His newest big thing

He’s been working so hard on his preschool skills these last few months.  When we go downstairs to the school room he runs to his desk and declares, “Ma, I READY!”  It’s just adorable.  And such a difference compared to where we were two years ago!  He used to get mad at me when I’d sit him down to do an activity, and he almost never wanted to stick with anything for longer than a minute or two.

But now?  Now he delights in learning new things and doing his “dool wuk.”  His vocabulary has exploded, though he’s still difficult to understand a lot of the time.  He tells fantastical stories, puts more complex sentences together, and can tell us the names of all kinds of nouns.

And today he did this.  He wrote his name six times by himself, unassisted, and without tracing.  I was so proud of him I almost cried.  The squealing and jumping and high-fiving was off the hook.  For me.  Ha.  He just smiled at the thought of his accomplishment.  And then when he saw how ridiculously I was acting, he giggled too.  I’m not sure whether he was giggling in excitement, or giggling at me.  But either way is good.  Because we are all about celebrating big stuff like this.

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