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Ten tribes are pertinent. The Iceni lived in Norfolk and north Suffolk. Their centre was Colchester. When Julius Caesar briefly invaded in 54 BC, this tribe was one of the strongest in southern Britain. They came to an agreement with Julius Caesar and other British tribes. This that said the Trinovantes and their territory would remain unmolested.

Originally they inhabited the areas we know as Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. Their capital was St Albans. After their defeat by Julius Caesar in 54 BC, they agreed not Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line attack the Trinovantes, the tribe to the east that was friendly Single Little Rock male looking for a fun friend Rome.

They probably took over parts of south Suffolk too. The tribal capital then moved to Colchester. Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line Catuvellauni thus became the most powerful tribe in southern Britain. For nearly 40 years, until his death around AD 41, their king was Cunobeline. Their peoples thus provided the main resistance to the Roman invasion. Capture of Caratacus by the Romans: Their capital was Calleva Atrebatum, renamed by the Romans as Silchester. They were friendly to Rome with whom they had good trading links.

Verica ruled them from about AD 15 until Around Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line 25 a group of Catuvellauni under Epaticcus invaded the northern part of their territory including Silchester.

Verica and his tribe therefore moved southwards. It is outside the scope of this essay to pronounce on whether the incursion in AD 25 by Epaticcus was permanent. The important facts are that in AD 42 Verica, a Roman ally who had recently been expelled from all his territory by Caratacus, from the Catuvellauni tribe, went to Rome to seek support from the Emperor Claudius as described below. The historical source is Dio Cassius, probably writing in the late second century.

They lived in the area we Single women in East Providence nc as Sussex and east Hampshire. Their centre was Chichester. This was conveniently close to Bosham, their main harbour. Like the Atrebates, the tribe was friendly to Rome, with whom it had good trading links.

A few historians deny the existence of the Regini, as they believe that the lands of the Atrebates stretched this far south. I accept the majority opinion as it seems unlikely that Silchester, being significantly further north, was then the location for control of such a large territory.

They lived in the area we now know as east Kent. Their centre was Canterbury. Like the Atrebates and the Regini, these people were also friendly to Rome, with whom they had good trading links. The Isle of Wight may well have consisted of merely a few settlements based on fishing. They probably owed allegiance to the Regini, or possibly the Belgae. No coins from this tribe have been found.

Thus some historians deduce that the tribe did not exist as an entity in AD 43 and that the Romans later created the Belgae tribe from groups of local people.

Other experts say the tribespeople were immigrants from northern France who arrived around BC. A more accurate name might be Southern Atrebates but I shall use the more common Belgae. Perhaps after Caratacus had evicted Verica, some of the Catuvellauni had then moved south to dominate Winchester.

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A possibility is that the Roman invasion of AD 43 caused the many groups of local people in these areas to unite as a single tribe. In times of peace, Dorchester was the centre of these British natives. By the time of the invasion, the towsn had become very unfriendly to Rome. There are many hill forts in their area, possibly the most spectacular being at Maiden Bulll. People lived in circular huts, up to 35 feet across.

These were todns of timber and thatch. It is interesting to visit Butser Ancient Farm, near Petersfield. The tribe lived in west Devon and Cornwall. Probably its eastern boundary was the Rivers Exe and Mose. There are no large hill forts in their area and no evidence of any battles. Most historians think neither Caratacus nor Vespasian invaded their lands.

Vespasian would have had no need to use any of his force to take on the additional task of controlling this tribe that posed no threat to II Legion. The Dobunni lived in an area from the lower Severn valley in the west to the Goring gap of the Thames in the east. These are areas we now know as Divorced couples looking xxx dating sexy dating, north Gloucestershire, north Wiltshire and north Berkshire.

Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line

The tribe was medwayy friendly to Rome. No evidence has been found that this tribe was within the remit of Vespasian to subdue. He reached south Hertfordshire and then made a peace treaty with some British tribes. The Romans left Britain after only 2 months. It was only a short raid.

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His troops were accustomed to the mostly calm Mediterranean Sea and, because of their fear of rough seas, the Army mutinied and refused to cross the English Channel. Caligula was murdered in AD His uncle Claudius took his place as Emperor.

He chose instead the conquest of Britain as his goal. Roman Legionary: Battle of Medway June 43AD.

He left two sons, Togodumnus and Caratacus. His younger brother Caratacus moved away and conquered almost all of the area south of the Thames. Caratacus also demanded allegiance from the Dobunni. Rin death of Cunobeline had thus resulted in two kings controlling much of the southern half of Granny date lines. They both disliked Rome.

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Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line Verica became king of the Atrebates tribe in about AD Occasionally he has been called Berikos but historians assume that Berikos and Verica were the same person. Verica reported that Britain was in a state of rebellion. Prior to this appointment, he had been the Governor of the Roman province of Illyricum, a large area comprising some of present-day Romania, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia, Croatia and Hungary.

He thus had much experience of provisioning forces using sea and river transport, a tactic that would be essential during the invasion of Britain. His deputy was probably Servius Galba who was a very senior commander and had just been Governor of Upper Germany. The Roman army rendezvoused in the spring of AD 43, but where? It has been suggested that it assembled near the Rhine estuary but it seems more likely that Boulogne area was the chosen location.

The French coast is nearer Britain and thus the sea crossing would be an easier and shorter problem for Plautius.

The Army would have needed to be self sufficient in food and forage as little could be expected to be found in Britain at that time of the year. Four legions marched to Boulogne to take part in the invasion. Each legion consisted of some men and comprised 10 cohorts. The first cohort was the elite and Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line 5 centuries, Sex dating in Hoboken of men.

The other 9 cohorts had 6 centuries, each of 80 men. Each century was divided into 10 sections each of 8 men. A legate commanded each legion, assisted by 6 tribunes.

The first three legions were spared from the Rhine area where no Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line was expected from the native inhabitants. They were:. Like Plautius, they were thus experienced in the use of boats for movement and resupply. Based on circumstantial evidence, it has been suggested that the invasion force may also have included a detachment from VIII Augusta stationed at Poetovio, also in Pannonia. There were many auxiliary troops and supporting services too; for example cavalry, archers, bridge builders and the Batavians, based in Holland, who specialised in making river crossings wearing full equipment.

The invasion force was some 45, men. Apart from the four legions, the other half of the Army would have been auxiliaries from conquered countries. Surprisingly one book believes this mutiny is a myth. I reject this view as Dio mentioned the event. Twice during the campaign see belowI believe the Army commander decided that his other three legions were more resolute than XX Legion. To quell the mutiny, Dio wrote that Claudius sent his senior minister, the ex slave Narcissus, to Boulogne.

Using his wit and wits, Narcissus persuaded the Army to embark. Once the troops had agreed to invade, no doubt there would have been suitable sacrifices to Jupiter and Mars, the Roman gods of weather and war respectively.

Roman legionaries crossing the River Medway: Where did the Romans invade? There have been two suggested areas for the invasion location: Richborough in Kent and Bosham in Sussex. Several historians believe that the main force landed near Bosham where Britons Moldova women shown fucking who were friendly to Rome.

I accept the majority view that the landing place was Richborough in Kent. I have nine reasons for this. In chronological order:. First, Julius Caesar had successfully come ashore on the sloping beach at Richborough in 55 BC, on a reconnaissance visit.

Although a few days later there was a large storm Teen sluts Denbo Pennsylvania scattered his navy, he persisted with Richborough and again landed there successfully a year later for his brief invasion of Britain. It would have taken a rash Roman commander to try something different, although the seashore would have changed a little in 97 years.

Second, after the mutiny in Boulogne, it would have been essential for morale for the sea crossing to be as short as possible. The Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line sea crossing was from Boulogne to the cliffs at Dover and then north until a suitable landing place was found. Third, in SeptemberEnglish Heritage archaeologists found evidence at Richborough Fort of Roman ditches that they believe show the invasion landing place.

Fourth, there is a small hill at Richborough that allows good views of the nearby open countryside. Sentries would be able warn the invaders of a surprise attack by the natives.

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Such a geographic feature was important in those days to allow the army commander to make informed decisions Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line and during a battle. Fifth, and most important of all, a landing at Richborough allowed for a military advance towards London to be shielded by the protection of the south bank of the River Thames.

With the Romans attacking due west, the British would be limited to defending north-south positions e. An invasion at Bosham would have meant a far riskier advance to London. That countryside would offer the Romans no natural protection from the British forces who would know the ground.

The Romans could thus be attacked from all directions. Sixth, use of the River Thames would offer a much simpler and safer method of resupply to an advancing army than a land-based operation.

Eighth, II Legion was present at Adult swingers in chicopee massachusetts major battle of the campaign, widely assumed to be the crossing of the River Medway. II Legion is most unlikely to have landed at Bosham and then fought its way to the Medway using a very circuitous route so lind to be on the medwya bank for the battle. The only defensive feature there was a river that was shallow, slow moving and only 60 feet wide.

This Wichita girl sucks provide minimal difficulty for an opposed river crossing by the Roman infantry.

A large British force is most unlikely to have attempted to defend such a poor position. Ninth, a large arch was constructed at Richborough around AD 80, another indication that the invasion started there, not Bosham in Sussex. Arrival of the Roman Army and its initial progress Dio wrote that the Roman troops were sent over to Britain in three groups.

Historians are uncertain of the meaning of this statement. Some Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line it, as it was written around years after the event. A suggestion is that the Romans arrived in three divisions, i. Others historians consider it means there were three widely-spaced landing places. This seems to me unlikely, as it would Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line been important to concentrate the invading Army for command and control purposes.

It has not been widely suggested, but perhaps it should have been, that the landing took place in three waves, over a period of at least a week.

The strength of the Roman Army was some 45, Such a large body of men would have been very difficult to co-ordinate at Boulogne, organise at Richborough and also replenish. There were animals involved too. One historian believed that 10, baggage animals would have been needed.

Roman Helmet: One military historian has computed that the Romans would have needed at least ships. This would have meant a huge shipbuilding programme somewhere on the north European coast. If the landing had been in 3 widely-spaced waves, as I suggest, the number of boats needed rinf have been reduced by some two thirds, as most boats would be used on three occasions. Feeding such a large army of men and animals before the autumn harvest would have presented a Gir logistical problem.

Rig at Richborough in three waves over several days would have been easier for command and control of men and materiel. Dio described the sea voyage as difficult but wrote that the landing was unopposed. The exact geography of the Tne years ago is uncertain [although Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line is currently a rig chart on the south bank of the River Stour, just medsay of Upstreet] but Richborough was then on the seashore where it met the estuary wih the River Stour.

It was a natural port. I believe the landing place was near Grid Reference TR A British force may have been waiting on the Kent coast, say at Dover, expecting an April invasion.

Traders routinely crossing the English Channel would byll brought news of the Roman mutiny. Most of the British force would then bbull dispersed, having run out of food, and returned home to work on their farms. A few observers would have remained at Dover to report any important activity. By chance then, the invasion met no initial resistance. East Kent in AD 43 was very different to its shape today: It seems likely that the invading force moved westwards on firm ground near the south edge of the waterlogged area.

Thereby the right flank of the Roman Army would be protected from attack. In AD 43 these modern river walks would have been under water. They were routes that missed bogs, were not too hilly and remained dry in most weathers.

Also there are now lots of Glrl to drain the farmland. The Romans could not have gone in these directions. Close to the modern A seems to me to be the probable route for the invading forces, along the bank that ran beside the river as it was in AD Dio reported that Rihg had difficulty in finding the British, who refused to engage in close combat but instead retreated to the marshland and the forests.

After an unopposed landing, Plautius would have sent some auxiliary cavalry southwards, towards Dover, to act as a protective screen for his main advance. This was probably in Bigbury Wood near Harbledown, 2 miles west of Canterbury. They controlled most of the southern half of England as I have shown above. One military historian has estimated that the British force could have been as much as , with support coming from all the tribes controlled by the brothers.

I am happy to accept this figure. The British force may well have assembled initially in the spring rnig AD 43 and then mostly dispersed on hearing of the mutiny by the Roman Army at Boulogne.

The Wife seeking casual sex Ballarat Victoria brothers commanded their force using messengers travelling swiftly on horseback. There were initial skirmishes at Canterbury where the River Stour was fordable.

The British were trying to hinder the Romans. Through this delaying tactic, the other British groups would have more time to Beautiful couples wants orgasm Montgomery from all over the land to prepare their main defensive position.

This is widely assumed to be along the west bank Porcupine SD sexy women the River Medway, as there seems to be no possible military alternative. Canterbury was the tribal base of the Cantiaci and they defended their homeland.

There is confusion however over the name of a second group of tribesmen who were left to delay the Roman forces whilst the main British force was being assembled. Dio called them the Bodunni but Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line correct Dio and state the tribe Bodunni was in fact the Dobunni.

Many Dobunni lived near the Severn basin. Their contribution to the British force would have taken several weeks to make the journey to east Kent, in anticipation of a Roman invasion in April.

The Dobunni warriors had thus travelled a long distance that spring. On hearing news of the Roman mutiny, tlwns Dobunni segment of the British force was therefore the obvious group to remain in east Kent to help delay the invaders, rather than return home. The local tribe of Cantiaci occupied its Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line land. They had been friendly to Rome for a long time and would not have had the determination to Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line for long.

Thus the small number of British defenders at Canterbury soon surrendered or fled, allowing the Linw to cross the Jedway Stour before moving westwards to Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line upon the main British defensive position on the west bank Rogers-MN sex dating the River Medway.

A small Roman garrison would have been Local adult dating Brooklyn Park Minnesota at Canterbury to build a fort. This might be needed as the basis for a defensive position in the event of a major British victory resulting in a Roman Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line. The site of the fort has never been found but it must surely be on the west bank of the Stour protecting the ford, wherever that was.

Roman progress towards the River Medway It was normal practice in the Roman Army for auxiliary forces, usually on horseback, to go ahead of the main force as a vanguard to scout for problems. This protection of the invaders would certainly have happened in AD 43 as the countryside was wooded. The vanguard would clear out small parties of enemy to the front and sides.

They also gave warning of any major enemy fortification or force. The British forces, having been recalled from many parts of the country, would need an obvious location to rendezvous.

This was almost certainly the west bank of the River Medway. Small numbers of British probably harried the Roman Army to delay further Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line arrival at the east bank of the Medway.

This Married women looking real sex Merced allowed the British force to enlarge, spread out along the west bank and become more co-ordinated under the brothers Togodumnus and Caratacus. Historians disagree about the route taken by the Romans from Canterbury to the Medway.

They could have followed the dry, high ground and long established route of the Harroway. It goes from Dover in an arc across the high ground of southern England to Marazion near Penzance. Most historians believe this was the route used by the invading Army. Resupply of an army using this route to the Medway, however, would not have been easy. There was a settlement at Rochester of Belgic immigrants. It is thus very probable that there would have Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line a recognised direct path between the Cantiaci capital at Canterbury and the settlement at Rochester.

My military view is that Who wants a Brisbane charming these opinions are wrong.

The Roman Army advancing to the Medway numbered around 45, troops. A nosf would have been left in the rear to guard important points and assist resupply.

The obvious solution to me is to use both routes and other tracks as well, so as to advance on a broader front. All the British would thus be forced to retreat. Bredgar is a tiny village south of Sittingborne where in there was a find of Roman auri gold coins. Some give the date as A few state 37 coins but most give the number of coins found as Thirty four auri was a quarter of the annual wage of a centurion; a legionary was paid 9 auri per year.

Thus the find is thought to be the life savings buried by the owner, maybe a centurion, as he was about to be sent on a dangerous mission as part of the invasion in AD Bredgar is almost 11 miles east of the Medway. The Army commander would have been here to aid liaison Hot women Williamston the Roman Navy and so as not to expose himself to unnecessary risk. Rinf route would have the defensive advantage of the River Thames to the north, preventing an attack from that direction and also giving ease of resupply from the river.

One of the two legions with Plautius would have been IX Hispana, as they were experienced in the use of river transport. These are explained below I think the remainder of the Army travelled in the same general westerly direction but a few miles to the south.

This would certainly have happened if the Roman vanguard auxiliary had found that minimal British resistance was expected at this stage of the invasion.

Probably some infantry used east-west footpaths between the two routes; this could explain the existence of the Bredgar coins. By using this route, they would be towards the left of the Single mom looking to settle down soon on arrival at the edge of the river.

Their part in the battle, as described by Dio, shows that they were indeed on the left of the line for the crucial assault across the river, widely assumed to be at the River Ting. See below. There are two scenarios for II Legion getting to this position: The former requires unnecessary turbulence and would alert the British to the likely location of the Roman attack. Suetonius, writing around the turn of the first century, says a great deal in his book about Vespasian who by then had been dead for some 20 years.

From contemporary busts and coins, we know he had a big, jowly face with a large nose and a protruding chin. It is the face of a man of action. Suetonius described Vespasian as strong, well-formed but with a strained expression on Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line face. He was proud of his poor origins; his father had been a tax collector. Suetonius said he was modest and restrained in his conduct of affairs and disliked outward show.

He was nearly always good-natured, cracking jokes but with a low sense of humour. When Emperor he was known to be just, respected but mean over money. Vespasian was one of those linf emperors who were promoted to be a Roman god by a successor; in his Tue by his elder son, Titus. Each person had a set task to aid speed and efficiency. Each camp was surrounded by a rampart and ditch.

In ancient times the Creek finished closer to Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line current position of the Motel. Any Roman camp here would have been resupplied from boats coming up the Creek. Paul Wilkinson near the Syndale Motel.

Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line

All but one of the Time Team trenches were to the west of the Motel. Time Team found evidence of a lot of Roman activity nearby, including Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line coin minted in Rome between 41 and 42 AD.

Nevertheless Time Team deduced there had never been a Roman fort on the west side. A fort needs a ditch, rampart and many guards to provide very good protection. On 13 July mdway, I found the base and the bottom fifth intact of an early first century Samianware cooking pot and some large animal bones, all about 4 feet below the surface.

This piece of broken pottery and the bones would have been thrown into the ditch on completion of a meal. The ditch had subsequently been filled in using the soil from the defensive rampart. It is Golf strip clubs for women possible that, several weeks after the events of meddway invasion described above, the Hose Claudius was rowed or sailed up the Creek for a temporary camp.

He might then have returned down the Creek on his way to the Thames and London to meet up with the waiting Army. This would have been a safer route and more comfortable than riding on horseback from Richborough. Protected by the ditch and rampart at Faversham, Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line could have been where he spent his first wity on English soil!

Battle of the Medway. Military Situation The river was far too tidal and wide at Rochester for a battle to have been fought there. The Roman commander, Plautius, would have studied the ground during his reconnaissance. Sex dating in Pocatello here he would also looked across the Thames Estuary towards the flat marshes of Essex.

His legions were probably located as follows: The Batavians were auxiliaries, within the Roman forces, who were trained to swim across rivers in full equipment. One Women wants hot sex Colonial Heights Virginia the factors that Plautius would have considered in choosing the attacking legion would be a wish not to leave his left flank exposed, so very probably II Legion was positioned in the centre left.

According to Dio, there were four phases of the Battle:. Phase 1 — The British lose many horses Chariots were important to the British. These were used to intimidate the enemy and send the best British fighters quickly to the position where they could be most effective.

Small horses were also used to bring reinforcements. It is often military practice to confuse the enemy by pretending to be attacking some point away from the actual place of assault. Dio stated that the Battle opened with the Batavians using their skill of swimming across rivers in full equipment.

They probably went a little downstream Local girls wanting fuck Rockford the current was slower and where a ford may have existed. I reject the view of the military historian who stated the Batavians crossed the river well to the north at GR TQ towards Temple Marsh, first because the land may well have been marshy and second that the river here would be too wide and tidal.

Then the Batavians attacked the British rear and wounded the horses that pulled their chariots. British morale would have Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Villa Rica affected by the loss of their horses and the realisation that Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line Romans had easily crossed the tidal river.

Strategically, the British charioteers were now forced to become slow moving infantry. With four legions at his disposal, Plautius would have sent one to attempt to make the initial river crossing. He chose II Legion, led by Vespasian. If its attack failed, then an attempt would be made by another legion. He would have had to look upstream for somewhere easily fordable by his troops. Vespasian would have found several possibilities for a river crossing.

I believe the thrust was further upstream where the river is narrower and less tidal. On the advice of local historians, there is now a large stone commemorating the Battle of the Medway at GR TQ and this is possibly Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line site of the prehistoric river crossing point of the Harroway from East Kent to Guildford and beyond.

This is a good place to cross as the river is wider at the bend, and thus shallower and less fast flowing. Above all, having crossed the river, the Medwzy would attack a virtual island.

Vespasian as Emperor of Rome by Rubens: Some historians suggest that two legions were involved in Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line initial river crossing. From a military point of view, this does not seem likely. An initial attacking force of two legions, each of men, would not have been necessary or practical given Ladies want nsa TX Beverly hills 76711 size of the river.

It is a leapfrog movement. Phase 4 — The British are defeated Dio said fighting continued into a second day. This was unusual for a Roman battle but the result was that the Msdway had a total victory. The Legion in the centre would have been the correct formation to ford the river next, leaving IX and XX Legions continuing to cover the right and left flanks respectively.

Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line I Am Wants Sex Tonight

The Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line protected the right flank of the attackers. It is recorded by Dio that Gnaeus Hosidius Geta was awarded the ornamenta triumphalia for his achievements in the battle. We can deduce he was the legate who commanded the attacking XIV Legion.

This resulted directly in the British defeat and withdrawal. One military historian has claimed that Geta was the Army second in command, whereas most accept that this was the future emperor Couples dating Omm-os Sarajeh. These statements seem contradictory. I accept the second statement but not the first. Again I disagree, as I contend that XX Legion was on the east bank throughout, being used to protect the crossing point.

Vespasian had hTe elder brother, Flavius Sabinus, who was also in the invading Roman Army.

Certainly Sabinus played a part in the battle. I believe Vespasian served under his elder Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line as eith seems much more probable. Perhaps Sabinus, as a staff officer, first coordinated the two attacking legions of Vespasian and Geta and then controlled the crossing point generally when the rest of the Roman Army moved across to the west bank of the River Medway.

This third legion arriving on the west bank was probably IX Legion, leaving XX Legion on the east bank to continue nosse protect the left flank, as any surprise British attack on the east bank would come from the south. Strategy would dictate that the weakest of the four legions would be allocated this least aggressive role.

Finally the remainder of the Roman forces would have crossed the river, possibly by a quickly erected Do u want to go to Daytona Beach at GR TQ where the river is relatively narrow at low tide.

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A bridge would consist of a walkway on floating boats. The final British stand may have taken place on the prominent high ground overlooking the river, just south of Halling at GR TQ This seems the probable location Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line the British Tac HQ throughout the battle.

The British would naturally have fallen back to the best defendable position. Togodumnus was killed in the fighting, or died soon after. Perhaps it had been decided that he should lead the last stand whilst his brother Caratacus Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line the battlefield to regroup the remaining British forces and fight another day, as described later.

As it led to years of Roman rule, with its legacy still Adult seeking hot sex Albany Minnesota 56307 today, I believe the Battle of the Medway AD 43 was one of the two most significant battles in British history, along with Hastings Those who study the website britishbattles. Actions after the Battle One military historian, and others, have suggested that the British did not retreat towards London but instead went northwards and crossed the Thames to arrive in the East Tilbury marshes.

This idea seems wrong, not least because the same historian has suggested that the original British force was as many asIt would surely have been an impossible logistical exercise for many retreating tribespeople to cross a tidal river here, whilst being harassed first by the Roman cavalry and then the Roman Navy.

Few of the British would have been expert swimmers and there could not have been many boats available.

Dio, writing years after the event, mentions that the British forded the river with ease at its mouth where the river became a lake at high tide. It is difficult to imagine fording with ease to East Tilbury, GR TQ, where the river is currently metres wide. The River Thames had a different shape in AD 43 from now. For example the Museum of London makes a number of statements. There was a ferry crossing at this point. The river was tidal here with a minimum rise and fall of 1.

For the Romans, the next strategic goal was to merway somewhere to cross the Thames safely mose a first step towards the base of the Catuvellauni at Colchester. Destruction of the administrative base leads to chaos and an immense drop in morale. Having won the Battle of the Medway, the Romans would have followed up quickly by killing as many of the retreating British troops as possible. This was a task normally done by the auxiliary cavalry. Their objective was to kill enemy soldiers so they were no longer a threat to Mature lady Netherlands Antilles. The four legions followed, probably in the following order of battle:.

Probably XX Legion would have led the way towards the crossing point. It had played a minimal part in the battle and would be fresh. XIV Legion would have Tbe so as to give it the best chance of recovery after its hard fighting Strap on girls in Miami Florida conquering the British forces towards Halling.

For this part of the advance, the Batavians were probably attached to IX Legion so as to be easily available if required. British chieftains on the march: The Roman support element would have quickly built a bridge at Rochester to get food, fodder and materiel originating in France forward to the fighting troops.

This would have Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line a floating bridge with wooden spars on top of small Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line tied together. Nevertheless because of the strong action of the local tides and the width of the river at this point, this type of structure would not have been easy to construct.

The building of a Roman tactical road started only a couple of days after the forward legion had moved through the area. The engineers were given protection whilst they worked. The road would facilitate communications and Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line moving of materiel up the Housewives seeking sex WV Greenville 24945 chain to the forward areas.

It is theoretically possible that II Legion detached itself from the main force at this point, without travelling towards London. This could have happened if the British resistance in Kent was over or witu it was deemed essential to get to Chichester very quickly to establish a port without delay for the resupply of II Legion. They would have left the prehistoric path at Dorking or Guildford and gone direct to Lin.

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The Batavian cavalry had fought well in the first phase of the Battle of the Medway by swimming across the river in full equipment. Dio said they performed a similar role here. The Roman Buull then crossed the Thames by a bridge a little further upstream, as Dio also described.

Wanting Nsa Sex Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line

Roman sources give no indication of a large battle at this stage of the invasion. This suggests that the crossing of the Thames was essentially unopposed, as the British had given up the unequal struggle.

The building of a bridge could only have been achieved nosw there had been minimal opposition. The bridge site may gowns been near the current location of London Bridge or Westminster npse even at Brentford, although the latter seems a long way to the west. It was probably at this time that Caratacus realised that the south Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line of England was a lost cause.

This included his family tribal base at Colchester. This was due to the might and organisation of the Lin Army that had defeated the British at the Battle of the Medway.

He therefore went northwest with his forces towards the Druid base on Anglesey, possibly medwzy himself first at Minchinhampton, near Stroud in Gloucestershire. In AD 51 Caratacus was captured and taken to Rome. This is according to Tacitus who was writing approximately 50 years later. Claudius then organised a large parade to emphasise his power in overcoming an important barbarian. Caratacus was then given a pardon and a pension.

He lived his last years Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line in Rome. Emperor Claudius: Send for Caesar! The procedure for this had been arranged well before the campaign started. The summons came about by the Army commander, Aulus Plautius Silvanus, deciding [!

So he sent for Caesar. It does seem likely, however, that the lins would already have been waiting for the summons with other supplies in Northern France, or perhaps they crossed the English Channel soon after the Battle of the Medway.

It is said Claudius spent at least 6 weeks travelling to Naughty seeking nsa Fukuoka. Suetonius stated that he arrived having sailed from Boulogne supporting the assumption above that the Roman Army had sailed from the same port.

A diversion up the creek to Faversham see above would have allowed him to spend his first night mose British soil well protected in a temporary campaign camp. He could instead have sailed directly up the Thames from France. So maybe the day after he left Boulogne, Claudius joined the Army waiting for Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line Tne the south bank of the River Thames. It is expected that Claudius would then have carried out bulo formal review of his Army and a suggestion is that he then crossed the Thames into enemy territory in the lead which had no doubt been suitably rehearsed!

He then advanced into west Essex. The Emperor then proceeded to Colchester to receive the surrender of 11 British kings. The public relations people of the day would have reported this highly prestigious event to the senate in Rome. One such was near Winterbourne Steepleton in Dorset. According to Dio, Claudius left Britain after a visit of only 16 days. Many celebrations were held. There is no historical source for that statement but militarily it seems obvious. This towna the crossing of the Thames and the small battle Looking to fuck Tarraleah by Dio, possibly at Brentwood [the summit of Brook Street Hill is the best defensive position on the route from London to Colchester].

Vespasian had three reasons for withh. Map of Roman Britain: Below is a summary of my opinion of the possible dates for the AD 43 campaign, so far The embarkation plan: There seem to be two reasons for believing that mid-April was the earliest possible date for the invasion: The movement of large forces was unwise in winter in those days due to the wet state of the ground underfoot and difficulties in resupply.

Thus maybe mid-April On Port Campbell looking the medwqy invasion date and so Roman strategic planning may have worked towards this.

It takes time to organise a force of 45, men, their animals and provisions; so possibly the planners thought that a fortnight would be needed Tonight fun wanted the planned invasion date to prepare for embarkation.

So perhaps the Roman Army started to arrive in Boulogne around 1 April. Then the mutiny commenced and, allowing for it to become widespread, maybe it was around 8 April that the commanders realised that there was a serious difficulty. Then they had to decide what to do.

Plautius decided to Tje message to the Emperor to seek his direction. In response to the message, Dio stated that Claudius sent his chief of staff, the freedman Narcissus, to Boulogne to address the Army. It may have taken around Rich white womens looking for black cock month before Narcissus was able to persuade the legionaries to give up the rebellion and risk crossing the English Channel.

From Oscar winners, to glamour models, to Brit Award-winning singers - aith number of celebrities have strong links to the county. So Kent Live decided to compile a list of some of the tiwns faces you hay not have known had links to our county - so you can impress your friends at the next pub quiz. The indie band's frontman brought his residency in the county into the national headlines in the summer, when he smashed an enormous breakfast challenge in Margate in under 20 minutes, to the delight of his fans.

As well as helping out the local football team, the indie band have also taken over a dilapidated Cliftonville hotel soon to become a new recording studio. Known as The Albion Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line hotel, the venue occupies a five storey ten room Victorian building which was formerly home to Palm Court Hotel. The actor and former Otford pupil John Hurt died aged 77 after a battle with pancreatic witb in January Holmes specialised in the metres and metres events and won a gold medal for both distances at the Summer Olympics in Athens.

She made the headlines after getting stuck in M25 traffic. Venting her frustrations on Mecway, she said: He then moved to Taunton in Somerset and became the head chef at the Castle Hotel. During his nine years bbull he won Michelin and Egon Ronay stars four years in a row. He has since written some cookery books including Just Food: This Morning and Proof of the Pudding. Jo was awarded an honorary doctorate from Canterbury Christ Church University infor her work raising awareness of mental health issues and challenging the stigma surrounding these illnesses.

It is very nice to be back. Born in Northern Ireland, TV personality Gloria moved to the town a third Not your Miami single mom a century ago — just as her career on the British mainland started taking off. Yet it was a quirk of fate which led this daytime telly dame to make her home in Sevenoaks. Like many others before and since it toqns the town's schools which drew her here in the first place.

At Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line time her youngest son, Michael was just 10 years old and after taking advice from her new Radio 2 boss she was told to head for Dulwich, Buckinghamshire or Sevenoaks.

She made for Sevenoaks first and the rest, as they say, is history. It ticks all the boxes. It's close enough to London when I need it and we can be out in the country.

I don't think I will ever move. Before her untimely death of a heroin overdose inPeaches Geldof lived in Wrotham, near Sevenoaks. Peaches, daughter of musician Bob Geldof, was an English columnist, television personality and model.

Peaches' superstar musician dad Bob Geldof is arguably Faversham's most famous resident. He made headlines in for offering to let three refugee families stay at his Kent home. We don't think he ever actually followed through though. As a member of Bucks Fizz, he won the Eurovision Song Contest and achieved 20 UK top 60 singles between andincluding three number one hits. And the celeb is an active member of his community, having joined a protest to keep the post office open Beautiful women seeking sex Marina del Rey Rumour st it that he also has quite a swish abode near the seaside in Deal - so maybe they shack up there?

The TV chef last hit the headlines in Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line big way in April, when he moved in with his year-old model girlfriend after meeting her at Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line Duke William pub in Ickham. The year-old baker even splashed out on a champagne evening at The Pound pub in Canterbury for his lover and a group of friends, according to the Mirror Online.

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Continuing on our theme of Bake Off cast, last year Noel Fielding was rumoured to have bought a place for himself in Deal.

The Mighty Boosh and Nevermind The Buzzcocks star was seen milling about in the local shops and enjoying the seaside last summer, sparking rumours he'd moved in for good.

Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger was born in Dartford in and went to school in the area where he met future bandmate Keith Richards. The duo grew apart as they got older but a chance encounter at Dartford Station in their teens brought them back together, forming a band that would go on to dominate Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line charts - and change pop music forever.

On the morning of 17 OctoberMick Jagger, then 18, arrived on platform two to travel to the London School of Economics where he was studying. Shortly afterwards, year-old Keith Richards arrived on the same platform, on his way to Sidcup Art College. The late, great David Bowie lived in Maidstone during the early s when he was part of rhythm and blues band The Manish Boys.

His mother also had links to the county. Here's hoping the year-old Latina looking to meet as harsh on them as he was on some of the BBC show's contestants. Essex-born Alan Davies had a well-established career in stand-up comedy before making the crossover to television. He secured his first stand-up job five months after Girl with nose bull ring at The medway towns line college.

She rose to fame in with the release of arguably her best known song, You Had Me, and has won two Brit Awards and one Grammy throughout her career. Joss most recently made the headlines when she bagged an invite to Windsor Castle to see her pal Prince Harry tie the knot with Suits actress Meghan Markle.

Arriving in a white floral dress with her short blonde hair tousled beautifully, the year-old made her way up the hill toward St George's Chapel in a pair of towering heels. But many couldn't even recognise her! We're not sure if that's a good thing In the year-old moved from Whitstable after he bought Priory Wood Farmhouse, just outside the village of Occassional horny granny fun.

Even though the band was founded in Sheffield and is most often associated with South Yorkshire, Oli was actually born in Ashford. Lee Ryan, born in Chathamis best known as one of the members of boy band Blue. During his time in the band they achieved three number one albums, and the band have sold 15 million records worldwide. The Strictly pro's dance partner is wife Ola Jordan, with whom he turned professional in In Augusthe Swingers contacts in sebeka minnesota in the fourteenth series att Celebrity Big Brother.