Summer’s End

What started as an extremely last-minute beach invitation in 2013 has transformed into one of our family’s most favorite traditions. Four years ago, Kelly knew that a weekend away with the kids was exactly what I needed to pass the time when hubby was on a mission trip. What she didn’t know was that her invitation would begin a tradition of summers spent together at the beach. And neither one of us could have predicted that our children would become such good friends. My crew so looks forward to our shared beach times together every year. And getting to vacation with my hǎo péng yǒu is pretty great for me too.


We almost missed the picture this year because we completely forgot to snap it earlier this summer. But Kelly’s clan made a surprise visit to the beach this past weekend, so we got a second chance to freeze yet another summer in time. I’m so glad too, because my kiddos have had the best time looking at the progression of pictures through the years. I am so excited to replace the old shot with the newest one in our frame at home.  The summer season is now officially complete, bring on the school year!



2014 – proof that our children were together since I slacked and missed a picture that year.  Dolp!


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