Our girls are growing up

Our sweet baby chicks are not baby chicks anymore!  They started laying this week!  Their itty bitty little eggs are just the cutest things ever.  Look at how adorable they are compared to Mama Daffy’s big egg!  The younger girls will eventually grow into their eggs, but the miniature ones have us all ohhing and ahhing for now.  I wasn’t sure if we’d get any eggs through the winter because chickens normally need more daylight to lay consistently.  But the short days don’t seem to be holding our girls back.

This is the collection from the last three days.  Pretty impressive!  The girls have been fighting over the nesting boxes, so we have a coop expansion project planned in our near future.  The hen house wasn’t really designed for 16 chickens (I seriously didn’t expect all of them to survive!), but I think the addition we have planned will work everything out.

Yay for free-range, organic, healthy, super fresh, homegrown eggs!  There is nothing like walking out to the hen house and grabbing eggs that immediately get cracked into the frying pan for breakfast.  It’s so rewarding and satisfying to know that we’re eating the healthiest eggs possible straight from our backyard!

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