Army men and pajamas

It can be so easy for me to take for granted the sweet, simple moments of daily living.  Just trying to keep up with life and the never-ending to-do lists can sometimes make it impossible to slow down to see them.

But when I find some (or occasionally, all) of the children playing so well together, it just makes my heart leap with joy.  Of course there are plenty of other times when that’s not the case too.  After all, we are just like every other family.  I suppose I should find joy in the not-so-kind moments also, but that doesn’t come naturally to me.

I do really try to soak in the moments of sweet togetherness though.  And when I glimpsed across the room to see the boys gently playing together the other day, it was instantly another one of those make-my-heart-leap-with-joy moments.  They weren’t doing anything particularly special.  Just sitting in their pajamas playing with army men was an ordinary enough sight, but one that was beautiful to me.

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