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One Week Pre-Op

We are one-week pre-op for the palate repair surgery … again.  Ugh.  If you remember the lastView full post »

Cleft bottles and cups 101

I have been gathering help from other cleft mamas for this post – so this is a collaboration of my knowledge andView full post »

The dentist

Sorry, no pictures for this post … But I wanted to tell everyone about Sunshine’s first dentistView full post »

Hey CL/CP Mamas!

I need your help! I am working on a blog post for bottles and cups that work for cleft-affected kiddos.  I knowView full post »

Sick. Yes … again.

Wishful thinking that we might get through the rest of the season without more sickness? Guess so. A cold has beenView full post »

Cleft lip & palate as a “minor” special need

Her special need really wasn’t a “need”…in the beginning. Her cleft really was quite minor and utterly adorable. EatingView full post »

Morning beauty

Of all three of my kids, Sunshine can pull off “moody” the best … she is stunningly gorgeous all theView full post »

Surgery update

Happy belated Valentine’s Day! I love the love that these two share … Lovebug is such a great big brotherView full post »

The view from up here and surgery update

Is pretty adorable, wouldn’t you say? Even despite being sick, Sunshine still gives the best leg hugs 🙂 SheView full post »

Sick … again

Baby girl just *cannot* catch a break. Even on antibiotics, a new virus has developed. One with a terrible gagging,View full post »

An antibiotic bubble

Sunshine had her pre-op visit with the pediatrician yesterday. I was a bit concerned he wouldn’t clear herView full post »

Communicating through ASL

I think it’s safe to say that one of the biggest frustrations for toddler-aged kiddos is lack of communication.View full post »


Yup, we’re just plugging along with therapy. We took a break for about 4 weeks to recover from surgery, but weView full post »

She’s free!

I have been worried sick over this stent removal thing for months. With them being sewn into her nose and then beingView full post »

Houston, we have a cold …

Yes, that’s right … one week post lip surgery complete with nose stents and no-no’s, Sunshine caughtView full post »