Orphan Sunday

Orphan Sunday is an international church movement to recognize the plight of the orphan and stand for them.  With the help of Christian Alliance for Orphans, Orphan Sunday has been recognized in the U.S. since 2003.  Many churches choose to host Orphan Sunday in a variety of ways, but the general theme is simply to bring awareness to the desperate worldwide orphan crisis and the deep love the Father has for them.  Events are planned by local believers in their churches, which is so cool because people are able to design activities that will best work for their communities.  Although there is one internationally recognized “Orphan Sunday” day in November, churches host events all throughout the year – they need not fall on the recognized day to make an impact.


The CAFO site has plenty of resources available for churches, including sample sermons and lots of great print materials.  They also have some ideas about different ways to organize activities.  We’ve hosted Orphan Sunday events twice now, and both were so convicting.  HERE is 2013 and HERE is 2016.  I am happy to answer questions about how we planned if you are interested in an Orphan Sunday event at your church!

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