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The magical first snow

The first snow fall came early this year!  It was so beautiful, and I loved seeing the blanket of soft, fluffyView full post »

Our newest adoption story

Mama Daffodil did, indeed, accept all of the new baby chicks.  All 15 of them.  Fifteen.  After sitting on wooden eggsView full post »

Baby chick love

Our sweet Red Star baby chicks arrived!  All 15 of them.  They are every bit as cute as the pictures suggest.  TheyView full post »

Mama Daffodil

My sweet Daffy girl has gone broody two times now since the beginning of the summer.  I think she desperately wants toView full post »

My preteen

This girl.  She’s the one who first made my dream of being a mama come true.  She came into the world with ease,View full post »

The garden dirt bath

You know how chickens clean themselves?  With dirt.  I didn’t know that until I started doing chicken-keepingView full post »

Miss Glory Honey Buns

It’s been busy, busy, busy over the last month and a half!  Lots of garden and flower bed prep, planting,View full post »

Life on the “farm”

I feel a little funny writing that we live on a farm.  But in addition to maintaining a veggie and fruit patch,View full post »

Say hello to our girls

First, wow I can’t believe how neglected the blog has been, yikes!  Busy season is upon us.  But second,View full post »