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Baking Traditions

This season has been so jam-packed with school work, doctor’s appointments, and plain old life, that we justView full post »

Working with sourdough

I’ve been successfully baking sourdough bread for my family since January of this year after I got my starterView full post »

Scrumptious Einkorn Banana Bread

My love affair with einkorn flour continues.  We are obsessed with the delicious, incredibly healthy, wonderfullyView full post »

What is Einkorn flour?

I started experimenting with einkorn flour baking a few months ago, but I hadn’t heard much about it up untilView full post »

Sourdough Pizza

We love homemade pizza around here, and we have it for dinner probably about every two weeks.  I try to make sure toView full post »

Kombucha – it’s easier than you think

I’ve been brewing kombucha now, off and on, for the past few months.  I took a break after my first few batchesView full post »

Maryland Crab Cakes

I picked up crab meat a few days ago to make our favorite Crab Wontons, so I grabbed extra to also make crab cakes!  IView full post »

Snow storms are for sourdough baking

I love baking while snow piles up outside.  And it’s even more fun this time with my sourdough starter!  Over theView full post »

Sourdough Crackers

I’ve been sourdough baking for about 3 months now.  I love it.  Yes, it does require a little effort.  But weView full post »

The Kombucha Experiment

I didn’t even know Kombucha was a thing until December when I was looking into starting sourdough baking again. View full post »

Homemade Jiǎozi: A Family Affair

I learned to make dumplings a few years ago when we hosted an exchange student from China.  Everyone in the familyView full post »

Yum Chicken | Recipe

I’ve seen a lot of Facebook posts over the last few days requesting favorite recipes so families can meal planView full post »

Mmmmm …

I ordered a new sourdough starter a few weeks back.  I tried maintaining one right before we brought Dumpling home, butView full post »

Egg & Tomato Stir Fry

In honor of Duān Wǔ Jié, or Dragon Boat Festival, I thought I’d share the recipe for a traditional Chinese sideView full post »

Chinese Bāozi from scratch

Chinese Bāozi is a much-loved dish in our family, so I was really looking forward to making it from scratch!  HomemadeView full post »