Cram sessions

Our homeschool Chinese studies may be on a Christmas break, but I am in the midst of some serious cram sessions to learn as much Pǔtōng huà as possible.  Why?  Because I’m heading back to China, the “middle country,” very soon!

I was recently offered the very special opportunity to return with a small group of friends to serve in a southern orphanage for one week.  I’ll be working alongside some of my most favorite people as we serve the āyís and the children who they care for.  I consider it such an honor to do this again, and I am anticipating big things during this trip!

If you remember, would you please lift up me, my friends, and the people who we will be serving?  Please also keep my husband and children in your thoughts – it’s not easy to be left behind while one family member is halfway across the world and largely unavailable to connect with.  I’ve been working on freezer meals and preparing homeschool plans to ease the burden, but it’s still a lot.  My husband is a serious rock star – he is sending me off with his full blessing and will totally nail the Financial Advisor turned Mr. Homeschool Mom thing.  He’s amazing.  For real.

I’ll update as I’m able.  But first, Christmas celebrations are in progress as we speak.


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