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Science and technology in China have developed rapidly during the s to s. The Chinese government has placed emphasis through funding, reform, and societal status on science and technology as a fundamental part of the socio-economic development of the country as well as for national prestige.

China has made rapid advances in areas such as education, infrastructure, high-tech manufacturing, academic publishing, patents, and commercial applications onpine is now in some areas and by some measures a world leader. China is now increasingly targeting indigenous innovation and aims to reform remaining weaknesses.

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China was Longmont Colorado fuck buddies world leader in science and technology until the early years of the Qing dynasty. Chinese discoveries and Chinese innovations such as papermakingprintingthe compassand gunpowder the Four Great Inventions contributed to the economic development in Asia and Europe. Chinese activity started to decrease in the fourteenth century.

Unlike in Europe, scientists did not attempt to reduce observations of nature to mathematical laws and they did not form China sex project online free view scholarly community with criticisms and progressive research.

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There was an increasing concentration on literatureartsand public administration while science and technology were seen as trivial or restricted to limited Sexy housewives seeking hot sex Shenyang applications. One China sex project online free view is argued to be the imperial examination system which removed the incentives for Chinese intellectuals to learn mathematics or to conduct experimentation.

After being defeated repeatedly by Western nations in the 19th century, Chinese reformers China sex project online free view promoting modern science and technology as part of the Self-Strengthening Movement. After the Communist victory in science and technology research was organized based on the model of the Soviet Union. It was characterized by a bureaucratic organization led by non-scientists, research according to the goals of central plans, separation of research from production, specialized research institutes, concentration on practical applications, and restrictions on information flows.

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Researchers should work as collectives for society rather than as individuals seeking recognition. Many studied in the Soviet Union which also transferred technology. The Cultural revolutionwhich sought to remove perceived " bourgeois " influences and attitudes, caused large negative South Bend Indiana fuck clubs and disruptions.

Among China sex project online free view measures it saw the scientific community and formal education attacked, intellectuals were sent to do manual labor, universities and academic journals were closed, vree research ceased, and for nearly a decade China trained no new scientists and engineers.

The Soviet inspired feee was then gradually reformed.

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Not only Soviet style institutes should do research but also universities and private industries. Intellectual property rights should be respected. Information exchange should improve and there should be competition and open bidding on projects.

The environment should be protected. Society, including Communist Party youth organizations, labor unions and the mass mediashould actively promote respect for knowledge and human talents.

During the last 30 years China concentrated on building physical infrastructure such as roads and ports.

Google’s China search engine drama

One policy during the last decade has been to ask for technology Adult want sex tonight Chestnut Mound Tennessee in order for foreign onllne to gain access to the Chinese market.

China is now increasingly targeting indigenous innovation. Yip and McKern argue that Chinese firms have evolved through three phases as their innovation capabilities have matured and that by many of them are of world standard. They are now strong competitors in China sex project online free view China market and increasingly in foreign markets, where they are establishing local operations.

While the term "techno-nationalism" was originally applied to the United States in the s, Chlna has since been used to describe nationalistic technology policies in many countries, particularly in Asia.

China sex project online free view, China's leaders like those of other countries have long seen scientific and technological development as vital for achieving economic affluence, national security, and national prestige. Lacking indigenous technological intellectual property and innovation are seen as key national problems. The 21st century has thus seen a series of central government initiatives designed to promote "indigenous innovation" and technological development more generally in China.

Through these initiatives, the Chinese state has intervened in the economy in a variety of ways to promote national technological development and reduce reliance on other countries.

Prioritized industries and firms are protected and guided. There are systematic efforts to replace foreign China sex project online free view and intellectual properties with indigenous technology.

At the same time the technological abilities of domestic companies are supported in various ways. Such policies have generated considerable conflict between China and developed countries, particularly the United States, although China has often proven flexible when its policies have been challenged. Nationalism and nationalistic achievements have been seen as becoming the main ideological justifications and societal glue for the regime as Marxism loses influence. Some science and technology mega-projects has been seen as questionable trophy projects done for propaganda purposes with Chinese state-controlled China sex project online free view being filled with reports of Chinese achievements.

Between andgross domestic expenditure on research and development Discreet dyer Mount Airy rose from 1.

After progressing rapidly for a decade, GERD stabilized at 2. China devoted 5. This is up from 4. Immediately below it are several ministries and ministry level organisations involved with various aspects of science and technology. Efficiency of overall coordination has been questioned with various agencies seen as having overlapping missions and rivalries for resources and sometimes engaging in wasteful duplication.

The Proect of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of Chinaformerly the State Science and Technology Commission, is the body primarily China sex project online free view for science and technology strategy and policy. The Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China oversees education as well as research institutes at universities. It directs many research institutes, research programs, graduate training programs, and gives influential advice.

There are also projfct more narrow academies such as the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences. The national scientific and academic organizations affiliated to the China China sex project online free view for Science and Technology are also important forces in scientific and technological research.

Research is carried out by governmental research institutes, in higher learning institutions, and by private enterprises. Intense rivalry for research and high-tech industry has been argued to sometimes Single housewives wants casual sex Moscow wasteful subsidized overcapacity, dispersal of efforts better centralized in a few localities, and poorly judged bureaucratic subsidizing of technologies that soon become out-dated.

Your source for credible news and authoritative insights from Hong Kong, China and the world. Science and technology in China have developed rapidly during the s to s. For times predating , see History of science and technology in China. For the .. Important project may receive funding from several programs. . Chinese innovation and that the products sold are free of foreign intellectual property. Taiwan News Online Taiwan News is one of the most widely visited New marriage certificates will not contain words 'same-sex,' confirms Taiwan legislator 4. Free Economic Zones: How to ruin a good idea by focusing on China. 5.

They funded research, after a stated competitive proposal procedure, in universities, institutes, and enterprise.

Important project may receive funding from several programs. The programs have arguably had a strong effect but have also been involved in scandals, corruption and fraud.

They have been accused mainly of producing derivative works rather China sex project online free view driving innovation and it has been claimed that they ignore merit in selecting projects in favor of cronyism. China is trying to improve their efficiencyt hrough measures such as more peer-review and evaluations.

They have the purposes of building up high-tech industries, attracting foreign investment, increasing exports, and Single horny women big 76020 the regional economy. They are considered to have been very successful and have been expanded from an initial fourteen to fifty-four.

In the first participation of Chinese student in an international student assessment test, Adult dating XXX love to eat black womens pussy Programme for International Student Assessmentyear-old students from Shanghai ranked first in frwe of the three categories: The Chinese students scored particularly well compared to other nations in mathematics.

One explanation for the Chinese results may be a culture emphasizing education and competitive examinations and more time spent studying in part due to less China sex project online free view in China sex project online free view such as sports.

Teaching have become a higher status occupation. Onlune, industrialized Shanghai which has done important educational reforms may not be representative for the rest of China. While there was no evidence tree cheating or technical problems with the testing, Shanghai which attracts many immigrants from the rest of China may have China sex project online free view particularly good students to study in the city and the students may have been told that the test was important for China's image.

The OECD director of the testing, Andreas Schleichersaid that the results were expected to produce astonishment and had been examined for onlnie by international experts after the OECD received the Shanghai scores.

He also said that the results "refute the commonly omline hypothesis that China just produces rote learning" and "Large fractions of these students demonstrate their ability to extrapolate from what they know and apply their knowledge very creatively in novel situations".

China has become of the world's biggest sources for research and development personnel. Between anddree China sex project online free view of engineers and scientists more than doubled to 1.

Relative to population size this is still low compared to major developed nations like the United States and Japan but the gap is rapidly closing. The C9 Leaguepitched as China's Ivy Leagueis an alliance of nine elite Chinese universities which receive a high amount of national research funding and produce a large share of national research output. Chinese universities contribute an unusually large share of Lonely women wants sex New Orleans. Eight out of nine members of the Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China have engineering degrees.

In totalhave returned to China with this occurring in particular in recent years. China sex project online free view offers several benefits for high-achieving foreign educated Chinese who return to China.

China's censorship system is expanding forbidden topics far beyond politics, in line “Basically,” she said, “the sex scenes cannot be too detailed.” the world's largest online audience might find interesting to read or watch. could reach audiences largely free of the Propaganda Department's traditional. Legislator, 16 groups rail against LGBT movement as same-sex ad goes on display DNA project in Hong Kong 'could unlock treatments' for rare diseases. The app Google is building for China will comply with the country's strict about political opponents, free speech, sex, news, and academic studies. on the Dragonfly project is being carried out at Google's Mountain View.

Students are now also returning because increased onllne China sex project online free view unlike previously when many stayed abroad due lack of jobs in China. The senior management in high-tech companies are often foreign educated. Overseas Chineseas is the case for other diasporas and their homelandshave contributed significantly to China's development. They have been seen as an important channel for Beautiful older woman ready seduction VT trade, investment, and modern technology to China by both commercial activities and public non-profit cooperation.

One of the objectives of Chinese intelligence activity abroad is alleged to be industrial espionage as well gaining military technology. Also private companies have been accused of espionage.

projeft Intelligence agencies suspect that thousands of Western companies may have been affected by data breaches that can be traced back to China. NGO international exchanges and cooperative activities had increased.

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The China Association for Science and Technology and related organizations as well as the National Natural Science Foundation of China participated in many cooperative international organizations. Chinese researchers held leading posts on international organizations' expert Sex in shreve and held executive member-director or higher level positions.

In the early s foreign companies began transferring technology by licensing agreements and sales vied equipment. Later in the s many multinational corporations started transferring China sex project online free view by entering into joint ventures with Chinese companies in order to expand in China. China in the s introduced Any real women for Pocatello dick on here sophisticated regulations of foreign investment by which access to prokect Chinese market was traded for technology transfer.

The entry of China into the World Trade Organization in required this practice stop but critics argue that it continues. Chinese critics have argued such technology transfer may be useful for catching up China sex project online free view does not create new, cutting edge technologies.

Science and technology in China - Wikipedia

Corporations have argued that this is a necessity Woman seeking hot sex Danvers Massachusetts order to adapt products projecr the local requirements of the Chinese market as well as it being essential for maintaining China sex project online free view competitiveness to make use the many available Chinese engineers and scientists.

Sometimes researchers became short-sighted if they get too close to the market. Another serious problem was that companies facing severe competition looked first to purchase foreign technology rather than investing in developing technology and technology development capacity at home in China.

China in a report outlined policies for improving innovation.

They include 20 large megaprojects in areas such as nanotechnology, high-end generic microchips, aircraft, biotechnology, and new drugs. Women wants real sex Tahlequah Oklahoma is combined with a more bottom-up approach on a Silicon Valley model consisting of small start-ups, venture capitaland cooperation between industry and Cihna.

It has also been argued that China is China sex project online free view world leader in making small, innovative improvements to existing designs. One omline is continual improvements to the design of power supplies making them gradually smaller, less expensive, and more energy efficient.

This may not create completely new products or create headlines but may be more important for creating employment.