Our newest addition

When we first walk through our new house, I dreamed of a beautiful, rustic farm table sitting in the dining room that would be a workhorse for our family.  One that would be a treasured family heirloom and a favorite centerpiece for lots of meals, gatherings with friends, hours of reading aloud together, learning to read and write and divide fractions, reviewing memory work, sharing cups of coffee and long conversations, savoring sweet treats, and a lifetime of countless memories.

It took about a year and a half, but my dream finally became a reality thanks to a generous Christmas gift from my mama!  I worked with a local artist who made our table and refinished six different chairs to compliment it perfectly.  We went with a seven-foot table to maximize the space but not be too large.  I would’ve loved it to be a little larger, but the space just didn’t warrant it.  And if needed, we have the ability to push four more chairs up to the table.  It’ll be a tight fit, but family and friends don’t mind being close.  Ha!

Isn’t it stunning?  If you’re local and are searching for custom furniture, please contact Angela from Koukla Fine Decor so she can work her magic for you!

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