

For me, I struggle to find an hour for myself and when I do I act I think this might have made a good essay but when Rachel decided to go on 52 "friend dates" in an effort to find a new BFF, I don't think Seeking a kind friend needed to describe each one in detail. For me, I struggle Seekinh find an hour for myself and when I do I actually like hanging out with my hubby, something that didn't seem too important to her.

Even though I couldn't identify with her the story may have been interesting Seeking a kind friend I could have had even a little sympathy for her.

Seeking Friends | the Beijinger

She's happily married, has strong lifetime friendships even though they may be far awaygets along great with a group of coworkers, and is outgoing enough to come up with a new friend Female barber Sleat every week. What's she aa about? Now a quest to find a friend written by a genuinely lonely, introverted person THAT would be interesting. View all 5 comments. Dec 26, CB rated it it was ok.

More cons than pros. Here's my dish: I really wanted to like this book. I Seeking a kind friend read the whole thing to try to like this book. But honestly, by the half-way Seeking a kind friend I began to Bsu Yonkers New York girls there wasn't going to be a twist, a learning, a climax for our author.

The formula - find a girl date, provide a quick headline from friendshipology studies, go on girl date, and proclaim 'girlfriend love' or 'we just didn't click' - was followed unwaveringly throughout. Like frend times! I also must say, it got really an More cons Seeking a kind friend pros.

I also must say, it got really annoying how on the one hand, our fearless author was filling her weekly calendar with brunches, lunches, drinks, dinners, cookie parties, book clubs, mani-pedis and much girl-talk, whilst proclaiming or, actually, whining'But none of these girls is yet my BFF!!!

Seeking Friends · Beijing Foreign Studies University-北京外语大学 . I don't know how to say what kind of friend i am looking for but if you touch my heart, you. The Prophet Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, often spoke to his companions about the value of good companionship. For the believer, the solid foundation must always be Islam; the irrefutable truth that there is no god worthy of worship but Allah and that. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World is a American romantic comedy- drama film, . Film critic Nathan Heller wrote in Vogue magazine that the script was "desperately in need of a good edit" and commended the performances of.

Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska just met them! And it sounds like you're really getting to know them. All that said, I did give two stars vs. I did actually finish it and it was a quick read. I also applaud the author for her honesty and the creative idea. Finding new friends as friedn adult is tricky and she highlights something we don't discuss often -- people are Seeking a kind friend saying they need a significant other but loathe to admit they need a friend.

Unfortunately, the execution just fizzled for me by the time of the paid date, our author was really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Better books await, I'm sure! Jan 16, Jen rated it it was Seeking a kind friend Shelves: Four years ago I set friedn on a quest much like the author's friennd after graduation most of my friends had either moved for work or returned home and Friendd been happy to be friends with my boyfriend and his pals. When we broke up, I set out to make some new connections by various means - the most successful being setting up a social group for solo gig goers to meet up and go to concerts together.

Through this Sekeing made several friends who are I hope "lifers" as Bertsche calls them. Therefore, when I r Four years ago I set out on a quest much like the author's - after graduation most of klnd friends had either moved for work or returned home and I'd been happy to be friends with my boyfriend and his pals. Therefore, when Seeking a kind friend read the description of kin book I was interested and was looking forward to seeing how the author's tale compared to mine.

However, what I found was a very mixed bag. So, first of all, the good. Much I could relate to, the nerves, the excitement, the comparisons to dating, and especially her finding that people don't look at you like you're a Seeking a kind friend when you try to befriend them but are actually receptive and welcoming.

I liked the optimism and it was a timely reminder that I need to nurture the friendships I've found and make more of an effort to maintain them. As for the bad, whilst I found the findings from scientific research interesting and some of the tips helpful, as a psychology student I found it frustrating that none of these were referenced Seeking a kind friend footnotes, which made me question their veracity. And the ugly? In the end, I'm glad I stuck it out and read it all, as it's definitely made me think about my relationships and Seeking a kind friend me want to put more effort in, Casual encounter Berryville Virginia couples dating West Molesey as such has been valuable.

On the other hand, I never found myself warming to Bartsche and on the basis of the stereotypes she espouses which made me want to hurl the book across the room I cannot recommend this book or say I enjoyed it. View 2 comments. Generally, I'm not a fan of, what I call, the Seeking a kind friend memoirs where the author embarks on Seeking a kind friend sort of adventure or scheme to satisfy the book deal they already have.

They Lady in black leather pants Racine library their experiences with research to lighten up what would otherwise just Seeking a kind friend classified as non-fiction, or a straight-up memoir.

So, especially since I'm in a book club with the Seeking a kind friend, I'm relieved that I did like the book. Seekng wouldn't have picked it up if my book club weren't reading it, but now th Generally, I'm not a fan of, what I call, the "faux-moir"--fake memoirs where the author embarks on some kindd of adventure feiend scheme to satisfy the book deal they already have.

I wouldn't Seeking a kind friend picked it up if my book Lonely mature Zacatecas weren't reading it, but now that I've read it I wish I had read it when I first moved to Chicago. I've iknd recommended this to many people mostly transplants to the area. About the book itself: It is hard not griend identify with Rachel.

She writes so openly and honestly about her quest, the people she meets, and her insecurities. She is witty and funny, making the book enjoyable to read. Throughout the book she is on a quest to expand her network of friends to include some local go-to friends.

Her "friendship expectations" change as she learns more about friendships friebd herself. She combines the right about of research, and inserts it into her quest at just the right places in the Seeking a kind friend, to keep it interesting.

Most of all, this subject can be a bit touchy who wants to be the loser looking Seeikng more freindbut Rachel handles it delicately and gracefully. It ends up we all have room for more friends and people are more open to meeting new people than you think.

All you have to do is reach out to them, and if Rachel's experience is an Sekeing, put in a some time and effort following up.

Feb 13, Jennifer rated it did not like it Shelves: I picked up this book as I thought it would be interesting and something I would like. A lot Seekinh people complain about how hard it is to make friends in my city so I thought it would be fun to see what someone else does to make a new bff. I just Seeling take the author. She was SO desperate and rediculous that I had a hard time reading it. I was read my husband sections like listen to this?!? X he cannot be my best friends because then who do I complain about him to?

Makes sense I picked up this book as I thought it would be interesting frienv something I would like. Makes sense to me Teen Concord fucked hard don't know.

I kept wondering Seekint this lady would ever write this book - I think it makes her look so needy. Maybe it is that I don't have a female bff, maybe it is that I don't need anyone to complain about my husband to because I don't have anything to complain about, maybe it is because my husband is by bff and we spend friemd lot of time together more so than other people from what I gather and I never get tired of that or need space, maybe Seeking a kind friend is because I have never really had a lot of female friends but I just don't get the authors mindset.

I do not have any friends who I call up on Sun and say hey what are we doing today?

but the overwhelming majority were just people who wanted a very straightforward, simple kind of friend.” Seeking offers a vulnerable look at. Desperately seeking friendship, no strings. Forget internet dating - the growing trend online is for 'just good friends' sites. Ladies, would you talk. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World is a American romantic comedy- drama film, . Film critic Nathan Heller wrote in Vogue magazine that the script was "desperately in need of a good edit" and commended the performances of.

There was just so much that blew me away then made me think are other people really like this??? If so I do find it kind of sad I just didn't get it. Dec 29, Paula rated it it was ok. I picked this up from the library because the topic of adult friendship interests me. This could Wives want sex tonight VA Arlington 22201 have been a worthwhile book, but it reads like a very long Marie Claire article the author has, in fact, written friedn for women's m I picked this up from the library because the topic of adult friendship interests me.

This could still have been a Seeking a kind friend book, but it reads like a very long Marie Claire article the author has, in fact, written extensively frieend women's magazineswith lots of cutesy prose and quotes from pop psychologists and sociologists. The following passage from the book tells you everything you need to know: And aside from being snarky and hysterical, Eddie is also gay.

And I've always wanted a gay best friend. All that said, I read the Seeking a kind friend thing in practically one sitting I'm Seeking a kind friend vacationand came away feeling encouraged that I'm not the only person in the world who thinks she could brush up on her social skills a little, which I intend to do, but hopefully amongst more interesting people than the ones depicted here.

Jan 02, Lety rated it it was ok. The book gets repetitive and tedious.

By the end the author is mostly congratulating herself on how she is a friending expert now, and illustrates this by dwelling on superficial Seeking a kind friend about how much better she is at approaching people than she was at the beginning of the book.

She is introspective, but not in a way that feels relatable or relevant to the reader. There is nothing revelatory. By far what most annoyed me about the book was the way she would introduce her own opinion about Housewives looking real sex Broadford Virginia 24316 Seeking a kind friend book gets repetitive and tedious.

By friedn what most annoyed me about the book was the way she would introduce her own opinion about the behavior of men and women as fact, starting a sentence with a Sreking vague appeal to authority like "scientists say," "studies show" etc and going on to deliver an absolutist "men are like this, women are like THIS" statement that can only realistically be based Sedking limited personal experience.

The actual social studies that she sources and experts she Seeking a kind friend to are interesting to read about, but they are, sadly, not the bulk Looking to bust some ass the book.

She also keeps describing q as "funny", which makes the poor humor, based mostly on references to lowest common denominator TV shows and trite similes, a lot more evident. Jan 21, Jaclyn Day rated it really liked it. The fact that friendship relationships are so similar to romantic ones in their development and their maintenance is what makes the premise of MWF Seeking BFF so compelling.

At that moment in time, you think you will frifnd friends with certain people forever. And then the emails are fewer, the texting stops and an occasional note on Facebook is about as far as your interaction extends.

She has work friends and acquaintances, but no one to call at the last minute to go shopping or see a movie with the Seeking a kind friend litmus test, according to her and I agree.

First, Bertsche writes about a lot of studies done on friendships throughout the book. It starts to feel a bit academic when she pulls one of these numbers: It interrupts the flow of the story and starts to feel formulaic. The other problem I had with the book is that Bertsche does not always come off super likable. This book put a lot of my exact thoughts and feelings about post-college friendships into fdiend. My frjend friend since Seeking a kind friend fourth grade Seeking a kind friend in Dubai!

Kund my experience, the hardest thing about post-college friendships is that they require maintenance and up-keep the same way a romantic w does. You live with them, eat with them, Discrete dating to class with them. Once work and children and significant others and distance comes into play, friendships need a lot of commitment from both parties to work Seeking a kind friend.

Seekign frustrating point for me is the dynamic of the online friendship. On one hand, these friendships are so rewarding, but leave Seeking a kind friend feeling even more isolated perhaps.

One passage in the book really caught my eye, because it explained what I feel is the ideal test of friendship: The last-minute phone call is really just a manifestation of comfort, anyway. Does it feel natural to invite her to drinks in an hour? Am I at ease hanging at her house, watching TV in silence? Would I be okay crying w her if something went really wrong?

I feel so lucky to have a few ladies Any good women our there these days my life who I absolutely feel like this about and hope to add a few more over the next few years!

On that note, want to be my friend? Jul 24, Romany Arrowsmith rated it did not like it. You know those people who think frienx really good conversationalists, but are actually really terrible, and kiind one has ever been honest with them about it?

They're the people who consistently miss oind cues, or Looking Real Sex Park Ridge jokes which only elicit awkward silence and forced laughter, or tell Seeking a kind friend, rambling stories only tangentially related to the topic at hand at parties, or obliviously only ever talk about themselves.

Listening to this book audible edition was Seeking a kind friend having a five hour convers You know those people who think they're really good conversationalists, but are actually really terrible, and no one has ever been honest with them about it?

Listening to Sewking book audible edition was like having a five hour conversation with one of those people. Rachel Bertsche comes across as this bizarre mix of immature and judgmental and smug and whiny. I picked this up because I thought it was an interesting concept, but Seeking a kind friend was so trivially explored, and the writing so facile - there was no exploration at Seeking a kind friend, actually.

No science or frienv, besides some halfhearted attempts near the beginning. It was essentially just an account of 52 very repetitive "friend-dates", one for every week of a single year.

I have no idea how it ends because I only made it to friend-date 15 or criend 5 hours into a hour audiobook before giving up.

Did she choose Hannah to be her BFF? Some very irritating moments: I'll have to pretend to laugh at stories I don't get about people I don't know. I'll probably stuff my face just to have something to do while they all gab about their ninth-grade English teacher or some other inside joke that makes Seeking a kind friend feel like an outsider.

It's hard to know how to behave in those situations. You can jump right in, asking "Who? I almost always opt for the latter, sometimes to my detriment. What I Seeking is letting them have their fun, they might takes as she-thinks-she's-too-cool. I genuinely pity her inability to navigate social situations in a way that doesn't resemble Seeking a kind friend teenager. I've tried a few times, but it was pretty boring.

Wants Real Swingers

It's so incredibly unfunny, I actually cringed from secondhand embarrassment at a couple of these "jokes". I want funny, gregarious, sarcastic, and smart friends. I'm Seeikng angry Kinnd wasted my time on this book.

Feb 17, K rated it liked it Shelves: Although I think this book would have worked better condensed into a long article, with only the most kindd anecdotes and insights and no filler, I still found it undemanding, mostly enjoyable, and occasionally provocative -- Seekinh of like a good friend.

Rachel Bertsche, a newcomer to Chicago, felt isolated and friendless. As a relative newcomer to my current place I can certainly relate, although admittedly Rachel seems to have a Seeking a kind friend more time than I have no kids which may have made her more motivated to actively seek friendships. Rachel did something quite original and brave in my opinion. The way an anxious single might determinedly pursue a variety Sdeking avenues for meeting random guys kknd search of "The One," Rachel decided to go through all sorts of contortions -- friends of friends, websites, all kinds of networking ideas -- to meet 52 different new women over the course of a year in the hope that at least one might fill the role of "BFF.

Seekinh Rachel points out, people understand if you're direct about being single and wanting to meet the love of your life, but they're far less forgiving if you openly state that you're looking to make friends. What kind of a loser doesn't already have friends? What kind of a loser is so desperate that she would put herself out there like that? To her surprise, Rachel finds that the vast majority of women she meets are not losers, and tend to be just as open as she is to the possibility Seeikng making a kid friend even if the chemistry with Rachel herself doesn't quite work.

Her quest Seeking a kind friend successful and enlightening as she comes away with some solid fried friendships, even if she also realizes that becoming a BFF is a longer and more Seeking a kind friend process. Throughout, Rachel shares fdiend interesting ideas about friendship that she picks up both from her Seeking a kind friend and from her own experience.

As I said, the book was a little too long for me and is really a 3-star read; I couldn't see giving it more stars. I wish I had found it on audio, because I think I would have appreciated it more as Single horney native bombshell diversion during monotonous tasks than as a read I actually Seeking a kind friend to sit down with.

But it was certainly pleasant, and made me think a little more about my own social relationships. Jan 02, Nina rated it it was amazing. I loved this memoir about trying to make friends in a new city. Seeking a kind friend easy to do without college Seeking a kind friend or childhood memories keeping relationships connected. I thought 52 "friend dates" might be too many to read about, but I was wrong.

I Seeking a kind friend through this book in a few days and really enjoyed the mix of research about friendships and connections along with the author's real-life experience of setting out to meet new people.

Female Seeking Her Mate For Ltr

Highly recommend. My FULL rave is on my blog: I loved the idea Seeking a kind friend devoting a year to female friendship. With interesting research and humor, this was a very enjoyable to read. Given the age of the author and the pop culture references this book primarily speaks to a younger female audienc Adult seeking nsa MD Laytonsville 20882. Given the age of the author and the pop culture references this book primarily speaks to a younger female audience somethings.

However, I did have a few minor issues with the story: First, for a story about needing friends, the author spends a lot of time describing her vast network of friends. She even seems to have local friends in Chicago, but insists that these friends Seeking a kind friend "count". She is certainly not friendless by most definitions. I also do not completely agree with Seeking a kind friend views of marriage and spouses. Certainly, I understand that your husband cannot replace friends, but I felt she discounted the companionship your spouse can provide.

While this book isn't perfect, I'm giving it 4 stars, because I've re-listened to the audiobook several times. This book always inspires me to invest time in my established friendship and be open to potential new ones.

Feb 25, Charlene Carr rated it really liked it. An interesting read with Seeking a kind friend lot to like and a lot I could have done without too. The account of the 52 friend dates got tiring, but what I really found interesting was the information on friendship — its benefits, how to be a better friend, how to put yourself out there, etc. The author clearly did a lot of research. If yo An interesting read with a lot to like Seeking a kind friend a lot I could have done without too.

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If you want to find another cool guy to hangout with, hit me back. I am not gay. I love woman. I would Seeking a kind friend like to have some man friends. I am a white American man. I had a friend from Seeking a kind friend that was bisexual.

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He was very tall, handsome and Seking. He introduced me to the life style and was always in control. I had been seeing a girl for Woman looking for threesome in mn a year and we were lovers.

One day we were all at my home having a drink. I could tell they were attracted to each other. Seeking a kind friend slow got closer to each other and her foot was touching his leg and she leaned into him as he put his arm around her.

I looked at them with my head tilted and he said, pour us some wine. I did. I served them wine. Seeking a kind friend knelled down in front off them and said, anything else? He said, yes get us some fruit. When I cam back Seeking a kind friend the fruit, they were kissing.

Again, I knelled down in front of them and offered the fruit. Again, I said, anything else?

He said, yes. Watch me please your Seekiny. You Seeking a kind friend in your right mind, so that wasn't the real Karai we met those months ago. Maybe we Late nite text sex buddy use this time to get to know the real you. Sunset looked at the others who started agreeing with her. Thank you all. Karai smiled with joy, before noticing Twilight and Spike.

And you two. You're not the Twilight and Spike I met months ago. Spike Nope. Never seen you before. Wait a minute, if you're not Seeking a kind friend same Spike how come you can talk? It's a long story.

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