Mr. Lovebug

Black belt.  Three years in the making.  My heart burst with joy as I watched him complete one physical challenge after another.  That black belt test is no joke.  For real.  But his class of 8 met every requirement with honorable sportsmanship as they cheered each other on.  I was so inspired by how well they supported one another.  Seeing them receive their new belts one by one brought tears to my eyes.

And my precious Lovebug?  He’s now Mr. Lovebug after overcoming this feat and achieving his goal of black belt.  I think it’s something like one percent of people who begin a martial arts program ever actually make it to black belt.  Even when it felt impossible and he didn’t think he could do it, he stuck with it and completed his goal.  And I couldn’t be more proud of my boy.

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