We had a super big day today!  We hosted our 2nd Orphan Sunday, an event that is recognized internationally to bring awareness to the plight of the fatherless.  The service was great, the sermon was incredibly convicting (I seriously encourage you to listen to it HERE), and we made a huge announcement today!  We launched a new ministry at church, which is something that’s been in the works for the last 6 months!

Rooted is a new ministry committed to partnering with local adoptive and foster families to encourage parents and children along their journeys. Our goal is to bring families together in a safe community where they can get support, be connected, worship, and do life.  We’ll be mentoring those who may be considering adoption or foster care, as well as getting people connected with trusted agencies and organizations.

We’ll be hosting training opportunities for adoptive and foster parents on a variety of topics that will be relevant and meaningful, and we’ll also be training our church volunteers so they can be better equipped to lead and mentor children who may have experienced trauma, abuse, or neglect.  And as other needs arise in the local adoptive and foster community, we’ll be working our hardest to help in whatever ways we can.

The support and encouragement we received today from our church family was overwhelming!  I am so thankful for our community of believers and I cannot wait to see how the Father is going to use this new ministry!


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