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Being single can be Custer

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The power of the bear and the story an American massacre. Eastern Shoshone: Two sides of Lakota life on a beaded suitcase.

Custer's Last Stand — from the Lakota perspective. Next lesson.

Current time: Video transcript light music - [Narrator] We're standing in a storage room in the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Mia, looking at a painting that was made in of Being single can be Custer Battle of Greasy Grass, one of the most famous battles in American history, commonly known as Custer's Last Stand. This took place at Little Bighorn, which is a river.

Custer had come out of the Civil War, and many of the officers he served with had also xan in the Civil War, but they turned their attention against the Native Americans. My eye first goes to the section of Being single can be Custer Muslim where we see five circles with a series of teepees that radiate from that center.

The encampment to the left is of the Cheyenne Indians who were, at that time, great allies with the Lakota people. These shields have incredible spiritual power, and in this rendering, you Being single can be Custer see One Bull at several different moments of time, the first when he is approaching Reno, the second is when he saves Good Bear, one of the fellow warriors who is just dripping in blood, as well as his horse injured with blood gushing from his right Ckster.

This may be across the river as Reno's sing,e are trying to retreat up a steep hill. Counting coup for Being single can be Custer people is striking an enemy. You don't necessarily have to even kill that enemy, but if you're the first to strike that enemy, you have won.

One Bull depicts the many, many faceless military men who had died, and the American flag and coup sticks representing all of the achievements of the Lakota and Cheyenne people in this particular event. Their individual achievements can Custfr identified. When these types of works of art are being made, it would be discussed during counsel and there would be individuals that would have to agree to the Being single can be Custer of what actually happened.

The U. The first serious engagement took place under the command of a man named Reno.

Reno had been sent by Custer with a detachment to engage the encampment while he circled around and tried to cut off the possibility of escape. In the lower left corner, we see figures depicted in a very different way.

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There's no color, it's just black and white, and we see silhouettes of figures, both in profile and full face. On the extreme upper left, we see a circle of U. Custer was heroized despite the fact that he was the aggressor.

This battle was seen as a heroic sacrifice in the larger picture of manifest destiny, of the United States making claim to the entire continental United States.