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May 23,4: Soarin' Over California was DCA's runaway hit when the otherwise-maligned park opened inleading Disney to bring the flying theater show to Epcot's Land pavilion in and launching a flying theater craze in the industry.

The new version will open at Tokyo DisneySea as Soaring: Fantastic Flight this July. But even since the new version opened, many fans have been wishing for the original to return, at least Bringing the cali love 24 a limited time in California.

Now, Disney is granting that wish. Maybe it has olve to do with a certain new attraction debuting across the esplanade in Disneyland on May With the original Soarin' returning for 30 days, perhaps Disney is hoping that a lovr than a few fans might head over to California Adventure to see the show again, clearing some space in what ought to be a jam-packed Disneyland next Bringing the cali love 24.

Reader ratings and reviews for Disney California Adventure.

I wish they would bring back Soarin' Over California permanently. It's simply better than Soarin' Around the World.

Yes, the scene transitions are a bit jarring - but not as annoying as the over-done CGI in the new version. Perhaps they could offer both versions, one thf each theater.

I Am Wants Sex Bringing the cali love 24

Gotta hand it to the Mouse. Give 'em what they want and move them out of Disneyland and over to DCA.

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I'm looking forward to seeing the original film again, but mostly because I love that score. OMG, I love the original so much!

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I definitely would like to see them permanently install the original in one of the theatres. It'd give people reason to get in line twice, similar to any number of attractions from Mission Space to Star Tours to the upcoming Hagrid ride at UOR.

Hard to understand why this isnt permanent now that Soarin over the world is in most of the other Briging Resorts. Andrew, even if they don't have the same movements, it's clear that a switch over from one film to another is relatively easy, and Disney should consider Bringing the cali love 24 both films if they want to spread out the Star Wars Completely sex chat that are coming in.

That is a brilliant idea about having lofe films play one per theatre. You "add" an extra attraction and people are happy for the nostalgia. Both rides I enjoy tremendously so it would be cool if one dome played a ride and the Bringing the cali love 24 the second ride.

I like the idea of having one film in each theater, but I'd be interested in hearing from some operations experts on the site of how much of a headache that would be for Disney to implement.

One option could be for people to split and go right or left once you get Bringing the cali love 24 the end of that first hallway inside the show building. However, if a yhe more people want one over the other, then they'd probably need to have two separate queues and separate FastPass distribution.

There isn't a LOT of space to add additional outdoor queue space in the area, so maybe that's a reason this hasn't been done? I'm sure if they get positive feedback for the return of the California version, decision-makers will have a conversation.

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Ryan - It would be nearly impossible. You'd need to more or less open up two completely different queues and distinguish between the two shows with FastPass as well.

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The casual guest might be OK with waiting in a single line to then be assigned one show or the other based on luck, but how many "casual" Disneyland fans do you know? One option could be to show BOTH version back to back, but that would obviously cut ridership in essentially half - again, Bringing the cali love 24 a good option.

The park themed around the Golden State has less and less to do with California with each and every renovation. I agree the park is getting better each time new things are Bringing the cali love 24, but xali they officially change the name from "California Adventure" I think an opportunity add more content that supports the purpose of the park, the better.

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