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All I want for Christmas

I’ve always hoped one of my kids would lose their two front teeth at the same time.  I don’t know why, butView full post »

Her journey

I recently looked back at my blog archives and noticed that I hadn’t blogged about Sunshine’s cleft journeyView full post »

Saying goodbye

We had to say goodbye to Sunshine’s speech therapist yesterday, so bittersweet!  Sunshine is transitioning fromView full post »

This Girl

This little beauty has been hungry for knowledge since the end of last school year.  She is so much moreView full post »

Verbal language …

Verbal language … it’s a lovely thing. After using sign language almost exclusively for the first year and a halfView full post »

It feels good to be heard

Almost two years ago, we took Sunshine to her first cleft clinic day.  It was a very long day (smack dab in theView full post »

Oh my, 1st Speech Therapy Session

In trying to stay positive, it can only get better from here, right?  Lisa, Sunshine’s new ST, came todayView full post »

There she blows!

It’s funny … before we had a child with cleft lip & palate, I didn’t realize all of the littleView full post »

Speech Therapy Evaluation

To be honest, I was dreading Sunshine’s speech therapy evaluation on Thursday.  After her less-than-enthusiasticView full post »

Pre-Speech Therapy

Did you know that playing with straws in the bathtub is actually speech therapy?  Who knew?!?  We hadView full post »

2 Weeks Post-Op (Graphic!)

Ok friends, if you don’t want to see a picture of a repaired palate two weeks after surgery, you should probablyView full post »

Finally caught up with her

Well it appears that surgery has finally caught up with Little Miss Sunshine, who is, quite honestly, not soView full post »

What palate repair?

We are 4 days post-palate repair and this is my girl.  Can you even believe her?!  This is such a toughView full post »

She’s a rockstar

You can barely tell she had major surgery 3 days ago.  Aside from her generally subdued demeanor, the tape residueView full post »

Cleft palate surgery {in iPhone pics and FB updates}

(extra notes in red to fill in details) 4:30am – Up and in the shower, breakfast, and packing the car. 5:30amView full post »