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The time we made sensory bottles

Yes, with 20 of our best xiǎo péng yǒu, we made sensory bottles.  It was such a hit.  It was also a little bittersweetView full post »

Sensory Bins 101

Over the years, we’ve had a lot of fun with sensory bins.  A few of my little loves are sensory-seeking (oftenView full post »

Sensory Bin #5: Oobleck (solid or liquid?)

Sunshine’s sweet Godmama got the kids Dr. Seuss’s “Oobleck” story, along with the ingredientsView full post »

Sensory Bin #4

SNOW!  Ok not real snow, but the kind that you buy in powder form and then “grow” with water.View full post »

Sensory Bin #3

I cooked up Sensory Bin #3 today – Dyed Spaghetti!  Lovebug picked the color.  Although it was supposedView full post »

Sensory Bin #2

Well I certainly couldn’t have predicted the complete success I’d have with this one – coffee beansView full post »

Sensory Bin #1

I am on a mission to create an arsenal of sensory bins for Sunshine to play with over the summer … mostlyView full post »