First day back!

We had a super spectacular first day back at Bridges Classical Community today!  This officially marks our first day back to school, and all of my kiddos beamed with smiles.  They told me what an awesome time they had!  Score!  We are so happy at our co-op and have such a wonderful community.

I’m tutoring 17 students this year from K-6th grade.  It felt a little overwhelming at first, but it worked perfectly the way we organized everything.  The effort and prep time is so, so worth it.  My students really energize me while I’m there, and I laugh with them all day.  But wow I collapse when I get home!  I have no idea how teachers do this 5 days a week!

I am excited to be back to school and get into a more structured routine.  Love, love the freedoms of summer, but the structure of the school year is always looked forward to.

Here’s to a fantastic school year filled with lots of learning and growing!


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