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With an estimated population of , it is the most populous city in Alabama. As ofthe Birmingham-Hoover Metropolitan Statistical Area had a population of 1,, making it the most populous in Alabama and 49th-most populous in the United States. Birmingham serves as an important regional hub and is Looking for a bm Alabama and more with the Deep SouthPiedmontand Appalachian regions of the nation.

Birmingham was founded induring the post- Civil War Reconstruction erathrough the merger of three farm towns, most notably Elyton. The new city was named for BirminghamEnglandthe UK's second largest city and, at the time, a major industrial city. The Alabama city annexed smaller neighbors and developed as an industrial center, based on mining, the new iron and Mobile swinger clubs free industryand rail transport.

Most of the original settlers who founded Birmingham were of English ancestry. From its founding through the end of the s, Birmingham Looking for a bm Alabama and more a primary industrial center of the southern United States. Its major industries were iron and steel production.

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Major components of the railroad industry, rails and railroad cars, were manufactured in Birmingham. Since the s, the two primary hubs of railroading in the " Deep South " have been Birmingham and Atlanta. The economy diversified in the latter half of the 20th century. Banking, telecommunications, transportation, electrical power transmission, medical care, college education, and insurance have become major economic activities. Birmingham ranks Looking for a bm Alabama and more one of the largest banking centers in the U.

Also, it is among the most important business centers in the Southeast. Init gained the University of Alabama at Birminghamone of three main campuses of the University of Alabama System.

It is also home to three private institutions: The Birmingham area has major colleges of medicine, dentistry, optometry, physical therapy, pharmacy, law, engineering, Free fuck dating in Berkeley California nursing.

The city has three of the state's five law schools: Birmingham is also the headquarters of the Southwestern Athletic Conference and the Southeastern Conferenceone of the major U. Birmingham was founded on June 1,by the Elyton Land Company, whose investors included cotton planters, bankers Looking for a bm Alabama and more railroad entrepreneurs.

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Worthington plantation. The first business at that crossroads was a trading post and country store operated by Marre and Allen. Birmingham is the only place where significant amounts of all three minerals can be found in close proximity. The city's founders, organized as the Elyton Land Company, named it in honor of Birmingham, England, one of ajd world's premier industrial cities, to emphasize that point.

The growth of the planned city was impeded by an outbreak of cholera and a Wall Street crash in Soon afterward, however, it began to develop at an explosive rate. In U.

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Steel purchased it and became the most important political and economic force in An. It resisted new industry, however, to keep wage rates down. Inthe town of Elyton and several other surrounding towns were absorbed into Birmingham.

Alagama From the early 20th century, the city grew so rapidly it earned the sobriquet "The Magic City". The downtown was redeveloped from a Looking for a bm Alabama and more commercial and residential district into a busy grid of neoclassical mid- and high-rise buildings crisscrossed by streetcar lines. Between andfour large office buildings were constructed at the intersection of 20th Street, the central north-south spine of the city, and 1st Avenue Qnd, which connected the warehouses and industrial facilities along the east-west railroad corridor.

This early group of skyscrapers was nicknamed the " Heaviest Corner on Earth ". Birmingham was hit by the Irondale earthquake M L 5. A few buildings in the area were slightly damaged.

The earthquake was felt as far as Atlanta and neighboring states. While excluded from the best-paying industrial jobs, African Americans joined the migration of residents from rural areas to the city, drawn by economic opportunity. The Great Depression of the s struck Birmingham particularly hard, as the sources of capital fueling the city's growth rapidly dried up at the same time farm laborers, driven off the land, made their way to the city in search Looking for a bm Alabama and more work.

Music Composition, BM | University of Alabama

Hundreds poured into the city, many riding in empty boxcars. The World War II demand for steel followed by a post-war building boom spurred Birmingham's rapid return to prosperity. Manufacturing mkre beyond the production of raw materials. Major civic institutions such as schools, parks, and museums, also expanded in scope. Despite the city's growing population and wealth, Birmingham residents were markedly underrepresented in the state legislature.

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Although the state constitution required redistricting Senior search french dating accordance with changes in the decennial census, the state legislature did not act until the s when the U. Supreme Looking for a bm Alabama and more landmark decision in Reynolds v. Sims forced it to do so. Birmingham-area voters had sued to force redistricting, and the Court in its ruling cited the Looking for a bm Alabama and more of " one man, one vote ".

The Court found that the geographic basis of the state senate, which Alabma each county one senator, gave undue influence to rural counties. Representatives of rural counties also had disproportionate power in the dor House of Representatives and had failed to provide support for infrastructure and other improvements in urban centers such as Birmingham, having little sympathy for urban populations.

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Prior to this time, the General Assembly ran county governments as extensions of the state through their legislative delegations. In the s and s, Birmingham gained national and international attention as a center of activity during the Civil Rights Movement.

Based on their members working in mining and industry, in the s independent Ku Klux Klan KKK chapters had ready access to dynamite Looking for a bm Alabama and more other bomb materials.

Whites unhappy with social changes in the Lookking committed racially motivated bombings of the houses Sex personals creampie black families who moved into new neighborhoods or who were politically active, earning Birmingham the nickname " Bombingham ".

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Locally, the civil rights movement's activists were led by Fred Shuttleswortha fiery preacher who became legendary for his fearlessness in the face of such violence. A watershed in the civil rights movement occurred in when Shuttlesworth requested Martin Luther King Jr.

King had served in Birmingham as a pastor earlier in his career. Together they launched "Project C" for "Confrontation"a massive non-violent demonstration against the Jim Crow system. While imprisoned Looking for a bm Alabama and more April for having taken part in a nonviolent protest, Dr.

King wrote the now famous " Letter from Birmingham Jail ", a defining treatise in his cause against segregation.

During April and May, Housewives wants sex Arjay Kentucky 40902 sit-ins and mass marches organized and led by qnd leader James Bevel were met with police repression, tear gas, attack dogs, fire hoses, and arrests. More than 3, people were arrested during these protests, many of them children.

King and Bevel filled the jails with students to keep the demonstrations going. By September the SCLC and city were negotiating to end an economic boycott and desegregate stores and other facilities. On a Sunday in Aoabamaa bomb went off at the 16th Street Baptist Churchkilling four black girls. As a grassroots community commitment to combating racism and prejudice, it has since been used for programs in all fifty states and in more than twenty countries.

In the s, urban renewal efforts focused around the development of the University of Alabama at BirminghamLooking for a bm Alabama and more has become a major medical and research center. In Birmingham celebrated its centennial with a round of public-works improvements, including the upgrading of Vulcan Park and the construction of a major downtown convention center containing a 2,seat symphony hall, theater, 19,seat arena, and exhibition halls.

Birmingham's Looking for a bm Alabama and more institutions enjoyed considerable growth as well, and new skyscrapers were constructed in the city center for ofr first time since the s. These projects helped the city's economy to diversify, but did not prevent the exodus fo many of the city's foe to independent suburbs.

Suburbanization was a national trend.

In Birmingham elected Dr. Richard Arrington Jr. The population inside Birmingham's city limits has fallen over the Wife looking sex TX Corpus christi 78401 few decades, due in large part to " white flight " from the city to the surrounding suburbs and loss of jobs following industrial and railroad restructuring.

The city's formerly Lkoking Looking for a bm Alabama and more ethnic group, non-Hispanic white, [15] has declined from ByBirmingham's population had reached , its lowest since the mids, but Alabzma city has since stopped losing residents. Downtown Birmingham is experiencing a renaissance. New resources have been dedicated in reconstructing the downtown area into a hour mixed-use district. The market for Alabaa lofts and condominiums has increased, while restaurant, retail and cultural options have expanded.

Inthe visitors bureau selected "the diverse city" as a new tag line for the city. Recent developments have attracted national media.

The New York Times has praised Looking for a bm Alabama and more city's food scene since Birmingham occupies Jones Valley, flanked by long parallel mountain ridges tailing ends of the Appalachian Mountains andd from northeast to southwest. The valley was bisected by the principal Married needing a Hungary corridor, along which most of the early manufacturing operations began.

Red Mountain lies immediately south of downtown. Many of Birmingham's television and radio broadcast towers are lined up along this ffor ridge. The "Over the Mountain" area, including Shades Valley, Shades Mountain and beyond, was largely shielded Aabama the industrial smoke and Looking for a bm Alabama and more streets Girls for fucking in Clayton the industrial city.

Sand Mountaina lower ridge, flanks the city to the north and divides Jones Valley from much more rugged land to the north.

Ruffner Mountain, due east of the heart of the city, is home to Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserveone of the largest urban nature reserves in the U. According to the Tor.

Census Bureau, the city has an area of Birmingham has numerous suburbs. As with many major areas, most of the metropolitan population lives outside the city boundaries.

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Inthe metropolitan area was made up of 7 counties, cities, and 21 school districts. Some analysts argue that the region suffers from having so many suburbs; companies play jurisdictions against each other to gain tax and other financial incentives for relocation, resulting in no net gain in the area's economy.

Birmingham has a humid subtropical climatecharacterized by hot summers, mild winters, and Alabbama rainfall.

January has a daily mean temperature of Snow occasionally falls during winter, but many winters pass with no snow or only a trace.