My preteen

This girl.  She’s the one who first made my dream of being a mama come true.  She came into the world with ease, and has always been filled with joy.  She’s everything I’d hoped for and is such a delight to parent.  A true delight.  I genuinely enjoy my time with her.  Our conversations are like soul food to me.  I love hearing her ideas about life, and I value her input and thoughts about everything.

And this month, she turns twelve.  In many ways, I can’t believe how fast the time has gone.  Although I’d love to slow down the clock just a little, I wouldn’t turn it back at all.  Watching her grow into a beautiful young lady is such a blessing and a joy.  I celebrate the person she’s becoming with shouts of thanksgiving.  And I look forward to the teen years ahead with anticipation for great things.

She’s my right-hand gal.  I can always depend on her to pitch in when needed.  She especially enjoys helping hubby do chores around the property.  She’s an animal lover, though particularly fond of Raven and our sweet feathered friends.  She wants to be a farmer when she grows up, and absolutely loves everything outdoors.  She’s a 4-wheeling, chicken-wrangling, nature-hiking, capture-the-flag playing, flashlight-tagging, splashing-in-the-creek, gone-fishing, Harry Potter-reading, fire pit-hanging, piano-playing, music-listening country girl.  She fights like a girl, and she’s proud of it.

She can write a paper and parse a sentence like it’s nobody’s business.  She can figure out just about anything if she puts her mind to it … like making every kind of slime known to the planet.  Seriously, her slimes are amazing.  She’s organized.  She’s smart as a whip and doesn’t miss a beat.  She gets our sarcasm and laughs at the jokes that she isn’t supposed to be figuring out quite yet.  She likes to stick around for the adult conversations.  She’s wise beyond her years and a wonderful companion.

Life is sweeter because of her, and I’m so thankful she’s mine.  And as she grows into those teen years and figures out who she is in this world, I will proudly walk beside her.  I love her with everything I have and I thank God for her.  Happy 12th birthday to my precious, first-born love.

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