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Homemade Jiǎozi: A Family Affair

I learned to make dumplings a few years ago when we hosted an exchange student from China.  Everyone in the familyView full post »

Beauty in the park

The art class in the park was simply amazing.  I can’t truly describe what it was like to watch all of theView full post »

Piao liang

The translation for “pretty” in Mandarin is “piao liang.”  I feel like I walked around thisView full post »

Through my lens

More of my favorites from our time yesterday!  View full post »

Sights from the Middle Country

It was quite an adventure to make it to China with a broken plane and a re-route through Tokyo, but we finally arrivedView full post »

Cram sessions

Our homeschool Chinese studies may be on a Christmas break, but I am in the midst of some serious cram sessions toView full post »

Celebrating the Moon Festival

This year, the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival falls on September 15. It is a day of Thanksgiving and gratitude for theView full post »

Egg & Tomato Stir Fry

In honor of Duān Wǔ Jié, or Dragon Boat Festival, I thought I’d share the recipe for a traditional Chinese sideView full post »

Happy Children’s Day!

Értóng Jié Kuàilè! Happy Children’s Day! On June 1, the Chinese celebrate Children’s Day. Internationally,View full post »

Chinese Bāozi from scratch

Chinese Bāozi has been on my radar for a long time to make.  I don’t ever expect to be an accomplished ChineseView full post »

Lunar New Year Celebration

A local art museum hosts a Lunar New Year festival every year and this is (sadly) the first time we have every beenView full post »

15 Ideas to Celebrate Chinese New Year

Lunar New Year is fast approaching!  Our celebrations have morphed over the years, especially depending on the seasonView full post »

The Chinese New Year Tree

One of the Lunar New Year decorating highlights for our family is decorating the tree!  The Chinese New Year ornamentsView full post »

Decorating for Chinese New Year

Our family has so much fun decorating for Lunar New Year.  Once the Christmas decorations come down, the SpringView full post »

Preparing for Chinese New Year

As Christmas activities come to a close and decorations come down, our family is just beginning to gear up for ourView full post »