Home Tour: The School Room

As I see all of the first-day-of-school pictures on my Facebook feed today, it seemed like a good day to share our school room!  Especially while it’s all clean and neat.  Because it is never this nice looking.  Ever.

The school room was actually the first space to get completely put together when we moved last December.  For me more than my amazing students.  If the space isn’t organized, I just can’t function.  Probably weird, but I know my limitations.  It has the same spirit as the old school room, but has morphed quite a bit now that we are entering our 5th year of homeschooling!  We are in the basement here – although I do miss all of the natural light from the old room, this one is super functional for us.  I opted to put all of the desks together in the middle, which gave me the extra storage that we really needed.  My book obsession is a real problem, just ask hubby.

I also gained my own separate desk!  Yay for even more storage space!  I do have organizational reasons for most everything in the room, but some things are just haphazard.  The drawers next to the desks are filled with the books (or busy bags in Dumpling’s case) we use daily, and the kids all share the supplies on top of the desks.  Games and other materials that I don’t want younger hands getting to easily are up high.  Books that are organized by subject are also up higher, but the other ones are all down lower so the littles can read when they want.  Unfortunately those closet doors are just hiding electrical boxes, but I do use the floor space for art supplies.

All of the furniture is from Ikea, though sadly most of it has been discontinued.  The Micke desks are still available, but all of the Expedit Shelving Cubbies were replaced with a new line.  There are usually versions of those red chairs available, but they range in price.  These were all relatively cheap and have lasted.  Most of the bins are also from Ikea, although I’ve picked a few up here and there at Target and other stores like that.  The drawers next to the children’s desks came from JoAnn’s.  The cute world map and U.S. map were purchased from Amazon.  If you’re into bright paint colors, the green is Parakeet from Sherwin Williams.  The neutral color on the walls in the rest of the basement is Revere Pewter from Benjamin Moore.  If I missed anything, I’m happy to answer questions – just leave a comment or send me a quick message!

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