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Plugging along

The school year is officially back in session and the schedule is slowly returning to normal after all of the holidayView full post »

His Legacy

He’s part of my thoughts every single day.  Little reminders constantly flood my thoughts with him.  Constantly.  I seeView full post »

Baking Traditions

This season has been so jam-packed with school work, doctor’s appointments, and plain old life, that we justView full post »

Resting in the down day

Fridays are typically the “down” day in our homeschool schedule.  That usually means pajamas stay on forView full post »

All I want for Christmas

I’ve always hoped one of my kids would lose their two front teeth at the same time.  I don’t know why, butView full post »

Six and three!

November is a big month for this little guy!  Not only did he celebrate his sixth birthday on November 4th, we alsoView full post »

Getting lost in the corn

We kind of dropped the ball on all of the fall activities this year.  When I write drop the ball, that translates to:View full post »

Our country Halloween

Living in the country means we need to travel to another neighborhood if we want to trick-or-treat.  We justView full post »

Rocket ships and picnics

We made our way to DC over the weekend to visit one of our favorites – the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. View full post »

Double digits x2

This guy.  He officially joins his sister in the double digits club today.  That reality hardly seems true because IView full post »

Summer’s End

What started as an extremely last-minute beach invitation in 2013 has transformed into one of our family’s mostView full post »

The easy yes

She asked if she could join me in painting as I worked on a chalk paint project on the front porch.  I embarrassinglyView full post »

Solar Eclipsing 2017

The Solar Eclipse was SO COOL!  I’m so glad we were able to snag some glasses so we could all experience theView full post »


We had the chance to do some mini-golfing with my mom last week, and I think the kids had so much fun!  This was one ofView full post »

Army men and pajamas

It can be so easy for me to take for granted the sweet, simple moments of daily living.  Just trying to keep up withView full post »