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Chinese Bāozi from scratch

Chinese Bāozi is a much-loved dish in our family, so I was really looking forward to making it from scratch!  HomemadeView full post »

Lunar New Year Celebration

A local art museum hosts a Lunar New Year festival every year and this is (sadly) the first time we have every beenView full post »

15 Ideas to Celebrate Chinese New Year

Lunar New Year is fast approaching!  Our celebrations have morphed over the years, especially depending on the seasonView full post »

The Chinese New Year Tree

One of the Lunar New Year decorating highlights for our family is decorating the tree!  The Chinese New Year ornamentsView full post »

Decorating for Chinese New Year

Our family has so much fun decorating for Lunar New Year.  Once the Christmas decorations come down, the SpringView full post »

Preparing for Chinese New Year

As Christmas activities come to a close and decorations come down, our family is just beginning to gear up for ourView full post »

The Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

Hubby and I sat outside and watched the coolest total lunar eclipse on the night of Moon Festival.  I don’tView full post »

{Celebrate China} Egg Drop Soup

I tried making Egg Drop Soup on Sunday for Moon Festival but it was kind of a disaster.  I won’t share whichView full post »

Moon Festival Reading

In addition to making Moon Cookies, we spent part of our Saturday afternoon reading all about the Moon Festival. View full post »

Moon Cookie Making

I know it’s traditional to make Moon Cakes for the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, but we like Moon Cookies better. View full post »

Back to our Chinese studies

After quite a sabbatical, we finally started back to Chinese lessons with our favorite lǎo shī, Mei!  We are meeting inView full post »

A trip of a lifetime: Bringing Siblings

You may remember that my husband and I traveled with our three children (ages 9, 7, and 4) to bring our newest son homeView full post »

Happy (belated) Dragon Boat Festival

I’m a few days late on this post, but Happy Dragon Boat Festival or Duān Wǔ Jié Kuài Lè!  Dragon Boat Festival isView full post »

Studying Mandarin together

I am so excited that we started studying Mandarin Chinese together this past school year.  Because of our ties toView full post »

Happy Children’s Day!

Értóng Jié Kuàilè!  Happy Children’s Day!  On June 1, the Chinese celebrate Children’s Day. View full post »