My date at the Safari Park

We ambitiously took 21 waiting children to the Safari Park.  It was one of the biggest highlights of the whole trip.  We paired the children with team members the night before, but that didn’t go quite as planned when we arrived.  Meet my little 7 year old peng you, Wayland.  He wasn’t who I was partnered with, but he didn’t care about our plans.  He chose me anyway.  And I am so thankful he did.  He’s sunshine, my friends.  Pure sunshine.

He was full of energy, joyfully and excitedly running all over the park despite his heart condition.  He called guo lai in anticipation at every new turn as he held my hand, not wanting to miss anything.  He delighted in everything and affectionately hugged me all day.  He told me all of the animal names in putong hua, and patiently repeated the syllables until I got them right.  And then he made sure I snapped a picture of every animal.  He thoughtfully shared his snacks and treats with friends, especially one in particular who was feeling a little sad.

He smiled and laughed and looked into my eyes with love.  He sought me out, if we got even a little separated.  He sweetly called me ayi without prompting, and pointed out all of the exciting sights to me.  He talked to me all morning, even though I only understand bits and pieces of Mandarin.  He knew what he wanted and used words to ask respectfully, but accepted no when I couldn’t say yes.  He asked me to pick him up so he could see the animals better.  He lovingly laid his head on my shoulder.  He stared at all of the sights in wonder.  He came to me to meet all his needs.  He was a wonderfully polite gentleman.  He was my most perfect Safari Park date.

In a few short hours, the Father let me glimpse into His immeasurable love for this child.  He let me see into his precious heart.  I fell completely in love with him, despite the “plan” of partnering with another child.  Beloved Wayland let me into his world.  He allowed me to see what a beautifully precious child he is.  He allowed me to love him with a mama’s love.  He gave me the incredible honor of claiming him and calling him mine for a short morning.  When this sweet boy finds his forever mama, she will be incredibly blessed to call him son.

As I tearfully and emotionally said goodbye to him, I promised I’d find his family.  I told him I wouldn’t give up until he was home.  And I won’t.  I will keep sharing about him until his family finds him.  Because he stole my heart.  Because he is so uniquely and wonderfully made.  Because he is the Father’s child, not simply a list of medical diagnoses in a file.  Because he should be doted on and lavished in love as I had the privilege to do.  Because he is so deserving and worthy.  So very precious.  So deeply beloved.

Please contact Sarah Hansen at Madison Adoption Associates ( for more information about this beautiful boy.  The one who visits me in my dreams.

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