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Encounter modern pacific sexual sexualities text.

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View Table of Contents. Add coupon code BB The researchers and editors of the volume are to be commended for addressing such complex topics in an unessentialized manner and providing insight into areas of sexuality that are not often discussed.

They deal with every possible location of sexuality, in kinship, in witchcraft, in national politics and in fieldwork to name some. The introduction to Ejcounter volume highlights the theoretical concerns and salient points of discussion.

This book will be of interest to scholars interested in the comparative study of sexuality and would be a useful pedagogical tool for graduate and advanced undergraduate instruction Encounter modern pacific sexual sexualities text.

that field.

Sex is often regarded as a dangerous business that must be rigorously controlled, regulated, Envounter subjected to rules. Sexual acts that defy acceptable practices may be seen as variously defiling, immoral, and even unnatural.

They may challenge and subvert both cultural preconceptions and the social order in a politics of sexual transgression that threatens to transform permissible boundaries and restructure bodily engagements.

This collection of essays explores acts of sexual transgression that have the power to reconfigure perceptions mmodern bodily intimacy and the social Encounter modern pacific sexual sexualities text.

of interaction.

Considering Encounter modern pacific sexual sexualities text. such as domestic violence, child prostitution, health and sex, teenage sex, and sex with animals across a range of settings from contemporary Oceania, the Pxcific, South Africa, and southeast Asia to Euro-America, this book should interest all those who question the "naturalness" of sex, including public health workers, clinical practitioners and students of sex, sexuality, and gender in the humanities and social sciences.

Chapter 1. Chapter 2.

Sexually Active Virgins: Chapter 3. Summer Sex: Chapter 4. A Curious Threesome: Chapter 5.

Chapter 6. Chapter 7. Chapter 8.

Taming the Bush: Chapter 9. Chapter What Constitutes Transgressive Sex?: Courting Transgression: