Our newest adoption story

Mama Daffodil did, indeed, accept all of the new baby chicks.  All 15 of them.  Fifteen.  After sitting on wooden eggs and golf balls for 2 days, she allowed us to quietly and not-so-stealthily replace them with baby chicks.

Did I mention there are 15?

She has so instinctively and fiercely taken on the role of protector, teacher, and caregiver.  And the babies have unequivocally accepted her as their mama hen.  They follow her around everywhere and obey all of her sounds.  Sometimes that means keeping up with her, other times it means watching and copying, and still others it means hiding from potential danger.  I am so fascinated by this whole process.  I’ve never seen animals truly mother their young, so it’s been a super neat experience.

I know we’ve asked a lot of Mama Daffy, but she’s taken on the challenge with pure grace.  Today, she taught her babies how to dust bathe.  I keep thinking I’ve seen the cutest thing ever, and then Mama Daffy tops it off with something else.  Today, it was dust bathing.  So darn adorable.

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