Our country Halloween

Living in the country means we need to travel to another neighborhood if we want to trick-or-treat.  We just don’t have enough neighbors!  We drove to our old neighborhood last year, but neither hubby nor I were really feeling that again this year.  So we made the executive decision to stay home for Halloween.  The kids were a little disappointed, but they were really good sports about it.  They did still get to dress up for our church’s trunk-or-treat though, and came home with a smaller, more reasonable candy loot that we won’t have to throw away or donate!

So instead of trick-or-treating this year, we made a country Halloween at home!  We built a nice fire, roasted hot dogs and marshmallows for s’mores, and carved pumpkins.  The kids also rode the 4-wheelers, played laser tag, and had a blast with flashlight hide-n-seek.  We sat around the fire and chatted and just had a great time.  Our hope is that creating a new tradition will make our humble country Halloween something that everyone looks forward to each year!

Happy Halloween from Alena of Avalor, Jack Sparrow, Harry Potter, and Marshall from Paw Patrol!

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