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I was recently in an energetic conversation about how women must conform to masculine ways of thinking and behaving in order to succeed in business. Three decades ago, women in the business world practically had to hide the fact they were women—wearing Looking for some feminine company suits, preferably black, grey or navy.

At least today, women in the workplace can look feminine.

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There are limits, of course. To be taken seriously, business women need to look like they are going to work, not to a bar or the beach.

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The issue of casual and revealing attire causes tension between female Baby Boomers who Looking for some feminine company the navy-suit era and younger women. If women appear too frilly, they are less likely to be seen as professional. If they display too much flesh short skirts or low necklinesthey may be seen by men as sex objects—and judged by women as inappropriate.

Looking for some feminine company

But there femniine a lot of room for looking feminine. How about acting feminine? A more important aspect of the question is whether women can succeed using feminine forms of leadership.

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Looking for some feminine company Stanford study that I mentioned to my colleague answered the question in the feminibe. The researchers found that women with these traits—who could self-monitor and regulate them—got the most promotions. It confirms that the double bind is alive and well. To succeed, women must appear confident and dominant. In this analysis, feminine women do better than overly masculine women, but not nearly as well as women who can be masculine at times.

The report notes that ultra-feminine women are seen as less competent. But note that the definition of masculine used in the Stanford study is narrow.

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There is much more to being vompany than being aggressive, assertive and confident. There is much more to being feminine than being non-aggressive, non-assertive and appearing less confident! I view masculine and feminine perspectives and behaviors as appearing along a continuum. Men have both masculine and feminine ways, as do women.

Why do some job adverts put women off applying? - BBC News

And there are strengths and limitations to both masculine and feminine approaches in different circumstances. These strengths are soome in numerous books on leadership as highly effective ways of leading.

The workplace values a number of the feminine strengths. Organizations are leveraging relational skills to address the need for connection felt especially by post-Boomer generations.

They are utilizing flatter, less hierarchical structures when creativity, innovation and buy-in are important. Good leaders are leveraging both competitive and collaborative skills. They are recognizing that the best decisions come from groups that balance masculine and feminine ways of making decisions.

Using a different and broader set of characteristics, the McKinsey research indicates otherwise. The Stanford study suggests that men have less need to self-monitor and use both masculine and feminine approaches.

Common sense, and the work on Looking for some feminine company leadership by Hersey and Blanchard, suggest otherwise. Situational leadership theory holds that leaders are most effective if they adopt different leadership styles depending on the task and the people they are leading. Som the masculine-feminine continuumsurely all leaders are more effective if they can demonstrate both masculine and feminine approaches and use the approach most effective in the circumstance.

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Can women look feminine? Yes, with some limits. Can women use feminine wiles?

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Comppany women can pull this off if they are competent. Can women make it to the top without being assertive and confident? Probably not.

Can 'Feminine' Women Make It To The Top?

Can women make it to the top with feminine skills of synthesizing lots of input, sharing power, and exhibiting relational skills, collaboration and inclusion? Clearly they can and do—and so do men.

Caroline Turnerauthor of Difference Works: Improving Cle Elum naughty sluts, Productivity and Profitability through Inclusionbegan her career as a successful lawyer in a private practice, becoming partner in a large regional firm in the demanding area cmpany securities law and mergers and acquisitions. Turner is now a business consultant, advising clients on creating cultures of inclusion, facilitating workshops and delivering speeches.

For more information, Looking for some feminine company see www.

After studying physics at Berkeley I started out in roc Read More.