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Claritas Cycle 2 Reading List

This coming school year will be our seventh as a homeschool family!  We’ll be using Claritas ClassicalView full post »

First day back!

We had a super spectacular first day back at Bridges Classical Community today!  This officially marks our first dayView full post »

2016-2017 Curriculum Choices

Our fifth year of homeschooling has officially commenced!  I can’t believe it!  We reevaluate each year aboutView full post »

Impromptu Presentation Topics for Grammar Students

Impromptu Presentation Topics I’m putting the finishing touches on my school planning over the next week or so,View full post »

Our summer read aloud list

As of Monday, Bridges Classical Community is officially out for the summer!  It was such a rewarding year, but we areView full post »

This crazy crew

We’ve grown together a lot over this past year. These precious souls have made up my Bridges Classical CommunityView full post »

I am my Dad

My Daddy has been on my mind more than usual over the past few days.  Maybe it’s the change in weather, myView full post »

The element of shape

We studied the art element of shape at our Bridges homeschool community day a few weeks back.  We (me included) all hadView full post »

Bridges Classical Community Week 2

We had another successful week of Bridges Classical Community!  The children continue to impress me with how well theyView full post »

First day of homeschool!

We had our first day of homeschool on Monday!  We started off with our first community day at Bridges, the newView full post »

Music Appreciation: Composer Studies

Although I am not a music teacher and can’t carry a tune to save my life, I do have a passion for music.  I feelView full post »

Claritas Cycle 4 Readling List

Another tiny curve ball got thrown into my homeschool planning – we decided to switch memory work cycles a monthView full post »

Claritas Cycle 1 Reading List

Switching homeschool paths in the middle of the summer means my planning changes a little too.  I’m always up forView full post »

A new homeschool path

I want to begin with stating that I firmly believe in and respect the educational product Classical ConversationsView full post »