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A trip of a lifetime: Bringing Siblings

You may remember that my husband and I traveled with our three children (ages 9, 7, and 4) to bring our newest son homeView full post »


After our parents picked us up at the airport, the drove us home – about a 3 hour drive.  We arrived home to aView full post »

Home feels awesome

I don’t have the brain power to write much more, but we are home and Dumpling is now a U.S. citizen.  Praise theView full post »


We leave the Garden Hotel in 12 hours!  We are (almost) all packed, settling down to eat dinner, bathe the kids, and goView full post »


Or not.  As soon as it was opened, he ate it.  Stuck in his teeth and everything.  And then he stacked the containersView full post »

Bedtime Bonding

Fostering bonding before bedtime with GeGe.  Love these two together.View full post »

Consulate Appointment

Check!  We are officially waiting on a U.S. visa to bring our precious boy HOME!  We are all ready to sleep in our ownView full post »

His world

It’s about to get much, much bigger.  As he was looking out the window from the 14th floor, I was thinking aboutView full post »


We had nothing planned for today, so we tried to do a few things to fill up the day.  One of those things was a visitView full post »

If there’s a pool …

… My crew will find their way to it.  I went back and forth on packing bathing suits, but ultimately threw themView full post »


Somebody (not us!) taught this little guy how to slurp noodles like it’s nobody’s business!  And heView full post »

Botanical Garden

We visited a local botanical garden this morning – a fun way to get out and celebrate our 11th weddingView full post »

Orphanage Visit

Today was a difficult day on all accounts.  I was traveling for 12 hours and DH manned the fort, so to speak, on hisView full post »


I don’t know if “goofnut” is a word (actually I’m sure it’s not), but DH coined it a fewView full post »

Medical Appointment

Today we went to Dumpling’s medical appointment – this is part of the process to apply for his US visa.  IView full post »