Resting in the down day

Fridays are typically the “down” day in our homeschool schedule.  That usually means pajamas stay on for longer than usual and kids play together quietly.  Just kidding, there is no such thing as quiet play in our house ever.  Ha!

Fridays also usually include me drinking coffee while catching up on whatever has been neglected throughout the week.  Well, it more means that I attempt to pick a few things to catch up on.  Because let’s face it, I’m never totally caught up.  Because #momlife.

This morning, einkorn banana bread is in the oven, the new pellet stove is roaring, Christmas music is playing (though I can’t hear it over the kids playing!), laundry is in the washer, Angel is sleeping, Lovebug is slowly getting ready to start the day, and the two youngest of my brood are enjoying each other as they build an imaginary world of legos.  Don’t worry, the kitchen sink and countertops are overflowing with dishes that still need to be cleaned from last night.  The Christmas tree still isn’t up and we haven’t started the day, let alone our schoolwork.

I am delighted to rest in the beauty of where we are right now though, while projects, to-do lists, and schoolwork remain incomplete.  I will happily listen to siblings play together in their imaginary lego world, though I just had to intervene to keep the peace.  I love resting in these slower homeschool days and hope that my children look back on them fondly, too.

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