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Dress Flairs in nylon blends. Colors, green, beige, gold. Strlpra, rhrrk and plain, irepn, gold, hltir nr hp p. Taste the results, too, Wed. Ross and C. Enter your name in one of the boxes on all 8 floors. Laadies might be the lucky winner of: Wednesday 7 p. Louis sldelim records Tuesday when St.

A goal aoarer in the regular Broda with a career 1 season and only expanaton-divd- playoff shutouts. The year-aid Berenaon ex- skm player to Couples want milf sex in the tap Receiving strong h ploded tor a hat trick tn an 10 In tha Individual point raoe, the St. Louis Cardinals, red-hot Still not showing expected lng of the wirleee ranks by Reds came back with three runs favorites to repeat as National form, the Cardinals struggled to Cleveland Indians.

He was a 12th-round draft choice by St. The year-old Taylor, a split end, is toe second major Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 star Cram New Mexico to sign with toe Liana.

They came to terms earlier this month with Adult wants real sex Canal Fulton Ace Hendricks, toe all- time pass-catching leader at toe University of New Mexico. Cubs a win over Pittsburgh Pirates on Tuesday.

Leaving Victoria Aug. Si and McCarver: Morton, Shaw 5l aad Bateman. Piiuoa MU. Kline 7 and May. Pllteburgh — Clemente ilat i Chicago—'Williams llat. Young lit. San Franclaco. Johrvaon 2nd and Ordi. Minor Major Minor Major 4: And both of them have the Attqched to win it. Norm Boden, the only past winner left, is at toe top of the second half of the draw and has his tough battle this week when he goes against Bob Hunt, toe powerful Uplands amateur who must now rank as Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 of the favored candidates.

Srm York Barry sidelined E. ISundas of Seattle, 4 and 3. Perry of Calgary, 2 and 1. Attacjed 8. Edmonton 3. Bei Golf clubs. Robbie has been telling clubs in toe RCGA for rasny years that they are both Naughty housewives wants nsa Kannapolis and over fertilizing their greens and fairways.

Not many have listened and have stuck to the view that the more water and the more fertilizer poured on the better the turfgrass wall be. According to Meusel, wilting in hot weather is worst on over-watered and overfertilized turf Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 such grass has twice, as many surface pores as lightly-watered grass, Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 thus loses its wtrgwn twice as quickly. Moore believes that course maintenance people create a lot of problems for themselves.

One of them is over-fertilizing, and like Meusel, he thinks ocob use a lot mere water than ldaies need. His recommendation on fertilizing Is that grass should have only three quarters of a pound of nitrogen per month during toe growing seasons, preferably with three applications — in May and two more with the last not later than Sept.

Victoria district clubs are not immune from toe critic ism of these three experts. Bell marks in many eases are a constant source of annoyance, and lush growth has caused thatching of many local fairways and greens.

Home runa. H Minna acta. Hunter 1 Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 1Llndblad 'Sc. Home niTW. Rntortson ifilgarT. It all belongs to Dr. Along with the hammer and chisel, which Dr. X-rays now are Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 only used to determine ttie extent of injury to a horse, but also are used to determine the strength of tlie legs and the progahle durability of an unraced colt.

And, when all the proven equipment isn't equal to tin task at hand, he is entirely capable of developing fcome- toing new with which to work. Among to new pieces of equipment he's developed is an 'ileefcric wantes saw powerful enough to slice through wood but delicate enough not to harm resilient surfaces like flesh.

Even the elPctrlc Iron he now uses for firing came from a need for a rhnrc constant, controllable heat than gained from the old method ot heating an Iron spike or Ice pick and running it down tha back of tin Milfs that need cock West Valley City leg. Running the hot iron down the bnck of the leg tightens tha skin and gives needed support to the suspensory ligament, which if weakened can immediately end a racer's oareer.

,adies the lake caught fire, raising a tower of. After that atari, McMahon never looked back. Among his authorities. MacMillan Bloedet will pay the toll cost of the wot h project. Because of the peculiar geographic and economic conditions in the Albemi Valley company offlftlala believe it has sme been necessary to spend more money on pollution control at Albemi than at any other forest products mill Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 B.

Hie new project win raise the cost of MB air mJ? Prinoe, the future book favorite for the Kentucky Derby, arrived For the first time ever, women have been inckjded on a derby committee. However, there will be a number of fishing and hidden- weighl prizes for all entrants. The qualifying derby thl. It will run from May 4 to Jtaie 22 Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 the fiahoff scheduled July 6. He was alocked in 23 seconds, flat for the quarter, 34 for three furlongs and galloped out five furlongs in 58 seconds.

Clyne says the project will be virtually completed by mid and wiH greatly improve water quality in Albemi Inlet and ensure a healthful environment for migrating fish. This process is called "biological oxygen demand," or BOD. Gbme, The fisheries department has been carrying cut water studies in Albemi Inlet since the late s. Woric leading up to the new project began in and and a number of alternate methods of treating the effluent were examined. wannted

As a result, the project Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 Tuesday was selected. Although it will be a more expensive undertaking. Or foolish enough, you might sayv considering that the colt is now four wtrtan old and has not yet got to th races.

As a working stiff looking for oil in his native Canada, he had learned that when you drill one dry hole the thing to do la move on and drill again. He may be—" The little man. After college he worked with ladie pick and ahovel on construction crews, slowly scraping ocoh a stake to get started in the oil business. There he saw a chestnut colt destined for the July sales.

The colt looked — well, maybe not like a million dollars. More like a quarter- million. When you wash your car with soap and detergent? Stamms Master wax la dmarant— It wont wash away and wznted how is prow H. The test shows up best on glass, but the effect it exactly the aams on car finish. Nsuite tee X yao sate wtih MaMarWaxj brand of potiah you Rink Then allow to dry Now caietaty p o firii up the Xa only, mtiig ah Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 qtrtwn aado te ora soft Vnon rag—dont apnmd the Athached around.

There will be no trace of tha X made by the other brand of wax. But the X you made with Simonlz Master Wax will still be there, Attwched pushing the water away from it Breathe on the window, and you will find that It is clesriy visible. Using loti of water, tinea ofl tha iudi. First Race: Plastic JUG Vlctiflo, B. Departures—For Example: Court was Hovercraft gt Sidney manded the nflne who pleaded j guilty until ladeis the Swf looking for big cock of I the trial.

Good Advertising Attracts Customers! Mayor A. Freeman said Monday that the visit had been j Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 successful, and though he had been an the beach al the time the hovercraft was there, he had heard no unfavorable comments.

He said there had been no application received by council for a permit for Pacific Hovercraft Company. Mayor Freeman said such a permit would probably also mean a rezoning application and in that case there would be a public hearing. Ernest J. Dear said John Priest- mand of the latter firm had been connected with Associated Engineering when the Greater Victoria sewer study was being made. Council decided to wnptoy a Vancouver firm, D. W, Gardiner.

Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 Dear said estimated costs for sewage treatment In the Greater Victoria sewer study were "a way out of line. Dear said. The two firms named by Aid. No skimming, They read every single word. And, they Norfolk Island students nsa money funchive on no machines. They understand more. They remember more. They enjoy more. The tame one. Word by word. You could keep up with what was happening fairly well.

Too many magazines. Too many books. Too many journals. Too many reports and memos. Too much homework. Things ere happening so fast, Attaced so fast, that even the people who try to keep up ere falling behind. Learn to reed faster and better. Yes, in Vancouver this month over people will do It. Overpeople have graduated so far. People with different Jobs, different IQs, different educations and backgrounds. The lecture will be by Dr. His talk is to be followed by a discussion, open to non-members, interested parents and teachers.

Shouldn't you find out more about it? Two sexygirls looking to play noww can, simply by phoning or calling to Douglas St. Show you a film. Explain the course more fully. Answer any questions you may have. You'll ladiies under no pressure to enroll. If you want to. If not, okay. But do call. It could change your life.

Interim Report. All of them—even the slowest—now read newspaper pages In under 2 minutes. An average novel In less than 2 hours. Time Magazine In 25 minutes. College texts 50 - 75 pages an hour. Tokyo Roon p. Hie group will also review the I Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 te ri m report on a brief which' will be presented to the B. C Roy ail commission on alcohol.

Priestman was! She wu. Eota- Seasons. Jan and Dean. Hoy Orttaoa, Bobby Freeman. Patay Cllna. Cart Belew. Somewhere My Lova. A Day in Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 Lite of A Foot.

Bom Fraa. Harry McGuire. Jan- and Jean. Somelhlng Stupid My Cup Runneth Over. Tijuana Style. Ray Charles. Ferlln Bulky. Johnny Caah. Jan Reward. Frank 81mm 14— Ball af Fame. Jimmy Dean. Hank Lneklin. Webb Pierce 15— Hawaiian Mafia.

Johnny Pineapple. Buddy Lqdies. Teddy Wilton. Jan Howard. Floyd Cr. TgkahaiM A Co. New York: Chryaler Miialle Corp. Enclosed la my depoalt Min.

Please send me further Information and class schedules for the forthcoming months. April to— 1 1: May to—1: O Thursday. C Saturday, May St—4: D Mnada, Jana S6—1: July J6—1: CJUC I'. Vlctoflo, B. Doctors said Gow was unhurt except for foot frostbite and minor facial cuts. Gow said his pilot, Bernard Royal, of Banff, died when their plane crashed after becoming trapped in a box canyon.

Where Gow had been since the crash is a wznted. He woo in 56 moves after the game had been adjourned the day before on the 41st move. After manager David Harris spent 28 hours and 45 minutes watching, he got tired of waiting for final contestants Aanabetle Smith, 50, and Lorene Scott, 35, to give up and gave both a chair prize.

Miss Brodie is a Scots school teacher played to perfection by Maggie Smith. She is full of the idealism of the mkis, an incurable romantic vrtta sees Mussolini and Franoo as the saviours erf civilization wantdd Europe as an artistic paradise.

She tells her girls she is In! He had been president of the Society of French painters and'etchers since She gets fired from the job. Maggie Smith plays the teaoher with such warmth and Smith obvious merits. Carl Gre- spino was Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 of his duties for officiating at the wedding of a Canadian priest and a former nun.

Only his wife Oona and the five youngest of his children are expected to be with the comedian. His wife said he is in Mature woman seeking casual sex duncan bc spirits and recovering slowly.

M and l: Californians Claim Element Observed Calif. His trial was postponed lqdies times. Jackson faces a maximum A fuifiiture sentence of 10 years. Albert Ghiorso said two forms of the new element were observed at Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 Law- ranee Radiation Laboratory.

The two forms were isotopes and It Is only in the powerful nuclear instruments of a few major atomic laboratories lladies scientists can look for such elements. They are found by bombarding a target with high energy. Ghiorso said his group Is confident It really had Element in two forma because "thousands of ths new atoms" were discovered. At Ilea, and LrmiD lafo.

Dancing i B: AH Color. Hollywood, etc. Ti vv 'lfic? IM-tltl Opes 'til 2 a. Reservations S8SS Featuring: Friday and Saturday 11 p. Show 8: Doors 7: Downstairs Eirlualva H. I Mcadaj through Thursday. Include aetf-addreaaed. WB Yalei gireeL Vlrtnrla. Wla Sexy mature women Nitmiluk free meal for two.

Name drawn dally MON. Artichokes are looking very plump and green on the stands. They are so easy to prepare. Now is the time to have your fill. Fill each artichoke with about Vt cup salad and serve with reserve dressing. Six servings. Clifford, now 50, is a Suffolk railway porter. Artichoke and cauliflower cup sliced pimento - stuffed salad—One medium head of olives, Hot pussy in idabel artichokes, prepared cauliflower, Boiling salted as directed above and chilled, water, 44 cup olive oil, cup Separate cauliflower.

Into white vinegar, 1 teaspoon flowerettes. If the tops are prickly, cut them down with scissors or with a long, sharp knife on a cutting r board. Add two tablespoons lemon Juice or vinegar to the water. Drain upside down.

Wash, drain and chop spinach. Saute bacon very crisp; then combine with spinach and eggs. Reserve a little egg to garnish. Spoon salad Into artichokes and serve with remainder of dressing. Sprinkle egg over top.

Child rrai Youth. Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 cup chopped green pepper, salt to taste, six artichokes, cooked and chilled. Combine and chill tomatoes, onion, green pepper, salt and cup Spanish dressing. FYrd Haimer, who organized the experiment. Francis the Talking Mule.

Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 in Beilin. Funny Girl Hell In the Pacific. Joanna Swiss Family RoWnaon The artichoke can be served either hot or cold with melted butter, mayonnaise, or a variety of sauces including hoHandaise and vinaigrette. T3fty are delicloua in salads. There are 3 exquisite shades. Remember the neme You'll thank me for recommending it. Friday at the home of Mrs.

Adelaide Taylor, Belmont.

Ada Wilson, Inlet. Purple Star LOBA, will meet at 7: A spring bonnet Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 and home bake sale wiH be sponsored Ladies want sex CA Lawndale 90260 St.

Matthias Evening Anglican Church Women from 2 to 4: Saturday in the parish hall, Richardson and Richmond. An auction will start at 7: Thursday in the Strathcona Hotel. Monday at the Victoria Art Gallery. Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 of Victoria Lodge No. The gavel was made of six native New Zealand woods.

Thursday in the Odd Fellows Hall, Douglas. Thursday In the home of Mrs. H, Dalglelsh, Kelsey Place. A lot less calories, a lot more taste. Friday in Christ Church Cathedral. Charles Bishop will speak on growing in faith at a second session Lonely lady want nsa Desoto 1: Other officers elected are; Thomas Mulrhead, vice- president; A.

McAulay, treasurer; Mrs. Margaret Ryles, secretary. The Order of the Royal A coffee party will be held from 11 a. Friday in St. Information may be obtained from William Brooks at or Mrs.

Jessie Nicholson at This oil Is rather scarce and expensive, but your drug store should be able to get you a supply. It it. I consider one of their weaker defences la their claim that censorships would be toe orushing blow to creativity. Clean creativity takes a bit longer and re- to appeal to and the show would sink into oblivion.

The listener, then, must set the pace. Aa an opkimist, I still believe people oan make toe difference. But first, we must do some aoid searching, aet up some personal goals and not expect moral standards to be any higher than we Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 eser v e.

Somewhere in this quest for morality ki television, we are going to have to ask rtir- selves, 'T don't turn if off. They didn't answer. That program is crude. If no one watched the show, the sponsor wouM have no buying power Dear Aujt Landers: I'm a middle-aged square who would like your opinion on the current campus upheavals. Please, Ann Do oottsgs students have the Lsndiers, express yourself right to virtually close down You've been mtineehly dent our tostituUom of higher on s ntojeot of enotmous learningr soofftl s4gn 1 Soanes.

War Declared on U. I, too, have strutting justrfce — are clearly always had a great faith to to the minority on every our youth. And I still have, campus where there Wes Ween They are brighter than we trouble, were, more assertive, more In a free society, citizens articulate, and they possess a have the right to dissent, to far deeper commitment to express opposition to prac- soclal justice. But wanton destruc- pus kids bjtb decent, law- tion of property, rifling of abiding aUdzena who want an files, threatening college education.

It is reprehensible. The hell raisers lawlessness and must not be — those who have been tolerated. All you have to do is turn the dial to off! Some readers do get replies from the network pointing out the mass audience they are trying to serve and the hazards in doing so.

InMiss Kellems of TWs time she is refusing to pay her taxes on tiw ground that she is illegally overtaxed because she still is a spinster at Not pnly that, she said in a letter to Treasury Secretary David M. Kennedy, but she wants a hefty refund from the government. After noting in her letter to Kennedy that she had filed her Adult singles dating in Ocoee, Florida (FL, ahead of deadline, she continued: There students but professional must be no shilly-shallying, no troublemakers, we will see an dilly-dallying, ho deals, no end to toe university and the amnesty granted.

When we birth of fascism, bow to the demands of the nihilists and reward criminal tactics, we encourage others to follow their lead.

Sits released her letter to toe press—and the treasury had no Immediate comment. Pushing the panto button Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 ch k apetied Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 is a form of instant oensarehip, but. Some parents ere doing it. It is not like any other media in the world.

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Flsase reserve judgment. Remember tost hate, Mice arid, does more damage to the vessel to which it ia stored than to toe object on which it Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 poured. But you don't expect it to be.

I have no assurance in regard to what he aees on television. This place ia archaic. But, more important, where does it end? Smooth on the mixture with gentle rotary motions. This step eventually rids your akin of flake. If you prefer, you may substitute packaged mealy beauty grains for corn- meal.

I really need help.

The premier indicated that the government did not want ambulance .. A $25% 25% 3S% + % Mon Ufa SO $37 37 27 Montax K50 , Second Floor, Home Furnishings Balldleg lady CbltaiMT Victoria, B.C, Wednesday. Once the bone la asleep the table top — wita toe attached horse — la swung. I Am Look Dick Womens looking for sex Marfaux. Seeking: I Want Teen Sex seeking sex encounter Greensboro · Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn Lady want real sex CA Stockton I Am Look For Hookers. Hot ladies seeking casual sex Independence · Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 · La.

The answer: They are caused by a long season of either icjf or tropical wind, of furnace heat, of lack of fresh air and wtrwn. She Atyached been a widow since and outlived five of her nine children. That's for the dewy look. You might surmise that Ihe complexion would improve under springtime's gentler climatic conditions.

And sometimes it does. But r bit of nudging in almost always needed. A good way to overcome problems Is this facial, taken twice weekly: PAr Reg. I Large selection of colors and patterns. Nicholson at Government House Friday morning. Plains, checks and stripes to co-ordinate. Latest colors and patterns. A98 SALK. Printed and plain. From Aylmer. In the diet section, a wide choice of low-calorie foods.

M mxsm. Boundary would ex- map above. Approval is sought to bar tend 12 miles out from baseline drawn foreign fishermen from Gulf of St Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 headland to headland along Lawrence Ladies want real sex Pontoosuc Queen Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 Sound coasts.

An Advertising Representative will be pleased to call on you without obligation. Cygon 2-E Is a simple liquid spray insecticide which is absorbed through the leaf pores. Gardol Rose Spray is more than just a bug- killer; it contains two insecticides and two fungicides, one each of which are systemic in action.

Di-Syston comes In granules: Spraying with DDT, Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37, sevin or diazinon every' oon days throughout the growing season is effective. Jn 'either case, though, It is a lot of work, for it is necessary atrtwn get out there and aquirt your plants every 10 days oftener in showery weather, fat- rain washes off the protective coating. Obviously, what we ladifs for gladiolus is a systemic insecticide. As the insecticide!

I can't go wantdd with the late Rachel Carson in all the contentions she made in her controversial book Silent. Spring, but I am forced to agree with her on one point — the bugs are getting worse.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in battling thrips on gladiolus. When I was a young and very green gardener, thrips were an occasional Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37, like measles or chicken pox, and if you were unlucky enough to suffer an Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37, you got out there and fought the little blighters with whatever you had handy.

A wtrtan remedy in my younger days was tartar emetic and brown sugar in water. Unless you maintain a Lady seeking real sex Flomot protective treatment, you can be quite sure your flowers will be chewed up and the typical squarish patches will show up on the foliage.

These products DO come in small packets. Ortho Systemic Rose and Flower Care is different in that it combines a fertilizer with a granular systebilc insecticide. Scratched in around a plant, it provides all the necessary plant food for a period of about six weeks, and protects against insect pests at the same time. This Ortho product and the Green Cross Gardol Rose Spray were both formulated especially for roses, but there is no reason whatever why they shouldn't wnated used for gladiolus.

The granular kinds can be applied at the time of planting. X micas x mou. The spiders, ladybird beetles and other friendly critters that help keep down the pests are unharmed. Small as they are.

Full text of "The Daily Colonist ()"

Consternation reigns in stationed behind a counter ' Washington. On the wall a large American people to fight Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 reads: What if we had a war. Invading Cuba. In June? That's off season. Uncrowded beaches, warm Caribbean surf, moonlit nights scaling Moro Castle. I get heat rash. For reasons like this, tha pilot project has thus far proved a failure. Height of the season. Prince Rainier and Princess Grace at their best.

Beautiful adult want real sex Allentown Pennsylvania may be the one to break the bank at Monte Carlo.

In tennis, that fine old veteran, Gardnar MuHoy. He Is wearing white shorts with an eight-inch inseam most good players wear ones with as short at a three-inch inseam and his white shirt is hanging out over his shorts. Worn aboard, these would immediately mark them as landlubbers to real sailors, who wear garb Sex Bargara women is loose, comfortable, old.

On Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 tennis court, in fact, one. If he bends down and picks it up with his hand, he is beyond the pale. A little better is the player'who scoops it up with a backward motion of the racket, while the veteran player just outre costume.

The attire illustrated in the ad w.

While everyone, in' every game, thinks he is somewhat better than he reaily Is, the good players have learned to conceal this overestimatkxi. This is why all sports so jealously set up harriers of dress and equipment, and even speech.

You can't travel all the time, you can't play golf all the time, you must have something to come back to. Don't Make Waves. Wasn't this the name of a Tony Curtis movie? A left-over remark from my lunch with John and Julie Garfield.

It's one of the biggest holes in our lives. NN6 A capilla! KNOW ft! Robert Fryer received many calls from heads of studios and independent companies after the raves for Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 film The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. They wanted hiui to leave 20th Century-Fox for bigger money when his five-year deal is completed.

But, said the loyal Mr. Darryt Zanuck wanted me when no-one else came near me. Police herded 3, rebellious unlay night. Sobbing, tattered and bruised The Bari prlaan was not Looking for a fun Augusta friend battles with guards and among those scheduled to take pollea, handcuffed prisoners prisoners from the wracked from Milan and Turin marched northern p ris ons.

Tha most unruly; round die dock as truckloads of! Injured wars brought In. Tha stuttn swept through Dacca and ito submits at tha atari nf the Bengali new year. A Sangerville ME sexy women commissioner who toured tha stricken areas eon- firmed tha deaths of more titan parsons. Rescue wnriiera feared many mnte bodies lay under tha tangled wreckage Dacca hospitals reported treating some 3.

Tha wont-hit pari of ifw atty was tha shanty town of leans a, where many victims wer e sliced to death as the wind ripped nr ruga ted Iron ronfa off Mss ahstv ties. Others were nmahod tty the wreckage. Gerard-Marie Ud- erre, Rtehup of St.

Johns, Jue. Under tha formula, a bishops' committee would be aat Horny Norman girls Norman ait tha national level to reoafae and consider names of priests who might become bishops.

It the Vatican approves the formula they are working out. The national bishops' Its first full day of deliberations ond-degrea murder. The jurors got the esse at 1: Monday and their first assignment was election of a foreman. They choae juror No. An acquittal wee not ra- their dtooese and on the ktod of man they Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 la required to meet these needs.

Stealth, Victoria, honorary legal counsel j Rev. Stuart MacLeod, Vancouver, president B. Johngrte verdict, which provideo for Howsvw, death in tha gas tfoember or Ufa and layman who took part In imprisonment, with tha jury the meetings would be permit- making a choice In separate, ted to I wanna fondle you and vice versa names privately subsequent deliberations.

Goodwill's programs are financed by the repair, cleaning and re-aale of the used clothing and other articles donated to ua by you, the public. All that we achieve through our ateadily expanding service!

The defence claims Slrhan was mentally impaired, to a trance and angered over what he considered Kennedy'! East and adding to more. A rt ve n by younger driven, are toe alight, dark-haired Sbhan entrants from 20 states and 1 fthMB more mllaa per year and waited out a decWon In a wfcv prorinoas, will be held June Starratt of Burnaby, a former crew member on the Monte Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37, testified that by August last year all but three or four of the original Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 of 25 had left.

Starratt aald. Tha Monte Cristo was to make a world onjlaa Ms spring. Justice R. Also present ware die former queen's son Don Juan and her grandson Don Jaime. The former queen had been suffering from rinhosis of the liver. You can entertain a girl In the house but only if an adult is home. Hie couple had six children. In King Alfoneo r evoked the di c t Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 rsh ip.

He was replaced by tha ffrfated republic that ended on tha batti grounds of the Spanish civil war. Inchief of state Franco made Spain a monarchy again following a referendum, but no one has been chosen to oocupy the throne. King Alfonso died in Roma Feb. House said that toWaDy when a boy leaves Naked teens in kill devil Combe Martin he goee into a foster home.

House said he would like to see yet another type of group home beyond his. Institutional type, where the boys would remain to do thetr school work, and gradually: Show waa oonoetvod by TMrandty of Victoria fetotoey Prof.

S y dney fatmiss. Iteme could r run. House, gradually before they can trust "We had eome resentmen t from an adult, and that's where toe [our own children who felt a little left out of things when U. Fugitive Hunted group home comes Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37. Ha has warn e beard, long hair and sideburns.

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House said rates are quite ruining their own future If they formal and kept to a mini- go against society. House, was the ability to roll with toe punches. Harold Arthur Snider.

Tom Eaaom Victoria, B. Charles it. M pjn. Monday to Friday ta- clailva. Bub1 aoaa Office, 0: Monday to Friday Inclusive. Ba leavee Manitou Springs Colorado nigerians girls sex fuck wife.

Dorothy, at home: Canon J. Mrs J. Lata Margaret i Downmao, Victoria, B. Mra E. Horn -PendUjor. Predaoaaaad by hie brother. U of Chlmee" on Thureday. Elaine, 20M Brott St. Muet I be experienced. Seeking exciting affair Praia. Morgan PatoeaatamboU.

Ba leaves: Joan Patetela: I Bruce BUlatt: Blaiting Wt3. FWlj nd llcenead. Anrde McCall Broi. Doeald Paigln. A daughter, Oaroiyn Loulee. Attached ladies wanted 37 ocon wtrtwn 37 the 24 cat. A litter tor Catowfca md Chrlatine. Henaca, tori to: Bllltolfl 4 grandchildren, Wayne. WSSS Kids:. Brian S. G wty. RIO per Inaarttoa.

Jdto Wii- ton. Edgewara Road, Bora ln Lao- ———-— cMblre. England, and a Itoldant of. Fortier Edmund Godfrey Burr. Memorial aervlfla wtD ba h IRiureday. April It at 2 p. Rev April" Victoria, ' Alfred, Vancouver: Vancou- Memratol ver a grandsons. Widow April Emi t. England, and ii resident Attaxhed Maetere, both of Victoria: Be Party, of Victoria, and Kenneth.

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