Our Summer 2017 Read Aloud List

It’s easy for the entire summer to pass by without me being intentional about reading to the children, so making a list helps me stay accountable to myself.  I love to read aloud with them, but I can often get caught up in checking off items from my personal to-do list over the summer (especially as I plan for this coming school year), which leads to very few books being read aloud together.  I do have audio versions for many of the titles, but we’ll see how the summer goes.  We spend a lot of time in the car, so often audio versions are a perfect way to utilize that time.

Bronze Bow is left over from our Cycle 1 reading list, but we’ll be finishing that up soon.  Likewise, a few of the titles are leftover from last year’s summer reading list.  We’ve already started 100 Cupboards in the car and are really enjoying it!  It’s intriguing and keeping (almost) everyone’s attention, which I consider a win!  And everyone loves listening to the Little House on the Prairie series – we can’t get enough of Cherry Jones!













And if we do somehow manage to read through all of the above titles, I have the rest of these books on Audible ready to go also.  I’ve picked them up here and there when they’ve been on sale, so my Audible account is stocked with plenty of reading options!













What are your summer reading plans?  We obviously won’t make it through all of these books, but I like having a plan of action.  And I always enjoy hearing what other families are reading so I can add to my (ever)growing wish list.  There are just so many great books out there.  So many stories simply waiting to be uncovered!

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