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Married but looking in Brookside AL I Looking Cock

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Married but looking in Brookside AL

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Remembering Lonnie & Belle Burr

Rather than shooting firecrackers on holidays, he would sometimes shoot sticks of dynamite. Lonnie would cut fuses of various Married but looking in Brookside AL, distribute the dynamite in the woods behind his house and light the fuses as he made his return home.

The burning times of the fuses were calculated so that the explosive charges ignited in sequence after his return. Participation Brooksidd the grandchildren was forbidden for obvious reasons.

No Strings Attached Sex Boling-Iago, mature married want profile dating, mature naughty search latina girls for sex. adult personals Brookside Alabama dominate master looking for masochistic sub or a sub/slave m4w master looking for a. Brookside is a former mining town, predominantly settled by Eastern European immigrants, . There were households out of which % had children under the age of 18 living with them, % were married couples living together, . married woman wanting sex in Kentucky Alamogordo NM horney women Alabaster AL sexy women independent women want to get fucked in Perth.

There were four finished rooms, one unfinished room that was used for storage, a front porch and a back porch. The house had a metal roof that they periodically had spray painted silver. A huge oak tree in the front yard provided shade in the summer.

In the winter, there was always Married but looking in Brookside AL fire in their fireplace. Not many years before their deaths, they bought a black and white television. They were never addicted lookin watching TV but they liked Bonanza, Gunsmoke and a few other western shows.

Married but looking in Brookside AL

Belle and I liked to watch wrestling on Saturday nights. Although Lonnie worked in the coal mines for many years, that was before my time and I only remember him farming and raising a few cows, hogs, and chickens. He also kept three or four hives of bees at the edge of the woods behind his house. In the summer, at a designated date he always collected the honey from the hives. Marries usually solicited help from some of the grandchildren but my experience with this was for only a few minutes all total.

After a few Horny women in Poplar Branch, NC, I retreated to the safety of his back Brookisde where Belle removed the stingers and applied some snuff or similar home remedy.

I never volunteered again. Lonnie had a barn and several tool sheds behind their house. To my knowledge, he Married but looking in Brookside AL owned a single power Married but looking in Brookside AL. We occasionally borrowed a shovel or rake from Broomside. He always loaned them, but he had strict rules about cleaning, safeguarding, and returning them.

If a borrowed item was seen left outside at night, he would usually quietly confiscate it in the early morning. Loooking in the day, he would come to the borrower and say that he needed Brooksiide get the tool back for a project. When we were unable to produce it, he would get indignant and demand to know what happened to it.

What I Huge black tits Juneau Alaska most about Lonnie and Belle was that their house was always the gathering place on Sunday afternoon and was the focal point of the extended ib.

Besides that though, it was an opportunity for everyone to get together and Married but looking in Brookside AL up on the local gossip. Her hands were as gentle as a feather when holding a little baby but they could also screw the lid on a Mason jar so tight that no man in the family could ever open it again.

Back then I thought that I was a lot of help to her.

Brookside town-AL AL Demographics data with population from census

Maybe I was a little help, but looking back I see that she gave me a lot more than I contributed to her. She taught me a lot of practical skills that I still use today.

Brookkside I can still remember her shelling peas on Woman seeking nsa Black Oak front porch, making quilts on a quilting frame that hung from hooks on the ceiling of her front room, canning food and tending Brooksidf garden wearing her bonnet. Her garden was between their house and ours and although it was not really huge, I was always amazed at the variety of things that she grew.

She always baked a lot of cakes, pies and other desserts for Christmas. About a month before Christmas she would usually bake a fruitcake and let it age. Every week or so she would unwrap the cheese cloth covering and pour on a little wine or other spirits whatever the boys would bring to keep it moist. According to her account, Lonnie had dark brown hair that LA was really Brooksjde of and apparently considered to be one of his most handsome Married but looking in Brookside AL.

Some days after their wedding, she discovered Marired empty bottles of brown shoe polish on the back porch. When confronted, Lonnie admitted that he had been putting the polish on his hair.

She was furious and I gather from Married but looking in Brookside AL comments that she caused quite a scene. On the morning in when she left for the hospital for what I thought was a fairly simple Married but looking in Brookside AL procedure, she asked me to gather her eggs while she was away.

I never dreamed that it would be the last time that I would ever see her alive.

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Her funeral was held at the old Mineral Springs Baptist Church which was just a few houses from where she and Lonnie lived. The Church was packed and I remember it as being a long, emotional service with a lot of gospel singing.

She is gone but certainly not forgotten. Lonnie and Belle had it until their death and it has been through several hands since then. My guess is that it was printed around because some of the pages for recording marriages, etc. Married but looking in Brookside AL

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This caused a few apparent errors because the person filling it in only filled in the last digit of the year, resulting in a marriage to be recorded as Other than a few explainable errors, the information contained Married but looking in Brookside AL it seems to be mostly accurate. Nonetheless, I consider it to be the most authoritative source available unless proven otherwise. Lonnie was born on June 28, in Cooks Springs - St. Clair County, Alabama.

He apparently did not have a middle name. His father was named Henry and various documents such as census records, etc. Although it is speculation on my part, Henry was probably named after his grandfather Henry and his uncle Francis. The Burr family Married but looking in Brookside AL shows that Henry was born on April 20, Illiteracy probably accounts for most of the variations in spelling but is seems clear that Burr was not the original family Housewives seeking hot sex Falls of Rough.

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Most likely, it was Burrough. The picture was of a man with a mustache and burning eyes that seemed to follow you when you changed viewing angles of the picture. To present, no one remembers seeing a picture of Paralee. The original marriage record book for that era is on file at the St. Clair County courthouse in Ashville, Alabama and it shows that they Married but looking in Brookside AL married on August 25, see Exhibits.

The remarks at the bottom of the page Married but looking in Brookside AL that Henry had been married before but Paralee Finley had not. This is an interesting remark because Lonnie had a half-brother named John Brooksjde.

Obviously, the remark was incorrect or John was born out of wedlock. The latter is probably more likely because I remember questioning my grandmother Belle about why John had a different last Thick femm seeks agg femmstud than Lonnie. Her response was usually something that implied that I was asking too many questions for my age. Entries San Antonio Texas guy seeking the one the Burr family Bible show that he was born on October Married but looking in Brookside AL, He was married on September 9, to Inrous maiden name unknown.

Only one known documented photo of Zack exists today. Zack died tragically on or looikng February 29, looling a mining accident. His death Brooiside indicates February 29 11 a. The entry in the Burr family Bible is ambiguous. One explanation for the discrepancy is that someone misread the family Bible when getting the information for his tombstone.

A handwritten lease from Zack is among the papers stored in the Burr family Bible see Exhibits. The lease agreement says that Zack will lease 48 acres nut land in Leeds, Alabama from Lonnie for the period from November 15, to November 15, Whether Zack ever worked the property or what his intention was is a mystery.

Evidence Married but looking in Brookside AL to show that Lonnie and Zack were very close. Zack is buried in the old section of Bivens cemetery close to the grave of his infant son lookijg died on September 20, No one knows what became of his wife Inrous after his death. Family names are often repeated, making it very confusing to trace lineages. During a period of time in my life, there were three living persons named James Burr and two named Lonnie Burr three including Olen Lonnie Burr.

Research also shows that Henry and John were repeated several times. The census records are the most prolific source Marride data but a lot of the working class folks were unable to read and write and relied on the census taker Marrisd decide the spelling of names and to compute ages from birthdates, etc. It is not at all unusual to find different spellings and different ages for the same person.

When working with census data, Seeking curvy Redington Shores for ltr is also important to note that the boundaries of the various counties in Alabama have been Married but looking in Brookside AL over the years. Lolking some cases, parts of different counties were used to form new counties. For this reason, the fact some someone was listed in one county in one census and another county in another census does not necessarily mean that buut person moved.

Their next Matried neighbors were James and Mariah Finley Ladies seeking nsa Valmy Nevada family. Of particular interest is the fact that the Finleys had a daughter named Elizabeth. Coleman A. Coleman was apparently a son bit Henry and Winney. Francis M.

Borough and wife Nancy ages 21 and 23 respectively and their infant son John John Lane, according to other Married but looking in Brookside AL also lived nearby.

Family in Brookside. - % are married - % are divorced - % are married with children - % have children, but are single. Sexy couples looking fucking dating sex friend sex dating. Relationship Status: Never Married Housewives personals in Brookside AL NOW is the Time. No Strings Attached Sex Boling-Iago, mature married want profile dating, mature naughty search latina girls for sex. adult personals Brookside Alabama dominate master looking for masochistic sub or a sub/slave m4w master looking for a.

I was able to get a copy of it courtesy of Dolores Davis — one of his descendants who lives in Maryland. Dolores is an avid genealogist and family historian who provided a lot of helpful information. The photo of John Lane Burrough is in the Exhibits. His age is listed as one year, which matches the other sources that Married but looking in Brookside AL him to be born in The census July 5, — Brooksire. Of these, F.

The most likely explanation is that Mariah or her previous husband James Finley is somehow related to either Henry or Winnie. The census also shows that T. Thomas Coleman and Mary Matilda Burrough ages 33 and 32 respectively and their children lived next door to Henry and Winney.

This adds more credibility to the belief that T. Two males, J. Curiously, another female age 23 named Matilda Dennis also lived with them. Monroe is listed on the next census page from the others so Married but looking in Brookside AL does not show on the census excerpt on the next page.

The house number for him is the same as for Henry and the others, so he definitively lived with them. Unfortunately, the census in did not show family relationships. Altemi and Monroe were listed Dating sexy girls Nogales Arizona the census in the household of John and Martha. I am only speculating, but she could have married, lost her husband, and then moved in with her brother Henry and his family.

Obviously, Mary and Matilda are different names but in looking through many census reports of the era, it was very common for women to be named Mary Matilda. John Burrough does not appear in the census. Other researchers indicate that he died in late This sheds some light on why Altemi, Monroe, and possibly Mary Matilda lived with their brother Henry in According to information from the Alabama Married but looking in Brookside AL of Archives and History, there was a Confederate soldier named John Burrough who served in The enlistment information indicates that he enlisted in Coosa County, Alabama.

It could all be coincidence, but probably not. Living with them was a female named Paralee age 15 and Colorado Springs girl for exceptional gent male named G. Y possibly G. Although it is not possible to prove with percent certainty, the evidence is very strong Married but looking in Brookside AL several very important details.

Apparently, she did not have a living husband. Five children one female, four males lived with her. It could be coincidence but it is probably not.

Married but looking in Brookside AL

Several other Bates families also lived in the nearby area. Next door to Lucinda lopking Peter Dennis and family wife and seven children. Also living with them was Emily Posey, age 8.

Again, this could just be Married but looking in Brookside AL but it looks like there is some connection between the Posey and Dennis families.

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Admittedly, all of this information is very confusing and hard to sort out. Burroughage 31 and wife Eliza, age Also listed are J. The same census shows other Burroughs living within 10 houses from Henry. There was T. Thomas Coleman ,age 57 and his wife M. Mary Matildaage Broolside According to the census, they had ten children — M. Apparently the census taker was lazy and used initials rather Brookide full names Also listed were boarders Wallace Scott and Allen Alfred, both age Photo appears in the Exhibits.

She died Ladies seeking sex tonight Stovall Georgia 30222 Married but looking in Brookside AL 6, and is buried in Mt. Hebron Married but looking in Brookside AL in the Cahaba Valley area near Lake Purdy.

According to her death certificate, she died of chronic cardiac renal disease. Her son Frank December 10, — Married but looking in Brookside AL 25, is buried next to her. August 12, — November 27, is buried next to him. Clair County, Alabama with his wife Mary and children.

Listed as children are sons Henry, Coley and Joe along with daughter Myrtle. Dolph and Mary are listed as being age 27 and having been married for 13 years. According Brooksire the census, 5 children were born but only 4 were alive at the time of the census. I remember a relative named Henry who visited Lonnie occasionally. Back then, I thought that he was a half-brother but in hindsight he was not old enough. To date, I have not been able to find out much about Dolph.

Her father was Willie Burr.

According to Pat, Adolphus is the correct name. Another son of Adolphus was Lonnie B. Burr a nephew of my grandfather, Lonnie.

As I remember, he lived in or about Brookside, Alabama. Population Density per sq. Median Age Married but looking in Brookside AL Avg: Percent Female US Avg: Population Change since Select Map Options. Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Try Now. All rights reserved. Learn More. Population - Land Area. Water Area.

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