Signs of spring

Signs of spring abound.  There are little green shoots sprouting up from the ground all over our property, thanks to the gajillion (technical gardening term) perennial bulbs we planted last fall.  We planted almost 100 bulbs – so many that we had forgotten where they all were!  It’s been a fun treasure hunt to spot everything growing.  The daffodils and crocuses have been the first to bloom.  And sadly, they are probably the only ones we will get to see!

After an unusually warm winter, we are expecting up to 2 feet of snow tonight and tomorrow.  Gasp!  So not ready for that much snow.  Or any snow.  I am in all kinds of spring fever mode, not snow boots and snow sledding mode.  #justsaynotosnow

I’m afraid we won’t get to see the rest of our daffodils, crocuses, scilla, puschkinia, hyacinthoides, irises, or day lilies, as well as the tiger lilies that I dug up from my Daddy’s house and transplanted here.  But I’m holding out hope that some of them may still bloom!  And at least we still have the rest of the perennials to look forward to.

In the meantime, I’m ready for snow in the refrigerator-stocked, baking-supplies-ready-to-go kind of way.  The snow blower is in place and all of the proper preparations have been made.  Sigh.

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