Say hello to our girls

First, wow I can’t believe how neglected the blog has been, yikes!  Busy season is upon us.  But second, I’d like to introduce you to our girls!  They’ve officially been ours for a week, and we are simply mesmerized with them!  We found a local farm that was selling year-old Red Stars and Black Orpingtons, so we decided to go that route instead of starting with baby chicks from a hatchery.  The girls laid 4 eggs for us last week, but while they acclimate to their new home, we are feeling pretty excited about that!

Chickens are super fascinating animals to watch.  The whole pecking order thing, their mannerisms, how quickly they learn, and their preferences are just so darn interesting!  They definitely have personalities and we are quickly seeing who’s boss.  We’ve named the three Orpingtons Iris, Terrapin, and Daffodil.  And the three Red Stars are Glory, Sarai, and Nugget.  Believe it or not, we’re beginning to tell who is who without the little leg bands.

Angel has quickly taken on her role as “chicken mama,” and she prides herself in winning over every single one of them.  She is completely in her element, and is delighted to help pitch in with the chicken chores.  Lovebug prefers them from a distance, but really enjoys watching them and feeding dandelions through the run fence.  The two littlest aren’t all that impressed with the chickens yet, though Dumpling squeals in delight and yells, “chi-cheeee!!!” every time he sees them hanging out.

We’re figuring it all out as we go and having a blast doing it!  Our girls are a perfect introduction into farm life for us and we are thrilled that they’ve joined our family!

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