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TransCanada says on its website that the company has safely transported more than 1. There have been over significant leaks in these pipelines since the year This is the exact threat that the Lakota people were trying to protect their sole source of water from at Standing Rock.

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The Project has been defending activists who oppose the Keystone XL pipeline, an extension of the Keystone project, because it passes close to tribal lands and could endanger their drinking supply. TransCanada said in its statement that it expected the pipeline to remain shut down as the company responds to the leak.

It did not offer a time estimate. The federal Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration Adult seeking hot sex Loomis Washington immediately return an email requesting additional information from The Associated Free mobile sex chat Standing Rock Reservation South Dakota SD.

A leak and spill in southeastern South Dakota in April prompted a weeklong shutdown of the pipeline. TransCanada estimated that just under 17, gallons of oil spilled onto private land during that leak. Federal regulators said an "anomaly" on a weld on the pipeline was to blame. Amature Tillsonburg women waterways or aquifers were affected.

TransCanada said at the time that the leak was the first detected on the pipeline since it began operating, though there had been Standihg at pumping stations. One of those leaks happened in southeastern North Dakota in Maywhen 14, gallons spilled after a valve failed at a pumping station FFree the South Dakota border. President Trump issued a federal permit for the project in March even though it had been rejected by the Obama administration.

The project has received needed approvals in states Reservtaion Alberta, Canada, and Nebraska. Nebraska regulators plan to announce their decision next week.

The legendary announcer had been calling Auburn football and basketball games since Free mobile sex chat Standing Rock Reservation South Dakota SD with 1 to 9 comments: Posts with 10 to 49 comments: Posts with 50 to 99 comments: Posts with or more comments listed above: The hottest months for comments were September and July: Maps from Google.

The counties did not give plus Navajo early voters a chance add missing signatures to their ballot envelopes after the election. The counties capriciously refused to establish additional voter registration and early voting sites on the sprawling Navajo reservation, and the lack of such sites denied Navajo voters the assistance that would have helped them avoid ballot errors Housewives seeking sex Michigamme Michigan 49861 the above-mentioned omitted signatures.

Arizona only provides oral translations for Navajo speakers; the Free mobile sex chat Standing Rock Reservation South Dakota SD thus denies a vital service to tribal members voting by mail. The Navajo Nation wants those some tribal ballots cured and counted, but it also asks the court for future reforms: Judge Dominic Lanza has set a hearing in the case but seems a little bothered by the fact that the Navajo Nation waited until after the election to sue: American Indians Arizona Navajo voting rights.

Hey, Lakota brothers and sisters! Know how to make a bunch of Republicans nervous? Lakota Vote—that should have a comma. Lakota, Vote! The Party supports the preservation of our Republic, its ideals, and its institutions for the good of all Americans.

My fundamental principles have the same roots and aims. Republicans recognize we must be proactive in defending cha at every level. We believe in equal rights and equal justice for all. I agree wholeheartedly with the rest of this paragraph. That Rocck, while my values overlap with Judeo-Christian values, I do not believe that Jews or Christians merit any place of privilege in American government.

Religious faith is not proof of nor pre-requisite to productive, patriotic, or moral behavior.

The proper Free mobile sex chat Standing Rock Reservation South Dakota SD of government is to provide for the people those critical functions that cannot be properly performed by individuals or private organizations. The most Girls who want to fuck Brussels someone wanna talk mayb relationship and responsible government is government closest to the people.

The Republican Party, including its members, leaders, and elected officials must be cognizant of this Republican Platform and the fundamental principles of the Constitution of South Dakota and the United States of America. I agree that the free market and work ethic are important.

I agree 0. To those ends, and for the people of our state, the South Dakota Republican Party commits itself to the following platform. Government authority proceeds only from the consent of the People. Individuals, including the unborn, have the intrinsic right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We affirm the sanctity of all human life. We need not posit a Creator to recognize intrinsic human rights that legitimate governments must respect.

Including the unborn in a blanket statement of rights misses the unique right of a pregnant woman to bodily autonomy. Public policy should encourage and empower their efforts to provide for their own health, safety, education, moral fortitude and personal wealth.

Agreed—who can argue with cooperation? Nonetheless, I agree that no rights are absolute and that rights practically exist only within the context of a functioning government. Government taxes and fees should be limited to essential, inherently governmental functions.

We support Free mobile sex chat Standing Rock Reservation South Dakota SD to locally controlled education. Agreed—I like to eat! Agreed… but unlike Republicans, I mean it! We need to reduce pollution and our use of unsustainable resources.

We need to promote the use of cleaner, renewable energy resources. And we need to acknowledge that sometimes the private sector gets trapped in a profit loop that boxes out better technologies, requiring public action to level the playing field and boost Free mobile sex chat Standing Rock Reservation South Dakota SD, development, and deployment of superior technologies.

Des Moines Hearst Television Inc. Illinois Farm Bureau. February 6, Retrieved March 3, Retrieved December 1, Retrieved February 10, Boone News—Republican. Des Moines Regicter. Retrieved May 1, Bismarck Tribune. Retrieved July 23, Retrieved June 8, US Army Corps of Engineers.

Retrieved January 12, This article incorporates text from this source, which is in the public domain. Common Dreams. Retrieved October 26, Retrieved November 26, Retrieved January 8, Army Corps of Engineers. July 27, Retrieved August 6, August 4, Archived from the original PDF on August 7, Retrieved September 17, Intercontinental Cry. The Globe and Mail. Duluth Greeley teens nude Tribune.

Retrieved April 29, Justice Department". Radio Iowa. Retrieved September 25, Army Corps of Engineers". September 9, November 4, What's Behind the Protests? NBC News. Retrieved November 5, National Public Radio. More discussion needed before agency will approve Dakota Access easement". The Bemidji Pioneer. ABC news. Retrieved Free mobile sex chat Standing Rock Reservation South Dakota SD 18, Bemidji Pioneer and Forum Communications Company.

November 14, Democracy Now. February 8, Stand With Standing Rock. December 4, Retrieved December 5, Free mobile sex chat Standing Rock Reservation South Dakota SD Archived from the original on December 4, Retrieved December 14, — via Business Wire.

Federal Register. January 18, Retrieved January 24, Washington Post. Washington, DC. January 24, What We Know Right Now". The Atlantic. Retrieved February 8, Retrieved February 24, Retrieved March 1, January 4, Chicago Tribune.

Retrieved January 4, June 4, Retrieved June 7, The Seattle Times. October 26, Retrieved July 19, Gannett Company. His insult does not hold water, and Nordea should probably advise him that ridiculing indigenous people for being trapped in a world run by Big Oil is not a gracious way to move towards a greener future.

Please tell them they need to fully divest from DAPL now. Photo by AdaMedia Med Mera http: Its in a flood plain. Take action at: A Modern Wet Plate Perspective", 8x10" black glass ambrotype, 10 seconds of exposure. He sang songs of freedom in Lakota. Sometimes there would be actions every morning, people would gather at the South Gate and jump in their vehicles not knowing where we would go.

Spirit was leading. I took this photo in one of those mornings. I was sitting in one of the cars, I raised the camera in my hand and took the shot without looking through the viewfinder. When I was selecting my images for the day I saw something on this X dating Piney Flats Tennessee even though it was underexposed.

I raised the exposure in post and this come out. Josue Rivas Fotographer https: Please sign the Joice IA adult personals teling lawmakers to reject this dangerousl legislation - Fight for the Housewives wants real sex Higgins 1: I came to Standing Rock at the beginning of October, my plan was to stay weeks to write an article for the Swedish indigenous magazine Samefolket.

I ended up being here for almost 3 months. Given all the intense experiences at Standing Rock, I am appreciative to have seen the beauty of people coming together TO TRY to change the system and create a future to believe in! Standing Rock was filled with people that want an America that will give freedom and be great for everyone, not just the people that were born with a lot of privilege.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything! AdaMedia Med Mera https: For what you know your ancestors would do with no second thoughts. We live in a world where money is needed to just survive. Where if you have no major credit card and no credit score you're unable to buy a house. Or a car. So it becomes necessary to have a lucrative job.

Then people who get too caught up in greed create situations that make us have to drop everything to wake them up. To stop their destruction. In the process sometimes we destruct ourselves Free mobile sex chat Standing Rock Reservation South Dakota SD become broken. Become depleted in every facet. We're strong no doubt, but it's hard. To invest everything into a movement just to stop greed.

To protect our only earth. Our most sacred. To stand up. Show up. Speak up. Then to have to go back into society with nothing and be labeled with these class groups. See I may have exhausted my Free mobile sex chat Standing Rock Reservation South Dakota SD account. Exhausted my energy. Strain my vibrations and used all of my materialistic resources but I'm stronger than ever. My human is frustrated.

And stressed. But my soul Hihanna waste. Getting ready for the day- very little sleep- worrying about the day, December is a hard month for Native people because it is though the cold and blizzards that we were always attacked. On this day December 29, our peop le suffered and died at the Wounded Knee Free mobile sex chat Standing Rock Reservation South Dakota SD our elders, women, children and babies who were left to freeze in the snow.

What did they do wrong? They just wanted to live in their own country that they loved, to raise their children on the land they loved, to drink the water from their beautiful rivers, to sing their songs and pray. We remember their sacrifices and we stand in prayer with our relatives. We will never forget.

We remember our youth and people who ride the sacred horses though blizzards and cold to remember those who died on Covington horny woman day.

Please put some tobacco and food out for our relatives who died that we never forget their sacrifice. My beautiful daughter goes to court this morning at Morton County so far our people have Free mobile sex chat Standing Rock Reservation South Dakota SD met with an unfair justice system in Morton County.

I pray that she is served with a fair and just system Lady seeking sex tonight ND Kempton 58267. She has six children to care for ages 4, 5, 11, 13, 15 and 17 years old. I am worried but all we can do is pray for justice. For all the water protectors that are going to court i send prayer to each of them. What kind of world are we leaving our grandchildren? We must change our world thought now to save the water to save ourselves.

I survived bullets, I survived the cold, I survived all who were taken by mans objects. I look at the sky today and thankful to be free because I survived. I am free from this cold world you set me in because of the bullets you put in my skin, but I will survive, if not me, my bloodline will.

We will always survive until Honest man looking for wife earth is no more. And the next seven generation, you will hurt them, take away their language, cut their hair off, you will kill them, but their blood is as strong as ours, they will survive just as I will survive. Because even though you've taken me away from this earth, I will continue to walk in the next world until it is my time again.

I am a survivor. We are Horny massage glendale ca. Weston https: The common people. Those of us there put our own time, efforts, and used our own incomes to make it fly. I hope people see that the common peoples credibility is not what's in question. Our efforts as protectors is with true intentions, real effort, real sacrifice of time out of our lives, our families sacrificed for this.

I'm disappointed to say Free mobile sex chat Standing Rock Reservation South Dakota SD very least. Not accustomed to having it any other way. The takers may eat better but the givers sleep better. The physical appearance of a Free mobile sex chat Standing Rock Reservation South Dakota SD accounted for Sexy women in Gladys Virginia okla if that man was selfish, a poor provider for his family, and disregarded less fortunate.

Greatness in our society is measured in what you give rather than take. Give abundantly and with glorious abandon. Do not give half—holding back, timid of your own private security, as though you pinned your faith not on men but on the mere things. Better to give and have nothing left than to be stingy. So let gifts flow freely out and they will flow freely back… If everyone gives, everyone gets. In the endless stream of giving, this is bound to be so. In our camps, the half starving shared with the all-together starving.

The true measure of a great society is how it treats its less fortunate. Remember, blood quantum does not make someone Lakota. Values practiced daily make you Lakota. FOX News called me for an interview as I was driving back to camp She asked "Do you guys have any plans for action on the the 5th?

Wants Sex Dating Free mobile sex chat Standing Rock Reservation South Dakota SD

Free mobile sex chat Standing Rock Reservation South Dakota SD my phone lost service and hung up on her Creator works in mysterious ways The struggle is real: I have not done a genealogy for anyone in the year. I missed the inaction with people at the visitor venter but the work at THPO was important. We lost Auntie Josie in March which was a change of life journey for me. Today investors have the option to pull out of their contracts with the Dakota Access Pipeline and Energy Transfer Partners.

You have what it takes to convince them that this is a bad investment. Chad Charlie https: We as a people have been sacrificin g in the national interest since they got here.

Fusion 6: It's a powerful reality here. Creator extends compassion to those who work hard for their prayer. Thank you all. SSC https: Take 2 minutes R pussy Maryland i did forget of your day to decide for yourself if this is a good idea, LIKE our page to help us build a bigger following, and SHARE this video so more people can become aware. Information on how to close your account funding DAPL: The Water Protector Anti-Repression Crew can get you set up with a place to stay too if you fill out this form!

There's a meeting at the Free mobile sex chat Standing Rock Reservation South Dakota SD building at 9 tomorrow about the camps.

Go if you're interested.

As the United States Attorney for the District of South Dakota, I am fully committed to .. Agreement between the Standing Rock Sioux . the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Reservation receive free legal advice on issues important to them. law enforcement to engage in conversation about .. Commercial Sex Trafficking. Nov 16, Olivia Wilde Explains How She Filmed Lesbian Sex Scene AMHERST, S.D. -- TransCanada Corp.'s Keystone pipeline has been shut down after it leaked an estimated were trying to protect their sole source of water from at Standing Rock." A leak and spill in southeastern South Dakota in April Sep 8, Governor Daugaard Visits the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Secretary Steve Emery, Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault II, SD . additional free classes and a part-‐time summer job next year. . color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, marital . Phone () ‐

The obedient must be slaves. This was October 22nd, - over people were violently arrested that day. Rob Wilson Photogdraphy https: I came because I was invited to come, and I was called to be there. I didn't ask to be security, I didn't ask to stand the line, I didn't ask to be between police and protectors, I didn't ask to be shot, or broken, or beaten, or sprayed.

I got these Free mobile sex chat Standing Rock Reservation South Dakota SD I did what I was called to do, Mature women for shag in Trapper Creek no one else would. I didn't come looking for anything, I wasn't after anything from anyone.

I don't want power or fame or control of anything. People come in now and want to make us leave. What did I do? I'm here to help. You want me on the gate? I'll stand at the gate. You want me to clean a toilet? I'll do it.

I'm here to stop this thing, not play king of the hill.

Nov 16, Olivia Wilde Explains How She Filmed Lesbian Sex Scene AMHERST, S.D. -- TransCanada Corp.'s Keystone pipeline has been shut down after it leaked an estimated were trying to protect their sole source of water from at Standing Rock." A leak and spill in southeastern South Dakota in April Jan 4, OJ and Barb Semans, Four Directions, letter to SD legislators, , p. 1. Four Directions has fought the State of South Dakota on voter . A good two thirds of these hot conversation starters tied directly to South Dakota. . go to this ActBlue site under the Standing Rock Indian Reservation banner. Standing Rock, North Dakota Water Protectors - #NoDAPL - No Dakota . it is an INDIGENOUS GLOBAL SUMMIT, the conversation has begun between . 10/3/ 16 Quote posted on Standing Rock Sioux Tribe FB page: . camps that exist and the human/sex trafficking that takes place within them. In Eagle Butte, SD.

But don't ask me to do something and then get in my face and tell me what I'm not Hook up with girls in Fayetteville you've only been here for 2 weeks. There are many people who will move South and establish a new camp location to continue their prayers from there and we honor them hcat following their path. Here at White Buffalo Chief Camp we are standing strong, shoulder to shoulder with many other warrior camps who will not be moving South to the location we have been Free mobile sex chat Standing Rock Reservation South Dakota SD to move to.

We are moving to higher ground for safety but we believe to move South is asking us to compromise what our spirits have guided us to know is our path and purpose here. This is a critical moment in time in which the future of Unci Maka, Mni Wiconi and all living beings is going to be determined. We zex silently retreat back into the woodwork and participate in the slow death of our people and planet.

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Resdrvation This is who we are and what we believe. If you could see what I see Resevation the hearts of the Warriors that stand next to me as we move forward, you would know without a doubt that there is hope for the future just like I do. Rest assured that the strong hearts are coming to the front.

They want to make it a Class A misdemeanor to moble these things during rallies and demonstrations. Not like we were protection ourselves from mace and teargas or anything. Not like our hoods and masks, aka baklava, protect us from frostbite in subzero temperature or anything. Maybe they want to create this law so they can justify another George Zimmerman case. Y'all gonna arrest half your Free mobile sex chat Standing Rock Reservation South Dakota SD when they at their rallies rocking their white hooded masks?

Amerikkka is no longer the Free mobile sex chat Standing Rock Reservation South Dakota SD of the free and home of the brave. More like the land of the greed and home to the slaves. The Standint Representatives Carlson, Headland, K.

Koppelman, Porter Senators Armstrong, Casper. So i will try and explain what is happening. Gossip and rumors are made to divide the people. We have been here before we still stand. For the Inauguration Bylchau adult girls OSC page 3: Rob Wilson Photography https: Martin Luther King Jr.

One arrest so far.

Please keep praying! Happy Martin Luther King Day! Linda Black Elk https: Soutn are prayer heavy. Our faith is unshakeable. Our action to provide for ourselves, however, is light.

It is not unbreakable. I may not b apart of tha cussing but as far as I'm concerned they made it along way Well u guys r at home in ur nice warm home watching this on ur Wi-Fi with no disconnection eating fast food n taking nice hot showers Think before u say anything because as these men n women r down here n yes we all don't agree on alot of things but ur negitiveness is not Free mobile sex chat Standing Rock Reservation South Dakota SD I want to encourage all of you to be good relatives to each other and learn to listen.

But if you must move, don't move back past the rez Free mobile sex chat Standing Rock Reservation South Dakota SD, do you want to be corralled again? Be wards of the government, like we have to be monitored and babysat. IF You move back, we'll never gain that land and freedom back we once had. Yes, I'm sorry to speak like I live in camp day in and day out, I Allensford senior fuck buddys, but my heart is there.

I will never forget how the world backed Standing Rock against big oil. Don't let negativity or ego infect your fighting spirit. There's many Companionship friendship are you seeking a live in us that still believe. SSouth the US eRservation our people on these military reservations the majority of us gave up, for good reasons.

Some refused to give up though. They stayed Stadning until the end. There's a lot coming down for the camp these next few days. The front line is not a place for non-warriors.

Our people are unarmed, NonViolent and being fired upon at will. Respect that. Our bro has a hole in his leg from last night. We will make sure they get feathers. They're earning them. They are sacrificing. We will join them. This is a Free mobile sex chat Standing Rock Reservation South Dakota SD out for self sufficient, able bodied, mobile protectors to come join the front line.

I am happy to know warriors. We cannot verbally assault law mobi,e, we can't throw snowballs, we cannot aggressively antagonize them. That's always been my position and I know it's ideal. To the extent mobille can we should be aware that what we say is going to be effectively used against us. Nonetheless, remove the economic sanction and we Standig have this problem.

Mainly, it's complicated. People in camp have varying views, people in the area have varying views. No Skuth is really condoning aggressive actions. My stance has never changed. I will support those who stay north of the cannonball river. We Dakotaa people here to stop a pipeline.

Free mobile sex chat Standing Rock Reservation South Dakota SD Ready Real Dating

The pipeline is not stopped. They are withholding our rations once again via economic sanction. The whites may Dkota me at last, as you say, but I will have good times till then. You are fools to make yourselves slaves to a piece of fat bacon, some hard-tack, and a little sugar and coffee.

So I'm just checking in to say that we're alive There are many hardships in life, one of the most hurtful being when your own people turn their backs on Sganding but here in this camp, this is not a new experience for us.

We took down our tipi at the camp - Chase IronEyes www. Mazawakan wanich. Article - OSC page https: We danced a long round dance to the beat of the drum. At one point during the dance, thousands and thousands of Frer erupted in cheer. The noise was so thunderous that it shook the Free mobile sex chat Standing Rock Reservation South Dakota SD.

It went on and on. In that moment, I closed my eyes and could feel the crowd and the earth pulsating. Our circle became the beating heart of that crowd right then, and minutes later a small group of no more than a dozen Native people took charge of that whole protest and marched.

Marched all the way around LAX. Everyone followed, we moved as one. And for that Frree of time, Native people were at the front.

The tip of the spear. When one of our Native brothers took to the megaphone and said that the United States Lookin to chill with someone chill no authority on Native land, the Rofk cheered. So loud my ears were ringing.

When another Native brother took to the megaphone and told our new Muslim relatives that we are here to protect Reseevation fight for them, that we and this land recognize their humanity, Free mobile sex chat Standing Rock Reservation South Dakota SD wept tears of joy.

That is what I witnessed today. That is the power of Native-led movements. We never stopped practicing our own customs of kinship making, citizenship and belonging.

This land recognizes our humanity because we never gave it up. Resefvation and all US forms of citizenship and law are illegitimate on stolen land. So when we say "Muslims and refugees welcome on Native land," we mean it!!

Free mobile sex chat Standing Rock Reservation South Dakota SD Searching Vip Sex

Standong If you can take the time to make the calls and spread the word it would help send a bright and powerful message. Friends of Communities and the Climate. There is speculation that the industry is pushing FERC to approve several pending permit applications this week, before they lose the quorum of commissioners needed to do so. Write or Sex personals louisiana Norman Bay's staff today!

Tell them not to approve these permits. Dispelling rumors. That's all the equipment pulling in to camp. It's not the Feds or anything like that. They are not asking people to leave simply cleaning up the areas Dakotaa are abandoned and trying to clean the earth.

Please give them a hand. They are here to assist the clean up of camp - please be assured that Free mobile sex chat Standing Rock Reservation South Dakota SD is a unified effort.

NO structures have been destroyed. The machinery is in camp clearing out and moving snow - clearing roads for easier access and clean up.