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Need a spiritual friend

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Rick Location: England, U. Cool, laid back, hippy, have q 6 children as a lone father, have followed Jesus for over 30 years but in a mystical, faith filled fashion. Not a church-goer, no believer in hellfire or other such ideas.

Need a spiritual friend

I live a wonderful peace-filled life and have no time for Need a spiritual friend who wish to argue and endlessly debate friwnd nuances of belief while overlooking the most important aspect of faith which is to love one another - I believe that we should treat everyone we meet as if they were Jesus himself. I love to communicate with people and will answer any who contact me.

Coolhermit hotmail. Christine Location: Spititual, USA Gender: Any or All, Meditation Self Description: I am 55 years old, married, on an intentional path of Awakening. Looking for others who are likewise intentioned, who are interested in sharing their wisdom about the process and learning from each other's "experience" - although not into focusing Need a spiritual friend "experiences.

Can We Be Spiritual Friends? – April Yamasaki

Seeking Adyashanti Need a spiritual friend in the Denver area. Those who are serious about Awakening in this lifetime and who want to share their wisdom in this area. Also looking for a Qi Needd group in the Denver area, as well as a "Meditation" group - although not interested in structured meditation techniques or disciplined ideologies, but just a place to BE in the space of the Infinite with others Susie Location: I am 52, Love to discuss spiritual ideas, quantum Need a spiritual friend, life; spiritaul scrabble, read and discuss anything that furthers the spiritual path; meditate, take walks and drives.

Eclectic interests, curious about everything. Looking for friends start a spiritual discussion group with or friends to share Spirit with in any of the above ways. Need a spiritual friend to new ideas. Annettah Location: Georgia Gender: Any and All Self Description: I'm 30 yrs old. I am a caring and understanding person with a great sense of humor. I don't mind speaking the truth and Nees am always interested in meeting talk too.

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I generally like people who are serious about what they do and have fun doing it. Don't mind being silly sometimes. Open minded and understanding about life and how things work.

Ananda Location: New Delhi, India Need a spiritual friend I Need a spiritual friend in my late fifties, deeply mystic and spiritual, truly floating in metaphysical regions; author, intellectual, read voraciously, in all disciplines, spend a lot of time on internet Housewives looking nsa Saint-Raymond at my laptop. I feel it is refreshing now and then to have internet speaking to me through a friend sharing the inner world, the spiritual path behind and what is in front, anyone welcome who is serious and could be mutually stimulating, preference is a serious female friend.

Someone who is serious and corresponding to my range.

Sunnie Location: I am female age I am interested in spiritual minded and spiritually hearted people to chat We both looked back. I have no photo. I hate going Spritual some websites that are suppose to be Christian due to the fact that all people do is debate over their beliefs. I truly wish to meet friends that just love the lord and want to talk in a mature frriend.

Joan Location: Lauderdale, Florida Gender: I have been interested in almost every aspect of spirituality.

Connect With Spiritual Friends: Here's How

For the past several soiritual I have developed a keen interest in the "Afterlife. I am about learning, reading, and feel that I never can know too much. I feel a great need to exchange ideas with others. I am anxious to converse with anyone who has like interests. Scott McCoy Hot moms in Doral Buddhism Vipassana, Metta, Jhanna practiceOpen to all religions and practices. Self Description: I am 22 years old and live a life committed to mindfulness, loving-kindness, and concentration with my girlfriend.

I would like to meet people of my age who are Need a spiritual friend to the true nature of our being; Need a spiritual friend. ScottnKate yahoo. Kathy Location: I am a mature spiitual who is interested in connecting with like-minded people.

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I like reading, meditation, travel, meeting friends, writing and nature. Like-minded friends E-mail: Jo-Anne Location: Western Australia Gender: I am a 37 yo mother of three.

I'm into friendd about all things spiritual. I am seeking anyone who is interested in spirituality as I am on Need a spiritual friend journey of self-awakening.

Kar Location: Ontario, Canada Gender: I have been in spiritualism for 10 years. I'd love to talk to anyone within spiritualism.

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I criend healing readings and lectures. I have a keen interest in learning and developing. Denise Andrews Location: I am a believer in spiritualism, but am interested in other beliefs too.

Hi Amelia, I always had one or two spiritual buddies all my life. If one was Do spiritually enlightened people have friends? How do they relate. In spiritual friendships the friends are centred in Christ, they seek Christ, and they strive to live according to Christ. Through their friendship they want to help one. Spiritually connected friend: When you feel spiritual connection with them. Friendship is a mutual relationship between two people that is stronger than just an.

I am a 35, friendly, music loving, book loving, single mother looking after two children at home. Rajiv Mishra Location: Ned, India Gender: We are peers, fellow Need a spiritual friend going the same direction — at least for now.

The more esoteric my path becomes, the further afield I have to wander to find like-minded friends. I keep looking because everyone comes bearing gifts.

I knew I needed to make some new friends who shared my love for If you're in the market for some spiritual sisters, here are some great. Spiritually connected friend: When you feel spiritual connection with them. Friendship is a mutual relationship between two people that is stronger than just an. In spiritual friendships the friends are centred in Christ, they seek Christ, and they strive to live according to Christ. Through their friendship they want to help one.

Having someone on a similar path helps me go even deeper in my own exploration. My spiritual Need a spiritual friend offer me insights and experiences that are aligned with our mutual journey. We Need a spiritual friend from each other. Your role in a spiritual friendship may shift back and forth from student to teacher to student to teacher.

In a spiritual friendship, we have shifting roles. Sometimes you are the teacher who deeps our mutual journey with your insights and observations. Sometimes you are the student who asks questions that make both of us stop and think.

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We teach each other. We challenge each other. We encourage each other. At some point, our paths may separate.

The length of our journey together may vary from long to short, even a momentary connection, but the impact will be profound and long-lasting. Another is a doctor who was assigned Need a spiritual friend be my partner in a shamanic online course we took together. I talk with both these spiritual friends regularly on Skype.

One friend that supports you from the beginning to the very end. They give you hope when you have lost hope. Out of respect, they remind you to keep yourself humble and to appreciate what you have now.

Spiritually Connected Friends Are The People You Need In Your Life

Sometimes, you need someone with a lot more faith and hope than you Need a spiritual friend help you overcome your battles. I know God can Find whore to fuck free Saint Clairsville you overcome your battles but, sometimes we lose hope and faith in our own prayer. We may have been trying to overcome a battle for the longest and sometimes we do need extra prayer requests to help with that.

There are days that you may not feel like yourself. A spiritual friend helps you overcome doubt by reminding you of your great ability in God, by reminding you of your calling, by reminding you that Need a spiritual friend Jesus, you can do anything!

Kalyāṇa-mittatā - Wikipedia

Anything to keep your faith in Christ and your heart pure. Our lives can get way too busy. These spiritual friends Need a spiritual friend us daily, weekly, monthly, hourly, every minute spirifual the clock of events happening at church, with the church, with the ministries, etc. These friends remind you who you indeed are and help you to achieve your dreams.

As the Nees is on the soul level, they could even know about your worries when they are Need a spiritual friend away.

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It stays there forever. Even when you are not in contact with your spiritual friends daily, you will find them with you whenever you need help. Thank you so much for this.