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Rocket ships and picnics

We made our way to DC over the weekend to visit one of our favorites – the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. View full post »

Another first day in the books

It’s always a little (super crazy) hectic getting out of the house on our first community day, but we did it andView full post »

2017-2018 Curriculum Choices

We are only a few weeks away from beginning our sixth year of homeschooling! I had no idea what was in store when weView full post »

Updated Memory Work Box

I’m in the thick of homeschool planning for our third year with Claritas memory work, so it seemed like a perfectView full post »

Claritas Cycle 2 Reading List

This coming school year will be our seventh as a homeschool family!  We’ll be using Claritas ClassicalView full post »

Claritas | a CC Alternative

I’ve had several recent emails asking about our experience with Claritas Classical Curricula memory work for ourView full post »

Bridges Classical Community Week 2

We had another successful week of Bridges Classical Community!  The children continue to impress me with how well theyView full post »

First day of homeschool!

We had our first day of homeschool on Monday!  We started off with our first community day at Bridges, the newView full post »

Updated Jenga Memory Work Review Game

During homeschool planning this week, I updated my original Jenga Memory Review Game to be more flexible.  It’sView full post »

Twister Memory Work Review Game

As I continue prepping for the new school year, I wanted to have a few new memory review games in my bag of tricks. View full post »

Claritas Cycle 4 Readling List

Another tiny curve ball got thrown into my homeschool planning – we decided to switch memory work cycles a monthView full post »

Claritas Cycle 1 Reading List

Switching homeschool paths in the middle of the summer means my planning changes a little too.  I’m always up forView full post »