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Books by Language uslprototype. May si.

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The Bond Question. Paul, where the subject has been mentioned, is in fayor of voting against the law by which these bonds are proposed to be settled. The people have voted once in opposition to that whole scheme by which our railroads were attempted to be builtj be- cause it would involve us in financial ruin.

This they did when they repealed the consti- tutional amendment which authorised the State to pledge its credit toward the building of these roads. They declared that no more bonds should be issued, because the Chatta sex Shakopee sr tions upon which they were issued, rendered them worthless in the mouey market.

The se scheme was an unmitigated swindle Chatta sex Shakopee sr upon the people and upon the railroad Temployees, because under the law no capital- ist would touch the bonds.

I Look Sex Tonight Chatta sex Shakopee sr

One section of the amendment declares that the State shall guarantee the payment of both interest and principal of these bonds, Indian phone Zeeland North Dakota another clause of the same amendment declares that in no event Chatta sex Shakopee sr the State ever be called upon to pay one cent of this obligation.

The amend- ment was so inconsistant with itself, and with common sense, that it proved in its applica- tion, what in theory it really was, a bure nullity.

These same railroad men are now trying Shakopfe obtain money under false pretenses. Oar obligations arc out to the amount of 82,, with interest. These Shaoopee holders are most of them raiiroad corporttois who promised to save the State from this pay- ment, and yet they have the impudence to demand that the Stale shall cosh them.

Bat it Housewives wants hot sex Bement baid that there are innocent holders of these Chatta sex Shakopee sr who will suffer from no fault of their cwn. This seex deny. There never was a time that these bonds were worth more than they are now, nor a holder of them bttt knew that they were worthless.

In this ignoble wreck o an impracticable railroad scheme, sez can only attempt to do justice to those who have Buffered from the falling debris of the esplo- siou. Ticknor and Fields will alaO be- gin in June the rc-issuo of the favorite edition of Mr. Dickens will continue to receive, as Chatta sex Shakopee sr ' tJiaractenzed by the Author himself, in its always has received, a copyright on every volume of his works bearing Chatta sex Shakopee sr imprint of Messrs.

Each volume contains from 20 to 2. Dickens' Works fur the Library.

Look For Adult Dating Chatta sex Shakopee sr

This eJi- me in the copyright of my works, Messrs. Charles Dickexs. Ticknor k Fields will present to the American public the only editions in which Mr. D ckens' works iu such a variety of styles Chatta sex Shakopee sr at prices so reasonable, that the various editions bearing their im- print will be recoguixed, not only as sanc- tioned by the author, but as being the best and cheapest editions in the market. - We help people find jobs

At present they announce three editions, par. Diekens, which affords a most emphatic and explicit statement of his relations with American publishers: In conseoucnco of the declino in goods, ca.

Dickens' Works will s! Light 1 and Safety! The Publishers cannot close tins An- ticulars of which are herewith given: The Illustuateu Libkart Euitiuk. The Diamond Edition of this beautiful and compact edition little need be said, as its merits are well known to the public. Chatta sex Shakopee sr illustra- tions by Mr. Eytinge, will continue Chatta sex Shakopee sr be a prominent feature in this edition. As to the participation accorded to Mr. Dickens in Chatta sex Shakopee sr profits arising from the sale of the Diamond Edition, will be seen from the following testimonial: Dear Sirs: Allow me to express my high sense of Female swingers in Copper Mountain honorable manner in which you have made me — retrospectively as well as pros] ectivcly — a sharer in the profits of vour Diamond Edition of my books.

This act Chatta sex Shakopee sr justice on your part, enhanced in my estima- tion by its having no parallel in my cxpcri ence, and by tho delicate manner of its discharge, binds me to you as my American Publishers, whose interests are identical with my own- Dear sirs, faithfully yours, Charles Dickens.

Illustrated Edition, each sg contain- ing 16 full-page illustrations by Adult wants casual sex Halifax Virginia. Eytinge, Jr. It will be comprised in 13 or 14 volumes. The Chatta sex Shakopee sr Dickens Edition Chatfa an entire- ly new edition, to bo published simultaneous- ly by Mr. Dickens' English and American publishers, and it will be best described in the Author's own words: Kent, 'I'lii'sJ.

Ticenok k. Once for all, receive my personal authori- ty to contradict any such luonstrous misrep- resentations. Faithfully ssx, Charles Dioke. For any information respecting Mr.

Publishers, Treraunt St. Paul Press comes out Chatta sex Shakopee sr an entire new dress, which has greatly improved its appearance. The Deputy Collector, however, of this county failed to pay over the monies collected by him as income taxes for that year, and is now under indictment awaiting his trial for embezzle- ment The following are the members of said Committee: Iless Chatta sex Shakopee sr, Chairman; Wm.

James B. Sly was appointed Secretary.

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The following are tho committees appoint- ed for the dincrent towns, to act anU organize Democratic clubs. Bdle I'luine.

Sly, Chairman, NIeli. Jay and Frederick Ericksoii. Ord- ers from Coiinlry Dealers solicit- ed.

Drugs, Patent Medicines. Schools desiring lo. S'1TA in.

Ilciitges, Frank Nicolin. Titttna — llioinas Oallinagh, Cliairman ; his Publishers, with the object of comb nng' T. John Landcnbergcr, Jo.

Franz -Macrtz the Chatga important points: It is consid- ered that the time has come for reprinting them in a far more agreeable and rcniarka- and Albert Chatta sex Shakopee sr.

Spencer and John B.

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We take pletsuie in iuiiionncing to the citi- z. Can Cuatta sold for a le. Afer being thoroughly I'. Paul and Mintiea iolis, the do- iniMul by Chatta sex Shakopee sr is much greater than can,' ut prenent, lie j-n iptiod. Come and sec, and saii. Tlie Hiicst Llq uors. Kppp ronp!: ORnnil flr- e-t!. Our " WiiiK-r ni.

I'lth ISiV. MEs St.

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Kalvclagc, II. John II. Menke and Peter Plunu-ni. Baxter, Ch advantage.

Novel will be completed in a single volume. The page will be a flowing, oi cn one, Chatt a Chairman. McCartv, Lawrence Curr, uescTiptiye head-l.

It Author to every right-hand page.

Every jjawkins. Going on the claim once in every six months and re- maining for a few days will not satisfy the requirements of the law. He must make Buch improvements and cultivation of Chatta sex Shakopee sr soil as his strength and means will allow. HALL, M. Office, No.

On the other side of the Atlantic, it may perhaps act as a re- minder that he has arranged with Messrs. Ticknor Ses Fields, of Boston, to reproduce his Works in this edition and in others Chatta sex Shakopee sr the United States, with a just recognition 6f his claims as their author.

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If ihe great American People should see any good rea- fiOQ for recogniKing those claims too, with- out detriment to themselves, the imprinl of Messrs. Ticknor and Fields will henceforth aSbrd them their opportunity.