Switching gears to a subject other than sweet baby chicks, we have been busily preparing to lead four families through the Empowered to Connect 9-week Connect Class.  It’s been a year since our ETC Train-the Trainer training.  The time was so powerful for hubby and I as parents and just as people, so we are thrilled to be finally leading other families through it!  If you think of it, please pray for the four families that will be joining us for the next nine weeks, as well as hubby and I to lead well.  Our prayer is that the training will be exactly what they need and that the attendees will leave with tools to help them care for and connect with their children.

  • November 7, 2017 - 9:09 am

    Tereasa Mansfield - Good morning! I Found you on bloglovin’! I hope your class is going well. I am also an adoptive parent. We also foster and work with families who do. We are big fans of ETC!ReplyCancel

    • November 8, 2017 - 10:47 am

      Nicole Renée - Hi Tereasa, so nice to hear from you! We are on week 7 and our class is going very well! Thank you for reaching out!ReplyCancel

Mama Daffodil did, indeed, accept all of the new baby chicks.  All 15 of them.  Fifteen.  After sitting on wooden eggs and golf balls for 2 days, she allowed us to quietly and not-so-stealthily replace them with baby chicks.

Did I mention there are 15?

She has so instinctively and fiercely taken on the role of protector, teacher, and caregiver.  And the babies have unequivocally accepted her as their mama hen.  They follow her around everywhere and obey all of her sounds.  Sometimes that means keeping up with her, other times it means watching and copying, and still others it means hiding from potential danger.  I am so fascinated by this whole process.  I’ve never seen animals truly mother their young, so it’s been a super neat experience.

I know we’ve asked a lot of Mama Daffy, but she’s taken on the challenge with pure grace.  Today, she taught her babies how to dust bathe.  I keep thinking I’ve seen the cutest thing ever, and then Mama Daffy tops it off with something else.  Today, it was dust bathing.  So darn adorable.

Our sweet Red Star baby chicks arrived!  All 15 of them.  They are every bit as cute as the pictures suggest.  They arrived healthy, feisty, and playing right out of the box.  Huge kudos to Murry McMurray Hatchery for doing a top notch job with their chicks!  I can’t recommend them enough to purchase chicks!  We quickly got them into our brooder with a heat lamp, and gave them some vitamin/mineral water and feed.  They are just the sweetest little furry balls of farm baby to watch!

More to come on the story with Mama Daffodil!

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    Aliyah - Oh my gosh I love them!! And love this story of Mama Daffy, she’s awesome :))) ALiyahReplyCancel

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      Nicole Renée - They are just doing SO well! It’s amazing to watch!ReplyCancel

My sweet Daffy girl has gone broody two times now since the beginning of the summer.  I think she desperately wants to be a mama!  And ohhh, she’s a stubborn one too.  It took almost 2 weeks to break her last time.

This time around, at about a week in, I had a revelation.  Why not try to let her mama the chicks that would be arriving any day?  The timing was not planned, but is quite providential.  I have her sitting on about 7 golf balls and wooden eggs in preparation for her to brood the new chickies on their way from the hatchery.  I don’t know if she’ll accept them, but we’re going to give it a good college try.  It would make adding 15 new chicks to our current flock of three hens much easier.  For all parties involved.

You got this, Mama Daffodil!

It’s always a little (super crazy) hectic getting out of the house on our first community day, but we did it and I didn’t even forget anything!

I think today was a smashing success!  It was so wonderful to see our old friends, as well as meet and get to know new ones.  And the routine of the school year is a mostly welcomed change.  Angel has moved up to the Logic class, so I am really missing her in my Grammar group!  But I have 14 more students to keep me busy, including Dumpling who has moved up from the preschool class!  I think the dynamics of the students and the mamas are awesome, and I am just so excited for the school year.  I can tell we have a great group that’s going to work so well together!