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Looking for a role playing partner

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Presently Lookin seeking to write assertive female characters with weaknesses and secrets, and I'm seeking anyone who's able to write a male counterpart to such a person.

Preferably someone with similar confidence and assertiveness. I do enjoy romance and NSFW elements in my stories, so please be prepared to do that. But this isn't the only thing I'd enjoy having in our stories.

We could dabble with darker elements, angst, crime, action, whatever. If you can write as Superman for me, I'll love you forever. Third person past tense, please.

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I'm a very experienced writer that enjoys playung poetry and prose, so I can ensure I deliver Looking for a role playing partner run-on sentences, appropriate character development, proficient use of English. In terms of length, quality over quantity, always. Please be happy to use FCs. These play a massive role in my enthusiasm for a story.

I'll make specific requests, if that's alright, and try to satisfy your interests also. My name is amber but I go by my gamer tag banafrit, bana, or just amber thats fine.

I am 19, 20 in September.

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I do have a job and college to deal with but I use rping to relax and just take my mind off of stressful things. I do understand people who get busy and thats fine. The reason why im looking for a new rp is because my main rp friend just Looking for a role playing partner left me out of nowhere and its been like 3 months now since we've talked at all.

Even though English is my first language, my Lookihg sometimes is strange and I dont fix simple mistakes like capitalize, commas, apostrophes, stuff like those.

My last rp friend and I would make a time line of the original characters or whatever to make the story continue kids, siblings, coworkers, whoever really as long as it keeps the story going and never to be boring.

I am fine with adult stuff, or smut, and I do tend to Looking for a role playing partner it a lot but not as the whole story line, and as long as it isnt too crazy.

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Playing the bottom type is my best but I can try the top the best I can. Well, first and foremost let's go over through with basic stuff. Hi, my name is Roxy and I am x fellow roleplayer searching for Looking for a role playing partner partners so we can create a nice story and create a friendship bond.

Kinde Michigan Grils.

Below will be listed my rules, things I'm into and so on. Hopefully, you are interested and contact me!

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Everyone makes mistakes and I Loojing that, but at least your English shall be readable. So I would love it if your replies were descriptive enough. I would love someone that is going to be patient. Life sometimes gets in the way after all. And only Looking for a role playing partner.

Sorry, I don't feel that comfortable doing MxM.

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During 1x1s roleplays I will only play the Female role. I want other genres implemented such as action, adventure, drama, mystery, fantasy fantasy that takes place in modern.

You get the drill. I'm okay with both.

Fole, along with the fandom I will also list the character 49663 girls to fuck my oc is paired with in the parenthesis. If you wish to do a Canon universe, I will ask of you for us to discuss regarding the future part and add our own stuff. Definitely not Boruto, sorry Boruto Looking for a role playing partner. Below you will find my email where you can message me.

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There, we can discuss about which platform you wish for us to roleplay since I do not, and I repeat, I do not roleplay on gmail. My preferred platform is discord which I will give in private.

For now, here you go my email:. That's all, hope I caught your attention and you made it through the last fod. Reply to this topic Start new topic.

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Recommended Posts. Posted April 4, In SL: Nothing as I am already taken in RL. Age range: I could care less what age you rp or are in rl as long as it doesn't break TOS.

Proper Grammar. A lover of detailed or at least moderate roleplay. It takes time to get to know you and vice versa.

Wants Real Sex Dating Looking for a role playing partner

I am not in a rush to jump into anything right away with just anyone, I want to take my time and Looking for a role playing partner the right fit. Wednesday at Jaybird Tuesday at Replies 2 Views Krafisch Feb 24, Replies 15 Views Tuesday at Lucky Thirteen Monday at 9: Monday at 9: Morgan Monday lpaying 3: Monday at 3: RavenWriter May 19, 0.

May 19, RavenWriter May 18, writingnai. Peachii May 14, 1. Khaspian Apr 17, 2.

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May 18, Khaspian. Maalefic Mar 4, 2 Replies 24 Views May 16, Maalefic. Show hidden low quality content.

Looking for a role playing partner Look For Sex Hookers

You must log in or register to post here. GV Butterworth Today at 5: Replies 0 Views 3. Cold Ramen Noodles Jul 29, Replies 2 Views 16K. Multiple Settings Ideas and Fandoms! Ignore Post Count 3 Viewers.

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PaleAbyss Dec 21, 2. Replies 37 Views 1K. LeslieKnope Today at 5: Jitterbug Apr 26, 2. Roel 27 Views Fandom Anyone up for a Johnlock RP?

Satanic Nightjar Mar 24, Replies 20 Views Today at 4: Fandom the game of thrones search. Ceylia Apr 30, Replies 18 Views Ceylia May 16, Replies 7 Views Looking for a role playing partner